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March 19, 2006

Consumer Protection Sites in Canada

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Even though we think that most of these agencies have little or no power. Well, let’s be honest. We actually think they are a huge joke. Kind of like the life jackets on airplanes. Ever seen footage of a plane hitting the water? Not exactly a smooth landing…

In any case. We thought it would be nice to put together a list of places people can try to exercise their rights. We’ve tried in the past without much success but there is strength in numbers.

Please let us know if there are any problems with the links.

All Industries
Better Business Bureau(s)


Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan

Motor Vehicle Industry Council (Alberta)

Motor Vehicle Industry Council (Ontario)

Automobile Protection Association

Automobile Consumer Coalition

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising Standards Canada

Canadian Marketing Association

Competition Bureau

The Bereavement Register

Communications (Radio, Television, Telephone, etc.)

Cable Television Standards Council

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Canadian Broadcast Standards Council

Energy, Gas, Electricity

Ontario Energy Board

Quebec Energy Board / Régie de l’énergie Québec

Centre for Energy

Independent Electricity Market Operator

Energy Shop (energy price comparisons)

Financial Services

Financial Consumers Agency of Canada

Centre for the Financial Services Ombudsnetwork

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments

Canadian Bankers Association — Ombudsman

Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Financial Planners Standards Council (look under “Enforcement”)

Investment Dealers Association

Canadian Payments Association

Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions

Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy

Government of Canada Financial Services Links


Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Report a Food Complaint

Canadian Food Inspection Agency — Consumer Information

Canadian Partnership for Food Safety Information Education

Health and Safety

Health Canada — Product Reporting

Health Canada — Consumer Product Safety

Health Canada — Consumer and Public Involvement

Health Canada — Health Protection Consumer Reports

Canadian Toy Testing Council

Pest Management Regulatory Agency

Housing, Building and Construction

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Canadian Home Builders Association


General Insurance Ombudservice

Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association

Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario

Provincial Insurance Council (Alberta)

Provincial Insurance Council (British Columbia)

Provincial Insurance Council (Manitoba)

Provincial Insurance Council (Saskatchewan)

Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators

Insurance Canada — Consumer Information


Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Travel and Transportation

Air Travel Complaints Commission

Canadian Transportation Agency

10 Responses to “Consumer Protection Sites in Canada”

  1. Bruce Buell Says:

    I am interested in finding someone in Canada that can purchase and ship Crown Royal Limited Edition to me in Austin, Texas. Anyone know of anybody that can handle that request on a regular basis?

  2. Benoît Gamache, Attorney Says:

    To whom may it concern,

    Enclosed please find an Important public notice to forward to your members, which are reknown (Graphic Designer) to be consumers of Epson Inkjet Cartridge products. Your members are may benefit from the present nationwide class action settlement.


    (For an immediate release)

    Notice of Settlement of Class Actions against Epson Canada Ltd
    (In the case of Inkjet Cartridges)

    On March 3rd 2009, the law firms, BGA Barristers & Solicitors LLP and Woods LLP have finalised the settlement of 2 Class Actions against Epson Canada Ltd (“Epson”). These law suits were filed in, on behalf of petionners Julien Grégoire (court file 200-06-000058-050) in the Superior Court of Québec, District of Québec and Craig Jeffrey (court file 06-00-034170) in the Superior Court of Ontario, District of Ottawa.

    This settlement, which has been reached without any admission of liability by Epson Canada, is made on behalf of all Canadian consumers of Epson Inkjet cartridges for Qualifying printers, excluding all residents of the provinces of British-Columbia and Manitoba.

    This settlement has been approved on February 4th, 2009 by the Quebec Superior Court (Honourable Yves Alain S.C.J) and by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on March 3rd 2009 (Honourable Robert Smith S.C.J).

    The settlement provides that all individual members of the class may receive one of the following benefits for each Epson Inkjet printer specifically identified in the settlement, and purchased between November 1, 2002 and September 1, 2006:

    · a $45 credit in the form of an E-Store code, which would be valid for twelve months,

    · the sum of $20, payable by cheque, and a $20 credit in the form of an E-Store code, or

    · a one-time 25% E-Store discount to a maximum value of $100.

    To obtain additional information pertaining the Settlement, to obtain the list of Qualifying Printers, or to obtain and/or fulfill a claim form, all consumers can contact the “ Administrator of all claim” Rust Consulting inc. by email at [email protected] or by regular mail at:

    Rust Consulting, inc.
    Administrator of claims
    « EPSON Canada Class action»
    625 Marquette Avenue, Suite 880,
    Minneapolis, MN 55402, USA,

    Consumers may also consult the web site to obtain any additional information, and to complete an “online claim form” to register your claim

    In all cases, all claim forms shall have been sent to attention of the administrator of the claim, at the latest on June 4th 2009

    Class counsel
    Benoît Gamache, Esq
    Toll free: 1-877-90-7446
    Fax: 1-866-616-0120
    [email protected]

  3. Ron Campbell Says:

    Please send copy of Online Claim form. Website doesnot open to print off copy to fill out.

  4. ilya Says:

    Hi there.

    I’m fighting for my rights to get what I was told I would get from the famous Apple store. Can you suggest my further actions?

    About a month ago we went to a local store and were told that Refurbished Macs are available for a cheaper price and will have all benefits new machines have….and they were right, it was cheaper and had what new Macs had – yellow tinge.

    So, a week later first machine arrived. I picked it up from FedEx and brought it home. There was several stuck pixels and the yellow tinge. I grabbed the box and rushed to a local store where I was asked to contact Apple customer support, since this unit was purchased online. I spend 1.5 hour on the phone explaining my problem and was told that there were LCD anomalies, which were normal for this kind of displays. The store was closing and I had to call Customer Support the next day and spent another hour before they agreed to replace my iMac.

    So we packed everything, and I brought it to UPS.

    In a few days new machine arrived (picked up 12 kg box from FedEx) and it had yellow spots on the bottom of the screen. I phoned Apple again and they agreed to replaced it once again. We packed it and shipped through UPS.

    Few days later the 3rd machine arrived – was picked up from FedEx and again, the display had the same problem as the previous one.

    I phoned Apple again, spend another hour on the phone and a customer relation agent was assigned to me with known phone extension, etc.

    She suggested me to go with a LCD panel replacement. I was concerned that new machine with replaced screen sounded suspicious, but was assured that since it was my third computer, refund would be provided if there were problems. OK! We ordered the part and in a few days my local store representative called and asked to bring iMac for a repair.

    Few days later they called and asked me to pick it up. That’s what I did, and guess what??? The tinge is still there – now its covering 1/5 of the screen on the left. OK! I phoned Apple Agent, who has been working with me and she asked me to send a picture. One hour later she called me and told that she spoke with engineers and they said that this yellow tinge is within the specs and the known issues with yellow screens are about the whole screen being yellow, not a part of it. WHAT!? Supervisor on the phone. He is saying the same thing, that technical department looked at my pictures and are positive that this is within specs and he maybe, may be able to schedule me for another screen replacement. I said: I want a refund, I want my money back – he says: I can’t give you that. – Why? – Because it’s been repaired already. – But, I specifically asked if that could be a problem in a future, if I would want a refund. – Well, I don’t know much about it, what I can do is look at your situation and call you back this afternoon or evening…

    That was 20 hours ago. (3PM EST, Mar22,2010)


    On the website, all iMacs presented do not have any yellow spot. It doesn’t say anywhere that products may be different from what you see. Product should comply with a certificate issued under their company act and I really don’t think, that it says that yellow pee-spots may present.

  5. jean mcmanus Says:

    I need help to resolve a problem I am having with UPS and Fed EX.
    In March my friend and I sent 18 bottles of wine home from Italy. Before I go any further I admit right now that we had no idea that it was so difficult to send wine to Canada never having tried something like this before. We were told in Italy that it was done all of the time and that they could ship the wine for us-and so we did. The wine cost approximately 20 euros/bottle. It cost about 100.00 Euros to ship. We thought at we were getting a very good deal. Unfortunately we were so wrong.

    Once the wine arrived in Canada I received a phone call from Lynn Grant from UPS to send them copies of the receipts for the purchase and shipping charges. I was told that there were several steps before the wine could be released and that it would take approximately 30-40 days. I was told that they had to send the information on to the LCBO who would then determine a Canadian cost for the wine + taxes and then the shipment would go through customs and that they would assign customs fees. After that was done UPS would charge a brokerage fee and after all of the fees were paid that the shipment would be released and delivered by Fed Ex. for which there would be no charge.

    It is now May 14. After having paid all of the fees requested by UPS I believed that my shipment would be released and that we would finally get the wine. However I received an ’emergency’ email from Lyn Grant asking me to call her. I was told that I would have to pay an additional 300.00 on top of the 561. 00 for 12 bottles and another 194.00 for the other 6 bottles which I had already paid to UPS. Having paid almost 800.00 is fees I expected that my wine shipment would be delivered.
    Unfortunately this was not the case. As you can see from the attachments above I received an email from UPS asking me to contact them. I was told on the phone that Fed Ex wanted to now charge storage fees. According to Ms. Grant from UPS this has never happened in the past. She explained that they had an ‘ understanding’ with Fed Ex, that Fed Ex understood that the process to get wine through customs could take up to 40 days and that they had never been charged before. However, according to Ms. Grant, Fed Ex now wanted and additional 300.00 in storage fees and that my shipment would not be released by Fed Ex unless I paid the fees.

    I could not believe this. I asked for the number for Fed EX. I called Fed Ex ( 613) 738-4501 and spoke to Roger. Roger explained that UPS was being dishonest. He said that Fed Ex always charged for storage. He said that they were told by UPS not to deliver the shipment as UPS did not want to pay the additional fee. He put me through to his manager Jason. Jason gave me the same information. He said that they always charged UPS storage fees for anything over 3 days. He explained that UPS didn’t always pay the fees. He said that they were willing to deliver the shipment but that UPS would not allow it because they would have to pay the storage fees. He explained that there was absolutely no reason why it should take 40 days to clear customs.

    I called and spoke to Lynn Grant from UPS (613) 737-5935. She was very aggressive on the phone. I asked her to send me this new explanation in writing and that I would discuss this with my husband. She maintained that Fed EX was being honest. She maintains that UPS has never had to pay storage fees before. She explained that if they wanted UPS to pay storage fees then they should have filled them from the start and that they should have received a bill from Fed Ex. She maintains that they never got a bill from Fed EX. She explained that it was Fed Ex who would not deliver the shipment as they now wanted more money. Ms. Grant told me that she didn’t like being seen as a liar. That she would speak to her superiors and that they would sort this out. It should be noted that she did not send me this information in writing, and that she got back to me.

    As you can imagine I was very upset by this turn of events. I told her that I had paid all of the extra fees her company working as the brokerage company had requested. I felt that I had met my end of the obligation and because of this that they should ask Fed Ex to release my shipment and that this new battle is between Fed Ex and UPS. She said it was Fed Ex who would not release the shipment, Fed EX said it was UPS.

    For some reason Fed Ex delivered 6 bottles. I did not have to pay the storage fees. I thought that Ms. Grant at UPS had sorted out this problem. I was wrong. I received a note from Mr. Wagi from UPS today telling me that I had to pay a Fed Ex bill or Fed EX would not deliver the other 12 bottles of wine. It seems Ms. Grant is on holidays and Mr. Waji had taken over the file. I did not hear back from Ms. Grant. I have no idea if they tried to resolve this issue with Fed Ex or as the manager from Fed Ex explained-they were simply trying to download 1 of their costs onto the client. (Because of a delay (Ups did not process the 12 bottles at the same time) the other 12 were not delivered at the same time.) As you can see from the attached, that UPS is now telling me that I have to pay the storage fees on the 12 bottles or Fed Ex will not deliver.

    I feel that I had an agreement with UPS. I paid in full the amounts I was told it would cost to have the shipments released and delivered to my home. I don’t believe that I should now have to pay additional charges because UPS made a mistake or is simply lying to me. I don’t believe I should be caught in the middle of this new battle between UPS and FED EX.

    Please help me. I am getting totally different stories from both companies and UPS is refusing to allow Fed EX to deliver my shipment.

    Jean McManus

  6. Bernard Becker Says:

    Active Tech?
    3633 Boul. des Sources, Suite 208 ?D.D.O.
    Quebec?H9B 2K4 ?
    TEL: 1-866-685-5603

    Re: Not Honouring Prices as Marked.

    On Saturday September 11th, 2010 I visited your store at 3790 Victoria Park Avenue in Toronto to purchase an adapter for a project my son and I were working on.

    After a pleasant half hour we approached the cashier with almost $100.00 worth of merchandise, including a small jewelers loupe marked at approximately $4.50.

    The cashier, a Russian sounding fellow informed me the price of the item was actually over $8.50, and they wouldn’t sell it at the price marked on the item.

    He called over a supervisor, who also informed me the price was wrong, and that they wouldn’t honour the price as marked.

    I pointed out that ALL of the identical items on the shelf were marked with that price. They insisted there was nothing they would do about honouring the sticker price.

    This of course if the primary mechanism that cashiers use to defraud customers. Tell the customer the price is wrong, ask for a higher price, and pocket the difference.

    They would not show me the price in the computer, and they would not honour the sticker price.

    At that point I proceeded to return all of the other items I had picked up, and placed approximately $80 to $90 of merchandise to the side which I indicated I would not purchase if the price on the sticker wasn’t honoured.

    They would not budge. Even at a conservative 10% profit margin, the items I elected not to have purchased profit margin far outweighed the approximately $4 difference between the price marked and the price they claimed was in the computer for the jeweler’s loupe

    The supervisor refused to provide his full name, and insisted he was “Shawn” and would not give a last name. He said his manager was “Brett” but again refused to provide a last name.

    Clearly your staff would rather sell me $7.78 worth of merchandise and forgo the revenue of the nearly $100 worth of equipment I was going to buy, and take the time to restock the shelves with all of the purchases I elected not to proceed with due to the shabby treatment I received.

    I will be making a special effort to relate this poor treatment I received at your store to as many of my peers and colleagues as possible. I will be posting it to facebook, to my blog and to as many Internet sites as I can find as well as the old fashioned bulletin board at work.

    Clearly your staff would rather:

    1. Not honour prices as marked contrary to the Canadian Scanner Price Code of Conduct.

    2. Invent new prices and attempt to charge customers higher amounts without showing them what is in the computer.

    3. Infuriate customers who insist that prices be honoured as marked.

    4. Forgo the revenue and profits on nearly a hundred dollars and elect instead to sell $7.78 worth of merchandise.

    5. Take the time and effort to restock shelves with merchandise that could have been sold.

    6. Harm the reputation of the firm with a direct customer, and spoil the goodwill with all the indirect individuals that customer tells about the experience.

    Tell Shawn, “Good Job Buddy, You saved us $4. Way to go.”

    cc: Diane J. Brisebois, President & CEO, Retail Council of Canada.
    cc: Better Business Bureau, Mid Western and Central Ontario

  7. Maurice Hilarius Says:

    I recently bought a Samsung Plasma TV.
    It was on sale, and Samsung are making what appears to be an outstanding promotion.


    In case that page disappears, here is the Google cache page:

    I looked online and around ads in the paper and saw that Visions had this TV on sale for $788
    I phoned, spoke to the salesman, and verified they have stock.

    On our way we stopped at a store called Memory Express, as my son in law needed new speakers for his computer.
    We walked in and they had this same model Samsung 50″ Plasma, hanging on the wall, with a sign saying it is on sale for for $749.
    I asked the salesman if this includes the Samsung promo and he told me “Sure, you get that stuff from Samsung”.
    So, I gave him me debit card, and bought a TV.
    We loaded it up and took it home.

    Next day I called Samsung to register for warranty, and to ask about the promo items, namely the “Bonus 3D Blu-ray Player and Starter Kit”.
    The support person did not know anything about it.
    I asked her to escalate my call to her manager.
    She did so
    The manager, a man named “Kuassi” told me the store supplies these items.
    So, I asked if I went there, if needed, would he talk to the store salesman?
    He assented, and gave me his name.
    I went back to the store and explained to the salesman about the prom .
    He claimed that they had n promo items.
    I asked him to call Samsung and speak with Mr Kuassi.
    He did so. I waited.
    He then handed me the phone and Mr Kuassi explained that only some stores were “participating”
    I explained that the salesman had told me originally I would get the “Bonus” items.
    He was not interested.

    We left and I drove to Visions. Showed them a printout of the Samsung page.
    They explained they were not doing this promo
    I then drove to:
    Best Buy – All 3 items for $$1289 ( $80 off the total f all 3 items at full price)
    Future Shop – never heard of it, no promo.
    Leons – ditto
    Costco – ditto
    Sears – ditto
    Visions – ditto

    I called Samsung back and asked exactly WHO is participating in this “Bonus offer”

    They told me to try Amazon or Best Buy.
    I explained that Amazon Canada is not selling that, and Best Buy offered me the tiny discount.
    He then realised I was in Canada and not the USA, and he told me they did not know and could not advise me.

    This is an obvious marketing scam.

    They have told NONE of their resellers about it.

    They do not have anyone selling this promo.

    The stores ARE willing to play “bait and switch” happily.

    Consumer’s Desired Resolution:
    We expect them to honour their advertised offer.

  8. bob bainswotry Says:

    lifetime wood reatment is a sacm . dried flowers drie mushrooms what a rip off!!1

  9. bob bainswotry Says:

    lifetime wood treatment is a scam valhalco is a scam what a rip off !!! dried flowerts

  10. Kathleen Miner Says:

    Re: Stephen Bray / Stephen John Bray / Steve Bray of Burlington, Ontario. Deadbeat father of five children. Business: Sheridan Custom Installations Limited also known as SCIL Construction. Contractor to Westmont Hospitality, Air Canada and SNC Lavalin Profac. Also known to plow snow for Fidale Farms Snow Services and the City of Burlington. Known to work doing cash jobs in home renovations, commercial construction and snow plowing not reported for tax purposes. Drives either a Black GMC PickUp Truck, a white GMC Cargo Van, a blue Dodge Minivan or a Red BMW all with Fire Services plates [although he is not employed in fire services]. Any information regarding his income would be appreciated.

    Be Proactive and Collect What is Rightfully Yours! | Find Deadbeat Dads

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