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July 15, 2010

Brock Ford Sales, Niagara Falls

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I was completely mislead by two different sales associates into thinking I qualified for an incentive that they knew I did not qualify for. They neglected to tell me I didnt qualify until conveniently 24 hours after I picked up the vehicle. I explained that as a result I did not want the vehicle and I was told to bad the deal was already done. I expressed my concern to the manager and he arrogantly told me that I was out of luck and that I should have known the details of a program that Ford was offering. The associates knew I did not qualify prior to the deal being completed they even asked to see information to verify that I qualified prior to completion of the deal, I provided them with all the info and they clearly looked at it and even photocopied it but did not tell me that I would not qualify. Then they asked for a 3000$ down payment and told me I would get it back in a couple weeks when they clearly knew I wouldnt. My experience at Brock Ford was the worst purchasing experience I ever had. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

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  1. Justice_Bob Says:

    That is terrible news. If you have enough documentation you can sue and try to recover your money in a civil suit. The best thing to do is go onto and search for decisions based on your situation and see how they have been decided. You will get a better idea if you have a good case, and you will also see if Brock Ford has been in a lawsuit before. Contract law usually says, ‘buyer beware, but seller be fair!’ You will probably have to prove at what point did the seller have knowledge you wouldn’t qualify. That’d be a key point. If the condition required that you would be notified after the sale, that’s going to be harder to argue. You must properly read through these contracts because these guys know the law trickle down from the company lawsuits. They’ve been advised usually what’s legal and what’s not. They know what’s hard to fight for customers even if they’re in the right.
    Good luck, and hope you win. I’d start a blog if I were you. Counter-expression as a form of free speech can be very effective, just avoid libel, and be counter-expressive.

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