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August 13, 2009

Bath Solutions Edmonton, Alberta – NOT A SOLUTION!

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They do not have experienced estimators or skilled trades people as their website claims.

An estimator came and gave a quote after declining to fully view the basement area where there was an existing tub. She was told that the house was being renovated for sale in the near future and was asked if the “lifetime” warranty would be transferable. She indicated that it would be. She was also asked if the installer would be a certified plumber to which she responded, yes.

The day before the install, a call was made again to ensure that they knew the tub was in a finished basement with the appointment clerk insisting that they installed in finished basements before without a problem. I still asked to speak to the installer. The installer called, was told the bathtub was in a finished basement and he still assured us that there would be no problem.

The installer arrived the next morning, cut out the old surround bathtub and realized that the basement floor was completely finished in concrete. He had a fit, cursed the inexperienced estimators, and left to rent a jack hammer even though he never bothered to view the work area before starting. He ranted about not taking the job if he knew the floor was finished and that it would now be a two day job

He jack hammered a hole, 20”wide x 16”long x 7”deep, right down to the dirt. While doing this, he said that the hole could be filled if I wanted but he was not going to do it. He suggested using “foam crete”. He attached the drain, installed the bathtub, cleaned up the debris, and left a survey questionnaire.

I called the estimator immediately about the hole and the warranty not being transferable. She denied saying that the warranty would be transferable and that the hole was an unforeseen situation. Like the installer (who had the opportunity to view the work site prior to starting) said, if she had taken the time to look she should have known that there would be jack hammering required. She said there was nothing she could do but have the owner call.

I never found foam crete and wanted to speak to the owner immediately. The owner phoned the next day and left a message saying that everything would be resolved. I returned his call and left a message that I had spoken to two journeymen plumbers who both indicated that there was no reason that my floor could not be filled as there was no such plumbing or building code and that I wanted my floor restored to the way it was found.

I forwarded the email I had sent to his estimator about my concerns to which the owner responded by agreeing to offer the warranty to the next buyer and that the hole would be repaired with no mention of additional cost. I told him that jack hammering was not the problem (I had paid them extra for this) but that the hole left was the problem. He told me that his installer felt the hole did not need to be filled to which I responded that it would not be acceptable as my floor was completely finished and I expected it to be left in that condition. He wanted to research this and was going to call several sources including NAIT and the Canadian Builders Association.

After waiting one week he had no answers but said he would like to call the City of Edmonton Building codes branch. He emailed later that day indicating that he was told that there was no code and that it was a civil matter. He offered to fill a small part of the floor but would require $375 to fill the complete floor and that Bath Solutions would no longer warranty the drain.

NO WARRANTY because his installer decided to leave a huge hole. I responded that I no longer wished to have amateurs in my house and having him second guess what I told him was the building and plumbing code. I told him that if he paid me $375 I would have someone else fill the hole. He responded by saying that I was wasting his time and that he would not talk to me any more but would only monitor my emails, to call a lawyer and take him to court.


This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

37 Responses to “Bath Solutions Edmonton, Alberta – NOT A SOLUTION!”

  1. Sienna Says:

    I so wished I would have seen your posting before we hired these folks. We have had enormous grief also. 1. The estimator ordered the wrong side tub. We took off work waited for the installer. Wrong side drain. Ok. Mistakes happen right? Ok wait another 8 weeks. Another apt. and another day off work (5 months in total wait).
    2. So finally tub comes. Installer seemed professional, friendly, courteous, and clean. Unfortunately he broke 10 tiles in installation. I thought they covered damage. Sorry – no way, it happens all the time I was told. You should have paid the extra $1500 for the wall kit. Customers fault. Ok. Well the tub looks nice – so well maybe we’ll put up with the broken tiles and re-do in a few years.

    3. Well low and behold a few weeks after the tub is installed. Major problems. Water has built up between the 2 tubs (they put a liner over existing 1960’s enamel tub). and floor has softened. Is now very squishy like walking on a hot water bottle. I suspect either it will burst, mold or leak into the basement. I don’t know where the water is coming from as lots of silicon was used around it. Maybe the drain or overflow. No one is returning my calls. When they wanted our business, funny how they called even late at night for the deposit cheque. I had up to 10-12 calls a day because they needed the cheque today still. I’m not trying to defame anyone as we also have a small business. But we got skunked and it burns to loose money like that for nothing. Anyway- I wish I could turn back time as this has gone from ugly tub to serious nightmare. I should have gone on vacation instead. We just threw away a lot of money for NOTHING.

  2. new owner Says:

    In response to the emails above.

    I would like to appolgize for the lack of attention and care put into both your homes. I am the new owner of Bath Solutions in the Edmonton area and can ensure you this will never happen again. I give you my word.And as a former soldier your word is everything.I would like to discuss these issues if you want to call and we can set up a appointment to make sure this never happens again. We know their are many possible problems that can arise and unfortunatley we only here about the bad situations.

    Please fell free to call and discuss the situations.

  3. Impressed Says:

    Looks like the customer service is about to improve. Props to the new owner.

  4. Tickled Pink Says:

    I just wanted to say that any issues like the above are definitely a thing of the past! I could not be happier with my new bathroom! I had a new soaker tub, an acrlic wall system that looks like 8 inch tile and new faucets and I LOVE IT! Good job to the new owner and keep up the good work!

  5. Happy Customer Says:

    We had Bath Solutions Edmonton install shower surrounds in our new house and we love them! They are easy to clean, were installed in a very short time, and overall we received better customer service from them than the plumbing company that did the rest of the house.

    I would recommend Bath Solutions and their product to anyone!

  6. Former Bath Solutions Dealer Says:

    It’s very nice that the new dealer in the Edmonton area has restored some of your faith in humankind. I am here to tell you that, as a former dealer for Bath Solutions in Ontario, it may be beyond this honest gentleman’s control to continue to provide good customer service and backing for the “lifetime” warranty when dealing in Bath Solutions products. To the new dealer in Edmonton, as well as consumers, I urge you to read this carefully and heed these warnings:

    1. A Bath Solutions “Lifetime Warranty” strictly refers to the length of time the dealer who installed your bathroom stays in business. I will give you an example from our own business dealings. We installed a tub liner for a customer. The liner developed a material-related issue over time. During that time, we ended our contract with Bath Solutions. Right now it’s relevant to mention that we have been in the bathroom renovation business with an untarnished reputation for 15 years, since 1995. Due to the highly unscrupulous business practices which we are now pursuing in court, we ended our contract with Bath Solutions less than 2 years after starting with them. So when this customer started to develop issues with her liner, she contacted Bath Solutions head office and they told her to contact the territory dealer. She said the territory dealer is no longer associated with Bath Solutions, they said it’s not our responsibility and so on. On the other hand, if we were to fix her bathroom with non-Bath Solutions product then that will void her warranty. Then Bath Solutions contacted us and said they would provide a new liner but that we had to install it because there is no current dealer in the territory. this is contrary to when we started with Bath Solutions and had to fix the previous owner’s quality issues (with no compensation) because it was in the contract that the previous owner cannot practice in the territory and we must address all the issues at our cost. In the end, this dissatisfied customer filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and was compensated the cost of a tub liner by head office. This process took about 18 months and in the meantime they could not use their bathroom.
    2. During the training for Bath Solutions sales, it is stressed time and time again that the primary goal is to GET CUSTOMER’S MONEY. Get the money before even assessing if the job is feasible, or before you have ascertained that a correct fit is available for the tub liner. Get the money and if there is an issue with the order, sit on the money and customer will have no choice but to wait until the issue is solved. MONEY is #1. Customer service after.
    3. Bath solutions attempts to DESTROY small business owners by stealing their business and then ending their franchise contracts. One reason why we parted company with them is they would not renew our contract unless we signed over our existing business telephone line to them. What would this do to us after parting ways? Well, for starters, all of our existing commercial contracts such as apartments and builders would call their usual phone number looking for us and would reach Bath Solutions. Then all of that business we have worked 15 years to build based on honesty and integrity would be out the window and belong to those crooks. This is my warning to you, existing dealers. Don’t throw your hard work away. And to consumers, do you really want to support a business that operates this way?

  7. Sienna Says:

    Hi :
    I posted problems we had with this earlier October 12, 2009. It is March 1s, 2010 and we are still having the same problems. I would never ever put this plastic tub liner over an existing enamel tub. Every few months we have to take out the drain and release the trapped water between the 2 tubs. When the water is out the top plastic tub you guys installed bends and flexes as if it’s about to crack as there is and always has been an air gap between the new and old tub. I strongly believe that that air gap and someone walking on it when showering acts as a suction cup and draws water into the gap creating a squishy water bed like bathtub floor. Sorry but you system of bathtub liner just doesn’t work. I will be contacting you this week again. We need this tub out – I don’t have the time or money to constantly have the thing drained. I really think we deserve a refund of our $1,500 for all the agro we are continually going through. We are in the University area of Edmonton. Im pretty sure you know who I am as you’ve drained the tub twice already and the water keeps coming back.

  8. Sienna Says:

    sorry I meant to say it’s March 1st, 2011

  9. Happy Customer Says:

    Had a estimate for a tub, walls and mirror edging.
    A time frame was set and a firm price. It was completed on time and the price stayed the same even after having to replace drywall. The estimate was done very professionally and the job to notch. They even put down liners on the floor and cleaned up after. It was completed in one day as promised. As for the dealer in Ontario I would question why he was cancled as a dealer as it would not be in iterest to cancel someone unless they are a fraudulent dealer

  10. tom doe Says:

    thanks for the insight. i saw that they were looking at opening in prince george. no thanks we dont need these clowns here.

  11. ed shewchuk Says:

    Please leave a phone no. where you can be reached.
    I Would like to have an acrlic bathtub liner installed over our existing metal tub,
    ths. ED

  12. Jane Says:

    I wish I had read more about this company!! They installed a replacement tub and surround…no end to the problems this has caused! Shoddy workmanship and poor customer service to remedy problems. I am completely dissatisfied and the have my money… So I’m the loser here…
    Do NOT get this company for your bathroom reno… It is no “solution”!’

  13. Former Bath Solutions Dealer Says:

    Hello again, on September 16 2010 I posted a comment regarding the unscrupulous business practices of the Bath Solutions franchise based on our association with them as past dealers. (Number 6 comment above.) In comment number 9 above from “Happy Customer” which implied that the reason our contract was “cancelled” (when in fact we legally rescinded our contract) was because we were a fraudulent dealer. This comment just screams that it was written by someone at Bath Solutions head office, along with comments made by “Tickled Pink” which sound just like Bath Solutions commercials. Well I’m back today to let everyone know that after trying to catch up with this fraudster in court for more than 2 years, we have successfully sued and received our judgement and compensatiom against the Bath Solutions franchise. Since we parted ways, many other franchisees have followed suit for similar issues to what we encountered. Jeff Whitley, CEO, went so far as to try and make one of the franchisees remove my comment from this site as it was “damaging”. Maybe it is damaging, but it is 100% accurate and truthful and people deserve to know that they are RISKING THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY by doing business with Bath Solutions. To JANE and SIENNA, I sympathize with your issues and I highly encourage you to submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. This is the quickest route to recovering your hard earned money, not to mention gettong the use of your own bathroom back. To TOM in Prince George, please do a hard- working man who is about to get conned out of his life savings a great favour and tell that new Bath Solutions dealer to read the comments on this page and heed the warnings.

  14. Jane Says:

    Thank you to the former associate who advised me to contact the BBB. I’m not holding my breath about any compensation, but I will have a modicum amount of satisfaction in venting my frustrations and feelings of being victimized!

    To the “new owner” posting… My problems came long after this post!! Seems your intentions were there, but they changed nothing and the feeling of “fraudulent, misleading information remains!! Lets just say you haven’t heard the last of me yet. I will be very sure that your business receives the customer dissatisfaction effect it so rightfully deserves!!

  15. G. Clarkson Says:

    Second time I have used this company and I can not say enough good things about them. From the estimator to the installer the entire experience was flawless.

    I am elderly the Walk-in Bath that Bath Solutions has installed has helped me remain in my home, I cannot thank Bath Solutions enough.

  16. Lorna Says:

    Hi, I have just booked an appointment for next week, but am now reading all this – is this the Bath Solutions located in Spruce Grove? Thanks.

  17. Katrina Says:

    ****Note**** Katrina and Mr Armstrong are the same person and trying to falsely influence this conversation. Please stop spamming the site. ****End Note****

    I have no complaints, from their estimator to their installer. Everything went great, as promised. Would definitely recommend again.

  18. Lorna Says:

    Thank you Katrina, I got an estimate yesterday and they are going to install before end of April as it is a rental unit so I only lose a month’s rent. I feel better having a recommendation.

  19. G. Clarkson Says:

    You have nothing to worry about Lorna, the Spruce Grove location is fabulous, they will take care of everything, rest assured. Enjoy your new bathroom!

  20. Mr. Armstrong Says:

    ****Note**** Katrina and Mr Armstrong are the same person and trying to falsely influence this conversation. Please stop spamming the site. ****End Note****

    I had both my bathrooms renovated about 6 months ago by the Spruce Grove location. I cannot say enough good things about Bath Solutions of Edmonton. I did my research before hiring, heard nothing but good things about them.

    Everything went as promised, on time and on budget, unlike other renovation companies I have used in the past.

  21. Jane Says:

    It was the Spruce Grove franchise… In fact, the owner came to correct the problems… Sounds good, but he seemed to be in a hurry… Did what he could to fix the mess…. Haven’t heard from him or anyone else there since!! I guess my frustrations and disgust are evident here.

  22. Lorna Says:

    Thanks to all for the feedback.

  23. gary Says:

    Too all have you ever heard of bathfitter.

  24. gary Says:

    Sienna .
    What you have is called a floater. water is seeping between the two tubs. how, is the finish caulking that you see on top is not holding water out. only way to remove water between tubs is to unscrew the drain. They did not use a caulking sealant around your old tub before dropping in the liner. 5 bucks would have prevented all you headaches.

  25. Mr. Armstrong Says:

    ****Note**** Katrina and Mr Armstrong are the same person and trying to falsely influence this conversation. Please stop spamming the site. ****End Note****

    I am sorry to hear about your experience Jane, but honestly I had nothing but a positive experience with the Spruce Grove location. I hope you can get it sorted out.

  26. Katrina Says:

    ****Note**** Katrina and Mr Armstrong are the same person and trying to falsely influence this conversation. Please stop spamming the site. ****End Note****

    Hopefully you get it sorted out Jane, but once again I am loving my new bathroom.

  27. Another Former Bath Solutions franchisee Says:

    I too am a former franchisee & I can attest to the validity of the comments made (# 6 & # 13) by a previous franchisee. I too rescinded my contract with Bath Solutions due to unscrupulous business practices on the part of the C.E.O.
    What I find interesting is that there are video & written testimonials from “current” franchisees on the Bath Solutions web site(, yet of the ten who provided a testimonial, five have subsequently left, some as long as 18 months ago. In fact, during the last two years at least 15 franchisees have either rescinded their contracts, or had them terminated! There is definately a serious issue when a “growing” franchise system loses so many hard-working, reputable business people who had all invested $1000’s of dollars to become part of a this opportunity!

    Good luck to all who are having issues with this company!

  28. Another Former Bath Solutions franchisee Says:

    Sorry, wrong E-mail!

  29. Lorna Says:

    I had read about issues with water seeping between the old tub and liner. However, Bath Solutions is installing a new tub. Given the current caulking was mouldy, they suggested cutting out the bottom two (2) feet of drywall putting in new. They then install a new tub and surround. It is actually less money than installing a liner and surround. No issues with water seeping in the future, so should be a win-win. Thanks.

  30. Former Estimator Says:

    Well let me start of by saying that all of these negative comments are sound 100% accurate! As a former estimator of Bath Solutions and having been through their ” in house training ” all I can say is the CEO Jeff Whitley is the BIGGEST SCAMMER EVER TO WALK THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!!! In the sales training I received at the Bath Solutions head office located in Bellville, Ontario the whole focus is to ” get the clients money at whatever means possible ” that’s right, once you have their money ” they have no choice but to do business with you ” Jeff Whitley owns other company’s like a storage container type thing that he runs out of the same location as Bath Solutions head office. He drives around in his Audi Q9 or Ford pick-up like he’s some kind of rock star but really he’s just a con man. He steals money from his dealers and when any of the dealers have warranty issues he is nowhere to be found and in the end the dealer is forced to pay out of pocket to complete the warranty work or avoid the customer and hope they just ” go away ” Jeff Whitley sells these franchises to people by making himself look like a successful business man and taking potential franchisee’s out to expensive restaurant and treating them like royalty. In the end all he is a Con Man that will sell you overpriced acrylic walls and tub liners. Depending if your in his inner circle will determine the price at which he will sell his products to you for.
    I feel sorry for the people who he cons into becoming a dealer because he doesn’t care one bit if your successful or not because he makes you sign a very unscrupulous agreement in which he totally tries to absolve himself and his company of any liabilities to which he is responsible for!
    In my opinion it’s a matter of time before the R.C.M.P investigate this scumbag and put his ass behind bars where he deserves to be!
    In closing I wish to apologize for the length of my comments however there is alot more information I can discuss regarding Bath Solution and the way they conduct business. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BATH SOLUTIONS EITHER AS A POTENTIAL DEALER OR AS A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!! THIS COMPANY IS ALL ABOUT SCAMMING YOUR MONEY$$$$$$$$ THAT’S IT!!!!!

  31. Jane Says:

    Hmmm… Spamming…. Repeatedly….says it all doesn’t it?? Let’s just say they will never convince me that my installation complaints are an exaggeration! Bath Solutions is NOT a solution. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. You can spam away but the truth remains!!

  32. Betsy Says:

    Hello.I am so upset that I goggled complaints about bath solutions and located this site.I did not deal with Edmonton but another franchisee they call it. Dealing with this company Bath Solutions has been a nightmare from the get go .We are reasonable people of modest means who saved for three years for our remodel.We did not want high end fancy things just a simple clean functional bathroom.
    We had an estimate and after deciding I followed up only to find out that person is no longer with bath solutions .After reading these complaints I know know that the head office mistreats its staff and dealers. Anyway, I still proceeded but I wanted to extend the scope of the work so they sent someone else out. I booked the job and after waiting 3 months I called back to learn this estimator was gone as well but they answered my questions at their call center and the next week the job began .
    Unfortunately,the toilet we ordered was not checked ahead of time because when the installer opened the box the tank was cracked and it was the incorrect color. They said they would order a replacement but reinstall our old toilet back to use in the meantime. Next,the liner did not fit. They told me they were shipped the wrong liner from Chicago. Chicago,I thought they were local!Their truck even says, ” buy local”.
    Anyway, while I am waiting for my new toilet and liner to arrive again .The old toilet that they reinstalled for us would not stop running and I called the office to get someone out to fix the issue and it’s suggested how I could fix it myself easily because it would take 2 weeks to send someone out. Unbelievable!I had to call a neighbor to help.
    Ten weeks later we finally get the liner and the job is completed. It looked lovely until 48 hours later we then get water in between our drain and liner and water dripping down into our downstairs kitchen and our ceiling light fixtures~
    I called the bath solutions contact person all panicked only to find out the person I dealt with is no longer with them either. I try to call another contact name and he is away so eventually the call center girl said she would pass on my message to have someone come out .
    They came out the next evening too use a vacuum to suck the water out and proceeded to inform us that we had water dripping into pour kitchen because we filled the tub to full .That’s ridiculous as we shower!This did not make any sense so we contacted the manager who called several days later with a wishy washy explanation and he said no problem we will look after it.
    In the end after another week went by and we kept getting the run around, we went through our insurance company due to the damage and had the issue fixed by a licensed plumber which we then discovered that bath solutions does not have licensed plumbers .We had our kitchen ceiling fixed by another company.
    After we did all of this on our own and our insurance company tried to get compensation this Bath solutions company finally responded saying” because you proceeded with the work using someone else not authorized by bath solutions you null and voided your warranty with us” , have a nice day! .lol
    I say stay clear of all dealerships associated y bath solutions because they have terrible customer service, treat their staff and dealers poorly and are not licensed plumbers, and basically take your money then abandon you!

  33. Former Bath Solutions Dealer Says:

    Hi there, “G. Clarkson”. You sound alot like “Mr. Armstrong” and “Katrina” (who have been identified as the same person), or should I say one of the Bath Solutions employees who have been assigned to putting flakey positive comments on this site to try and divert attention away from all of the negative cold hard facts. If you are in fact so happy with your walk-in tub, why don’t you try and find the CSA sticker on it. You won’t find one. This tub prototype was rolled out while we had a dealership with this crook, and of course the CEO was too cheap to have the design CSA approved – (the Canadian electrical code standards). It’s possible that it’s only be a matter of time before you get electrocuted while relaxing in your walk-in tub.

  34. thad Says:

    i booked an opt next week now im not sure what to do im not looking to line my tub i need a replacement tub and wall liner…not sure what to believe?

  35. Greg Brewster Says:

    Well this is interesting! i would like to say first to our customers and i can tell you that thier is at least 2 on this blog that are not ours. We dont do tub liners. We have 2 employees that have been with us for our entire time in business and we did have 1 estimator that unfortuantly passed away. Other then that is has been us 3.If any of our customers want to discuss things further please feel free to call me in edmonton at 7806282027. or email [email protected]. And for the dealers that obviously have a ax to grind that is between you and BSI. Not Edmonton.And for the walk in tub comment about electrocuted it is totally false. If you use a qualified electrican like your supposed to they will put in a GFI ( ground fault) breaker and this is the same as you would see in a abthroom or outside with the trip and reset button on them these prevent any issues. Again if anybody wants to discuss thing further please give me a call.

    Greg Brewster

  36. Jane Says:

    I have posted several times… What I have posted is true and not exaggerated… It’s absolutely outrageous that some of the posts here try to undo the nightmare & scam I ended up PAYING GOOD MONEY FOR!!! Do not DO NOT hire this company… They are not what they claim… They should be charged with fraudulent business practices… Stay away from them!!!!!!

  37. gloria Says:

    My friend said she researched all the walk-in tubs but I don’t think did a good job. She now signed up with Bath Solutions at a cost of $17,000.00 This is ludicrous. She didn’t really research but got smitten with sales talk….HER PROBLEM NOW.

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