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June 2, 2010

Toronto Organic Butcher & Naturally Raised Meat – Fãmu

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This is the first in our Helping You Shop section. Every once in a while we come across an exceptional business we just need to tell people about.

It’s BBQ season and for those of us that love to grill, there is no better time of year. The best results start with the best meat. Good quality meat is more important than any spice or rub you can come up with. Start with a great cut of meat, from a naturally raised animal, and all you really need is salt and smoke to make it taste great.

Berkshire pork chops

1 inch thick cut Berkshire pork chops gently cooking over some hickory wood and maple charcoal.

If you live in the city it’s fairly easy to find a few organic butchers. But what do you do if you’re somewhere else in the GTA or even in the 905? You’ve basically got two options. Either make the drive into Toronto and waste a beautiful day paying for parking or make the painless drive out to Fãmu. If you’re serious about BBQ and your family’s health, you need to go see Fãmu for your next cookout.

Fãmu is located at 3160 Steeles Ave, between Victoria Park and Woodbine just east of the 404. You can contact them by telephone at 905-475-5005 or visit their website at

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So what’s so great about them? You mean beside the fact that they custom age their stakes, will cut or source pretty much any cut of meat you want, they cary only naturally raised meat that is free of hormones and other pollutants, and the meat is locally sourced in Ontario from small family farms?

But don’t take my word for it, let’s let the meat speak for itself. Below you’ll find photos of just some of the mouth watering cuts of meat that will make you the talk of all your friends gathered around the BBQ this summer.

Skirt steak

Amazingly flavourful skirt steak.

thinly sliced beef

Thinly sliced Wagyu (Kobe) beef. Ideal for Korean BBQ or Japanese grilled dishes.

angus steak

Naturally raised angus steak.

Just some of the great meats available at Fãmu.

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  1. Jim Carruthers Says:

    Do you sell wagyu beef?

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