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March 19, 2010

Accurate Technology group

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I wanted to bring to your attention one unresolved case. I am requesting this posting to be published to find if someone else encountered similar situation with the said company. At same time, if there is any advice from you or your readers on what to do to protect consumer.

This incident relates to a contractor while I was building a new house in 2009. The builder had service contract with “Accurate Technology group”, Winnipeg to rough-in alarm system and wiring for cable, phone and internet. This is covered in basic cost paid to the builder. The contractor “Accurate technology group” offered to provide additional outlets at extra cost. I had chosen to get two additional outlets and four finished outlets after SHAW cable discount at $212 CDN. There was a written agreement between home owner and the contractor. Main feature of the agreement states that the contractor won’t start work until pre-payment was made in full before start of work or 50% at time of signing design work and rest before completion.

All said and done, the house was completed in late 2009. It was almost 5 months after this incident, I received a letter from the company that I owed them dues $212. During this time, I had relocated from apartment to new house and had several sessions of cleaning house. On their request to find record of payment, I searched the house twice. I have not found paperwork and receipt of payment. However, I was able to find draft of contract which clearly states that work won’t start before payment is made in full or 50% at design & rest later on. When I contacted the compant about pre-payment before start of work, they could not provide satisfactory answer to why they did not contact for several months. And how work was completed if payment was not made. The agreement paperwork is designed by them and their employees did not follow. It is their internal business failure.

I provided my side of story. Now, the contractor is threatening to take to small court. Am I obligated to pay again to ensure that the company has record of payment? Should not they be taking responsibility of this falacy, they failed to follow their own system? This has caused a lot of mental distress and at same time, his given me strength to face it. I am still searching for resources which are available for consumers protection.

I am sending you this story to find others who would have come across similar situation with this contractor or others. And how they protected themselves. Meanwhile, I will continue to search for help, wherever possible.

I will appreciate for your support in finding similarly affected people and on how they faced & protected their interests.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

2 Responses to “Accurate Technology group”

  1. Independant Business Owner Says:

    You should worry less about trying to find loop holes in agreements. Since installing wires in your home is time sensitive during construction, Accurate probably did you a favour by wireing as per your request, even though you did not pay in advance.
    Now that the work is done, you SHOULD be thankfull and pay your Bill for Work Done.

    Why is it that some people expect work and then do not want to pay for it ?

    You need to look inward upone yourself rather than just tote your beliefs without any substance.

  2. Azerjaban2016 Says:

    I have dealt with ATG for home theater rough in installation. let’s just say this company is scammer as the previous reviewer stated. They technicians are also bad as they put the log with improper time(spend 5 minutes in the house but stated they spend over 30min) so that they can get extra charges.
    the Supervisors are very horrible as they have huge disrespect to their client. She stated to me that”how much is your time worth” when i try to inquire about my bill repeated. they wanted payment done with no questions asked. Specially the horrible so called “agent” Rahel. They give you no phone assistance they charge you tuns for 5 minutes service call. I payed $160 for 5 min tech support at my house. STAY away from this company. I was initially refereed to them by my home builder Kensigton. I have contact them to not refer any more of their valuable clients to such scammer business.

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