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July 21, 2010

Davewood Mazda

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I sent the e-mail message below to Davewood Mazda in Newmarket regarding my windshield that was damaged by a wiper blade installed at there dealership. The response from the manager Marilyn was that she had spoken to the service advisor Troy who had responded that “there’s only one way to put on a wiper.” I responded that he is either wrong or the wiper blade provided to me was defected as it HAD caused the damage to my windshield.

In the end Marilyn made it clear that there was nothing they could do not only because it was installed almost a year ago but mainly because I will not be purchasing another Mazda. The bottom line was that since I was no longer going to be there customer they’ve washed their hands of me.

Well I’m glad now that I decided not to get another Mazda as they do not deserve my business or loyalty.


Lidia (last name protected for privacy)
I bring my CX7 (Plate # AZAY 058) to your dealership regularly for service.

Last year I had my wipers replaced using my points at your dealership. My left wiper (when siting in the car) was not installed correctly and made what appeared to be a”streak” on my windshield. This streak would appear to be gone when wet and would reappear when dry so I assumed it was something that could just be cleaned.

I had my end of lease inspection today and it turns out this “streak” is actually a scratch and have been quoted $471.69 to replace the windshield.

I have been coming to your dealership for service over the last three years and hope that there is something you can do to rectify this incident that has left me with damage that is not my fault.

Please forward my concern to the appropriate person who can deal with my situation. I can be contacted either at work at the number below or on my cell phone at (phone number protected for privacy).

Thank you,

Lidia (last name protected for privacy)

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    Europcar Sucks

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