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February 23, 2009

Jim Pattison Hyundai Coquitlam

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Jim Pattison Hyundai Coquitlam
Unit B – 2385 Ottawa Street
Port Coquitlam, BC

Jim Pattison claims customer satisfaction to be number one.

Well he sure didn’t get that across to his Hyundai dealership in Coquilam. (Jim Pattison Hyundai Coquitlam, Unit B – 2385 Ottawa St., Port Coquitlam, BC 604-552-1700)

My wife called his dealership (Feb.20/09) and talked to a sales rep and eventually to the Sales Manager, Darren Corr. She asked if they would sell the Hyundai Accent for 15,500 all inclusive. Taxes, levies etc.
After going back and forth and several calls back from them, they agreed. She called me in between their calls to let me know what was going on. And once they agreed to her price asked if we could go down as Darren said deal was only good if we went down right away.
I said that was fine, just to be very clear that we want the car for 15,500 including everything, taxes, doc fees or anything else. And to be sure they could arrange insurance and financing so we could drive off the lot with it, as I did not want to make a second trip.
Darren agreed to all.

My wife and her friend were just about to see a movie when the agreement was reached, so she got a refund on the tickets and rushed home to pick me up. We then bundled our 4year old up and started the 45minute drive to their dealership (Start: Friday ~7:00pm End: back home ~9:00pm). Once there, the Sales rep and manager insisted I take the car for a test drive, despite telling them we had already done that at another dealership and there was no need.

They kept insisting one of us take the drive before making the deal, as it was policy. I agreed, but before I took it out I went through what was agreed to on the phone and asked the Sales rep if this was correct. I asked if there would be enough time for them to have an insurance agent come down. Again he said yes to all but that time would be tight. So I said let’s not waste time, and get going. I took the drive, they took my info (photocopy of license) wrote down the original price and the sales rep said the manager would fill in the details to what we agreed to on the phone. Only to have them come back and say there had been a misunderstanding and they couldn’t do it for that price including taxes. The 15,500 does not include the taxes.
I ask you, why would we offer 15,500 + taxes when Hyundais’ own web site has it on for 15,190 + taxes????

They thought we were offering more than the asking price? No one would do that. There was no misunderstanding, they were just typical scam artists doing there trade.

If my 4 year old wasn’t with us I would have had a few choice words for the scum that work there.

Beware this dealership and if enough people speak up hopefully they will pay for their scamming ways many times over.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

14 Responses to “Jim Pattison Hyundai Coquitlam”

  1. Gardner Monk Says:

    I went to the Coquitlam Hyundai dealership to do a test drive and came into contact with Darren Corr. I spotted him right off as one of the old-fashioned lie-through-their-teeth, high-pressure salesmen types.

    Made a bee line out the door and bought my Hyundai at the Jim Pattison Surrey dealership. There I was treated with respect and given a good deal.

  2. buyer Says:

    I recently bought a used 06 Tuscon from this dealership. Drove 3 hours to look at what was advertised on the internet, only to find out that 1/2 of the additional details advertised were not correct ( no A/C, traction control, alarm/ powerless enrty amoung others!)

    The sales man apologized and then lead me to believe that the car did have powerless entry. I bought the vehicle (after getting less then black book price for mu used accent) before driving off the lot- i found out i DIDNT have powerless entry/ alarm system as repeatedly said and promised.

    I refused to leave the lot until they agreed to have it installed. 2 months later, I’m finally hearing back from the sales person and getting an after market installed this weekend.

    I was at the dealership for 7.5 hours!!!

    Make sure you are aware what you are buying and double check ALL internet advertisements.

  3. Buyer Says:

    In August 2009 I purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe from Jim Pattison Hyundai in Port cquitlam. I have to tell you that the staff are far and away the most knowledgeable, professional people I have ever dealt with at an automobile dealership. I was greeted at the door by a gentleman whos name was Larry. he sat me down and told me all about the Hyundai company and product and told me he was then going to show me the product. he gave me a great presentation of the vehicle and then we went on a test drive. I did not buy that day, but before I left, I was most impressed by the Sales Manager Darren Corr, who came out to greet me and thank me for coming into his dealership and promised he would give me a good deal on a vehicle. I later came back to purchase my new 2009 Santa Fe with which I am so in love with. I am in Sales myself and found this most impressive the way Darren and his staff treated me and would not hesitate to recommend this dealership to any of my family and friends. Jim Pattison Hyundai is well represented in Port Coquitlam by Darren Corr and his excellent staff.

    Lily Barnes.

  4. Gardner Monk Says:

    I just want to retract my story about my experience at Jim Pattison in Port Coquitlam. I was having a bad day when I went into the dealership and regretfully took my rage out on one of the sales people. Mr. corr was the sales manager on duty that day and he approcahed me to see if there was anything he could do to remedy my frustration at the time. I regrettably lost it on him also and painted the dealership in a bad light as a result. I had a problem with the vehicle I had purched from Surrey and when I returned there they did not resolve my issue to my satisfaction. I called the coquitlam dealership and was hesistant to deal there again and also embarrised that they may sterotype me by my previous dealings, but to my amazement Darren and their team in service helped me out and went above and beyond the call of duty. It would be a pleasure to recommend Darren and the team at JP Hyundai Coquitlam to all my family and friends. sincerely,


  5. Gardner Monk Says:

    Somebody posted here under my name on March 18, 2010.


    I have never had a problem with the car I purchased at the Surrey dealership.

    Given the content of that message I can assume it was made by someone at the Coquitlam dealership. This is further proof of the expected level of dishonesty you’ll get from Darren Corr and his bandits.

    The fact that this person says the Hyundai I bought had problems is a black mark against that car brand. If it was someone from the Coquitlam branch you can see that they’re not interested in maintaining the good name of the cars they sell, they’re only interested in the short-term gain. What a bunch of losers!

  6. Rather Not Say Says:

    I worked for Jim Pattison Hyundai in Port Coquitlam for almost a year. I can assure you people that Wayne Brown(The General Manager) and Darren Corr (the sales manager) are the biggest scamers in the automotive business.

    Dont trust anything they say.
    I would not recommend anyone to work for them or give them business.

  7. Gardner Monk Says:

    I did not post anything saying that my post was a lie. What a crock of s**t. I stand by my post saying that I am fully and unconditionally happy with the dealership in coquitlam. I also chuckle because the previous post was by an ex employee and if it was so bad there why did you stay for close to a year lol, sounds like you were probably fired from there and are not happy, what a jackass, get a life loser. I warn whomever uses my good name to slander this dealership or posts any further posts under my name will be sued by me personally. You have been warned.


    Gardner Monk

  8. Gardner Monk Says:

    re: Message #7 by “Gardner Monk” (May 27th, 2010 at 2:24 pm)

    “I warn whomever uses my good name to slander this dealership or posts any further posts under my name will be sued by me personally.”

    Just like a Coquitlam Hyundai car salesman . . . lie, lie, lie.

    “You have been warned.” Not only a lier but a dummy.

    The only clear warning here is if you buy from Jim Pattison Hyundia in Coquitlam you’ll be dealing with stupid thieves who don’t know when to give up.

    Hyundais are good cars. I like mine. But I bought it from the Surrey dealership at a good price from a respectful sales person.

  9. Ex Employee Says:

    to post number 7:

    Mr.Corr i think you should stop spending your time on the computer in your little room that you’re so proud of and open your eyes and think about why everyone hates you and your scamming dealership.
    you are not a professional and will never be. you’re just an old lonely single man who hasn’t accomplished anything in his life. No EDUCATION and NO SKILLS period.

    Darren, stop talking nonsens. you always talk about suing people when you have nothing to say. Grow up seriously

  10. Ex employee Says:

    Yes, Darren Corr is a lier a scam artist and a bully. He likes to pickup his employees (salesman) from the airport, they have no idea what they are getting into and made into thinking that they are employed by a good company. Stay away from this punk.

  11. Anonymous Sufferer Says:


    Most agreed Darren Corr has serious personal issues. JP Hyundai Coquitlam has an extreme lack of credibility and professionalism. General Manger Wayne Brown is a major contributor to this as he oversees Darren Corr and has not made a concerted effort to deal with these issues which have existed for quite some time. These two individuals have mastered the art of taking advantage of it’s employees by paying them the lowest possible amount on vehicle commissions while consistently using tactics and lies to feed the process which they have used for all the years they have run the dealership. JP Hyundai utilizes a process called jamming that pushes the client to purchase additional products while completing the worksheet. The salesperson is forced to do this or is faced with termination, they are also not payed for this additional selling as the managers profit to
    greatly off of this tactic. These products are in
    almost all cases sold in the business office and are options. At JP Hyundai they are forced as an ultimatum in regards to the deal you have negotiated. In other words you want a deal buy $3000 with of extras and you can have it. This is the definition of jamming. Darren Corr has physically
    threatened clients and employees on previous occasions and has solidified has ability to bully all who enter this establishment. You take a risk and
    day you decide to interact with Darren Corr
    as you are never aware if his issues are at the
    forefront of his ability to represent the dealership.
    Which in most cases they are, a comical but sad fact
    is that Darren Corr spends so much time on his computer usually on the website plenty of fish looking at women to meet rather than being a
    professional and dealing with the many
    responsobilities that a sales manager holds. Many
    people have suffered and are currently being
    poisoned by working with or around this individual or within JP Hyundai Coquitlam, those who have families suffer the most as they will take home so little money and deal with such a high level of stress in the process, this is all part of the accepted abuse towards clients and employees, but the children of these families always suffer the most as they have to look at their slowly self destruct day after day.
    Soon Mr. Jim Pattison himself will know of these things and maybe even read this blog himself, to think he has his name on the building with this kind of stuff going on inside. As a personal message to Darren Corr I would love to say these things to your face but I have wasted enough time even writing this for all to read, as a person wrote higher on this page there will be a day that JP Hyundai Coquitlam suffers many times over from the consequences of it’s repeated malicious and abusive practices and actions mostly towards it employees but also to it’s clients. There is one manager who is the ray of sunshine through the black clouds that hover in that building and that is William Su, unfortunately his testicles have receeded so far within his body as he has no courage or ability to stand up as man against the atrocities that occur in front of his eyes and sometimes towards himself. You may ask yourself after reading this statement who could feel this way, but only a man with enough compassion and integrity that can no longer stand and watch what would be compared to a sick animal suffering with rabies. That no drugs or help can cure all that can be done is for it to be put out of it’s misery, Mr JP needs to swoop in himself and close down this dealership so the healing can begin. To think for a second that this is a place of business is beyond all comprehension as I have experienced it to be be the most unprofessional place of business in all my lifes experience. Beware to all who walk through the doors of that establishment whether it be for a new or used vehicle or a potential place of employment the likelyness of you having a bad experience is greater than you think.

  12. Mike Verkerke and Janet Enns Says:

    I can only say this about Pattison Hyundai in Coquitlam. I was pretty set on a Hyundai after my old accent finally gave up the ghost. I went there looking for a newer vehicle, and found a Sonata at a reasonable price with low KM’s on it.
    I was satisfied with the price, though the first salesman I dealt with didn’t thrill me. Being happy with the service given me with my 2011 Sonata purchase, my lady and I went back last week.
    YES we found a “different salesman” this time. Mat was extra special.He LISTENED to what I asked him. He ANSWERED IN DETAIL every question Janet and I had, He was CONSIDERATE, EXPLAINED EVERYTHING about this 2012 Tucson….He was UNDERSTANDING OF OUR NEEDS AND WANTS and thus showed us the RIGHT CAR !
    Janet and I would suggest ANYONE INTERESTED in a new Hyundai or a used one, go see Mat…Brent will also be quite helpful. They are true gentlemen in a Dog eat Dog world of Car Sales….

  13. ding dip Says:

    ITS THE AREA. These problems have diseased Car Dealerships, road driving behaviours, resturants. Its the AREAS lowerstandards that begin in the schools. Like go walk over to WHITE SPOT for a sloppy burger, cold damp soggy fries.

    PICTON LIVES AROUND THEIR. Its a shit hole. Bunch of brainless whites selling ASIAN cars.

    ummmmn.. RESPECT, HONOR, CODE, KEEP YOUR WORD. does this sound WHITE? NOPE, so go shop RICHMOND…………….word of mouth.

  14. Omar Friesen Says:

    I know Mr, Darren Corr and found him to be too bossy like a dictator and personifies a crime boss in his look and attire – no accusations (found worst clown fools in an import dealership east of Coquitlam) and was unfit to lead as well as Wayne Brown who acted like a prima donna. An import car lot in the tri cities intentionally broke safety regulation rules and permitted an unlicensed and uncertified cocky and hated salesman to sell cars knowing he did not have the 45 day mandatory VSA sales license by law. The car industry is un-regulated and the VSA are weak puppets of the dealership and do incompetent things to smother serious indiscretions and misconducts than investigate and penalize offenders to clean up the industry’s tarnished image. It is a sleazy, shady business just like realtors, lawyers, dentists, politicians and cops. In the car business the jokers (asst. managers and sales managers) make a killing for nothing sitting on their asses while the sales staff are pitted against eachother in a cutthroat arena. Too many forced split deals to intentionally feed their top salesman off the crumbs of junior staff who do all the work. I have nothing but hatred contempt for the car industry and its managers especially at the Maple Ridge Chrysler dealership. It is a dog eat dog world and often new salespeople cannot make a decent living because of joke commissions and extremely high staff turnover at all dealerships. I have seen sickening immature comments, verbal abuse, harrassment, sexism, etc. at a few dealerships with their inept managers who struggle to keep good people on payroll. Most of these clowns would sell their mom for pocket change. Darren was not the worst of the bunch, the guys at the import dealership and MR Chrysler take the cake. Like politics, often amateurs lead the good ones and the latter get out of this shady industry because they cannot stomach the crap. None of the managers have honesty and ethics, Customers waste your time and jerk you around while kicking tires on your “ups” – too many jokers from both sides of the lot. You waste $600 for a bullshit VSA course and annual licensing to feed jokers off your wallet with poor lot traffic and poor wages.

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