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December 3, 2009

kijiji Canada

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I posted an ad with Kijiji in November 2009 for a VW Golf I was selling. I received email notification from Kijiji asking me to confirm the ad which I did & later I visited the site and the ad was posted as I submitted it.

The next day while at work my wife forwarded an email from Kijiji concerning “my” ad for a Toyota Celica. I emailed them & advised that this was not my ad. Kijiji provided me with a support ticket number. When I arrived home that evening, there were 3 other confirmation emails for the Toyota Celica followed by 4 emails pulling the ads as I had “violated” Kijiji’s ad policies. Interestingly, one of the pulled ads had the same ad ID number as my original VW Golf ad. I followed up with Kijiji quoting my support ticket number. I received a response telling me that someone had likely fooled me via a fake email into revealing my Kijiji password and used my account to post fake ads. They advised me to re-register and change my password. Strangely, they did not offer to restore my original ad. Stranger still, I never provided my Kijiji password to anyone. When I tried to re-register, I was not able to because the system told me I was already registered. I also could not repost my ad as I was “in violation” of their policies. I have sent several messages to Kijiji advising them of this Catch-22 to no avail. I have been completely ignored. Their service is free and I guess you get what you pay for. Their system would seem to be very insecure and you should be forewarned before you take advantage of their “free” service.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

10 Responses to “kijiji Canada”

  1. Shawn Says:

    The rumors floating around is that kijiji has a moderator that works for the SPCA or humaine society in the Peterborough area. The story I have heard from several sources is that this lady has been trying to have ALL PETS BANNED from kijiji for a while now. She is clearly using this site to dictate who can and can not sell pets on kijiji.

    Many people that have been fully supported kijiji for years are now being banned by moderators that are using kijiji to spread their personal political views and I think kijiji needs to protect themselves and the rights of their supporters by doing a better job of screening moderators that will represent them.

    It makes no sense to make your complaints to kijiji because these moderators seems to be the only people that read the messages. They usually won’t respond, but some people get a message from someone named Shawn M. who can not seem to give a straight answer as to why an ad was deleted or why an IP address has been banned. There is no other support line or contact information that I can find to go over the heads of these moderators when problems seem to conflict with Kijiji’s listed rules and regulations. It seems that legal action is the only other alternative until kijiji gives their supporters the ability to be heard by the staff that is interested in protecting the best interests of kijiji and it’s supporters and not the interests of “animal right’s activists” which clearly do not belong on a public buy and sell website!

  2. NoMoreKijiji Says:

    Kijiji has band our whole household for LIFE for placing ONE add in another city. No warning, No explanation, No refund! I’m not going to an internet cafe. There are many other classified to choose from. They’re biting the hand that feeds them. I hope everyone stops using Kijiji.

  3. kijiji sucks Says:

    Dear Kijiji User,

    We have just deleted one of your Ads for not being in line with Kijiji policies.

    Kijiji does not permit posting similar ads/items with multiple user accounts.

    To avoid this situation in the future, use only one e-mail account for one type of items of services advertised on Kijiji.

    For a complete list of site policies, please read the following web page:

    The ad that was removed from Kijiji was:

    “2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S SUV” (Ad ID #322745920)

    Please do not attempt to repost ads that violate site policies.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    The Kijiji Team


  4. queenie Says:

    OMG, Kijiji you are starting to piss me off, I am trying to post an Ad in 2 different places (note the same ad) But Your stupid thing will not let me post, it says its too Similar, well Kijiji I have changed the Stupid ad too many different things ADDED TOO IT! and Yet here I sit with it telling me I have too change things in it WHEN I HAVE! You see you now have one angry child, What kind of person would want too put up with that, I have been trying for the last 2 hours! Clearly your Website is Kinda Stupid and you need to fix it soon befor everyone gets pisses off and this page becomes soo full you won’t keep up with all your NON FAN MAIL! I hope I get an email back for how crazy rude this is! Grrr…..

  5. Getreal Says:

    You all fail at the internet

  6. Don S Says:

    Banned for trying to stud my purebred Dogue De Bordeauxs against policy rules,but you can sell the puppies,dont matter if they crossed or not, go figure ,real genius running the site.

  7. Fillie Says:

    Banned me for advertising eBooks, just because some wiener went through all my ads and reported them (because I was in his “area”).

    Different day = different moderetaor = different rule = different reason

    They are not organized, they are not professional, and they ignore the tickets you submit. This website should be shut down.

  8. Christian Says:

    Kijiji racially profiles and targets Asians to make it uncomfortable for asians to post on the site. They will remove ads from chinese asians in Calgary and not send a message informing the ads have been removed or the reasons. Its a known fact, not some baseless rumor.

    There was an article in a few chinese newspapers and there have been over 400 chinese individuals who came forward telling their stories about Kijiji calgary moderators we assume who are racially profiling and removing any ads placed by Asians.

    I tested this theory, and my ads were removed to even though it met all guidelines. I messaged them and they ignored my email.

    Here is the kicker, my friend then placed the identical ad, almost word for word and her ad is still up.

    Whats the difference? my email had a chinese name in it and hers had a caucasian name.

    Beware, Kijiji is a racist organization. If its happening in Calgary Kijiji, it must be happening throughout the other Kijiji sites.

  9. upsetbuyer Says:

    We bought a car and the add was a lie about the condition. Its not kijiji’s fault but the day we bought the car the seller took the add down. the following day I asked kijiji for a copy to go to court they kept stalling asking the same questions like what was the add number etc. Finally its been a few months they say they no longer have the add and that it is now a privacy concern to provide any info and to call the cops. Cops don’t do anything and thank you for you support kijiji NOT!

  10. Aaron Says:

    Kijiji sucks! Just look at the name Kijiji, enough said.

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