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November 18, 2005

Chapters Indigo and a Delusional Rich…

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For those that are not familiar with Chapters Indigo, they are a huge retail book store in Canada. Originally it was just Chapters. Then, Heather Reisman decided to open a rival, Indigo. With the help of her husband, who is in charge of Onyx Corporation ( A company that buys struggling or takeover ripe businesses. Lies and then fires employees so they can turn it around and make a buck.), she bought Chapters and made one huge monopolizing company that owns Coles and pretty much any other major and medium book store in Toronto and probably all of Canada. Even that World’s Biggest Bookstore in downtown Toronto is owned by them as far as I know.

My story begins many years ago when I was young and naive. I started a small business and went to one of these waste-of-time small-business-networking-and-lecture things. If you’re starting a business, don’t believe the crap the books and speakers tell you. The networking events are full of other small business people that are hungry for sales. You’re way better off focusing on sales and improving operations instead of listening to BS and meeting people whose only desire is to sell you something for money you don’t have. Think about it. Isn’t that why YOU’RE going to the networking event?

Sorry for the tangent. Back to my story.

The speaker at this particular networking event, held at a church near Yonge and St. Clair of all places, was our good friend Heather Reisman.

The following is a paraphrased synopsis so you’ll pardon me for not reciting it word for word. It was several years ago and only one point remains crystal clear from her speech. More about that later.

She started a sob story about how she was depressed after leaving her job at Coca Cola. “I was driving around feeling lost. I didn’t know what to do…” Blah blah blah blah.

Yeah. Just picture it. Her husband is worth hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions for all I know. She is driving around in her Benz or Lexus or whatever, feeling lost. I’m sorry lady but I just don’t feel bad for you. I’m heading home in the cold after listening to your drivel.

“Then one day I got the idea to open Indigo.” Got the idea? What the hell do you mean you got the idea? Chapters had the idea first and they were already in business. This should have been my first clue to her delusion.

So, I’m sitting there fairly irked by this point but she had more for me.

She went into how at Indigo you can sit and read a book. And this is the part I have never forgotten. “I think that in the future, libraries will become obsolete.”
What …?! Holy mother of… no wait I’m in the church. Did she just say that? Did she just say that she wants to get rid of libraries? Obsolete because she stole an idea for a book store and put in a couple of chairs and then had her husband buy out the competition so she could have a monopoly?

What in the hell is wrong with this woman? Are all rich people this arrogant and disconnected or is she on medication?
What about all those people that can’t afford to buy your books? What about the kids who need libraries to study because they have to live in a cramped apartment with their family? Or the ones that suffer abuse and go there because they can’t study at home? Are you going to loan them some books and invite them for tea so they can get into university, or is that just for your little rich kids, too?

What about society’s right to free knowledge without greedy little …. like you controlling everything we see and read? Putting their own political, personal, or religious bias on what can and can’t be said.

That was just too much. I can’t believe something like that would come out of anyone’s mouth. The sick part is that I could tell she believed it. I will never ever buy a book from Chapters or Indigo or whatever she decides to call it in the future.

Buy your books at small book stores if you can. Jut make sure Heather doesn’t own them.
If you think that that’s too expensive and you have to buy books online, at least get them on the net from some other company. Not this corporation whose delusional CEO’s goal is to make our libraries obsolete. Or better still, go to the library so the politicians that cut the funding this year get the message that we need libraries.

I don’t know what kind of dirty deal was struck to allow this kind of monopoly in the Canadian book markets. It’s not surprising but it is disappointing. As a society, we deserve better.

She finished her speech with this. “…so if you have an idea, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it better.” Let me get this straight, Heth’. All us small business people who have just invested most of what we have in our business should copy an idea, get our spouse to come up with a few million dollars so we can buy our competitors, then take over the industry. Okay. I’ll get right on that.

Actually there are two parts of that evening that stood out. The first was her crack about libraries and the second is that people clapped once she finished speaking. They actually clapped for her. Let’s all go and burn down a library after this! Yeah! (They didn’t actually say that but you know…)

Maybe it was out of politeness or maybe most of them weren’t listening. I for one was not clapping.

Still want more?

For those that are not averse to wading through manure, you can listen to a CBC radio interview with Heather Reisman at the time that the takeover of Chapters happened.

Some highlights are her talking about the major differences between Chapters and Indigo. The height of the shelves and brightness. Stand back! The creativity and stark contrast is overwhelming.

One of my personal favourites is her “commitment to the people in the stores”. Talk to an Indigo employee some time and find out what it’s like there.

Thanks for reading and whatever you buy, vote with your wallet. Or in this case, your library card.

81 Responses to “Chapters Indigo and a Delusional Rich…”

  1. George Says:

    After many years of employment, I was let go for no reason. No real explanation. Here I am, with some disabilities, and they do this kind of thing to their employees. Thank you for putting more people on the streets with signs and ragged clothes and no medicine Heather.

  2. VA Says:

    I’ve worked with one of the larger scale Indgo locations in Toronto for almost a year, I have yet to see most of these issues. 1. LOR: Schools need books, we sell them, get over it. We have the means to bring literacy to children, and in the long run it doesn’t matter who profits financially if we have a LITERATE future generation. 2. Irewards: Its a 25$ card, I had one for 7 years before I became an employee. You save AT LEAST 10% per book and that rapidly pays back your 25$ initial purchase. If you don’t buy enough for that to be wort it, you shouldn’t have purchased it. 3. Chairs: We aren’t a library true, if you want to sit and read that’s the place to do it, but we do have chairs and benches, and we don’t stop you from sitting at the end of an aisle reading the book. We lose quite a bit of product from the wear and tear of flipping through novels, but we keep the locations for you to sit and read…Hell we even put coffee shops in the stores so you could have the whole experience. 4. Libraries: Yes, they’re losing fuunding, and becoming more obsolete. Why? Because companies are choosing to make their products available online. Encyclopedias, dictionaries etc. The production costs are huge for books of that size and all the information is available for free through the internet. Heather is right, they are becoming obsolete, not because of Chapters/Indigo but because of our CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY and the sheer LAZINESS of our nation. We all sat by and watched CDs go in favor of illegal downloads and iTunes, Blockbuster and video stores in favor of NetFlicks or Rogers on Demand. Wy is it so suprising that books are going that way too? In a technology addicted country we find ways to get everything from never leaving the couch. So Heather found a way to get people back into bookstores, to get them to pick up a BOOK because they wandered by the store in searc of some “lifestle” product. We’re keeping people literate, publishers in business, we’re helping keep print alive. I say let Heather do what she does because hey, we could just let the internet take away all our books too…
    And really, if you have a complaint we have comment cards. It’s the only way for the company to know how to improve.

  3. Sam Says:

    Love of Reading is a lie. People are asked to contribute to the LOR fund. It’s for books for schools who need them, a great cause, no problem there. However, it is the CUSTOMERS who fund it, not Heather Reisman. Yet, she collects the money, makes interest off it, take TOTAL CREDIT for the donations to schools, and makes some big deal out of it, and she has virtually nothing to do with it. Price of IRewards is going up. Number of employees is going down. The company could improve by treating staff right, trying to give people jobs who need them instead of taking them away, and a whole number of other ways.

  4. Samantha Says:

    To start: RE: VA Says:
    March 28th, 2011 at 2:30 am:
    Oh VA, how naiieve you are. You’ve only been there a year, and I think you drank the kool-ade. Soon you will see what a horrible job you have. You will see how poorly you’re paid, and how poorly the company treats you.

    Did you know that most mass-market books have their covers torn off and are ripped in half rather than returning the book to the publisher when it hasn’t sold? Have you ever had to strip cover a book? How about 1000 books in a day or more? Have you been asked to literally tear books in half? Books that could be donated to a school? That policy needs to change, and with Indigo having the monopoly on book selling in Canada, they COULD change it simply by saying “We’re not going to do that anymore.” I don’t donate to LOR because I think they should instead take those MM books and donate them to schools or libraries. And before you tell me they’re all romance and sci-fi, they’re not. I’ve torn up my fair share of childrens books at that awful company.

    I am no longer with the company because I could no longer stand to be treated the way I was treated and I couldn’t watch my co-workers go through the same bullshit. The tasking shifts which start at 5am are a sad excuse for work! Those employees don’t give a rats ass if their cycle counts (inventory) are correct or whether they shelve the books in the correct spot because they go home at 9:30am before they have to deal with customers. The taskers get to go home and they don’t have to deal with the mess they make in the morning.

    As a result of the tasking shift a lot of people lost hours because they didn’t own cars. They’re paid too poorly at Chapters/Indigo to buy a car, and they are punished for it because the busses don’t run early enough for them to get to work on time! So instead of the current employees getting decent hours, a new batch of idiots are hired, and the turnover is HIGH because nobody sane will wake up at that hour to work 4 measly hours at minimum wage for very long. Taskers rarely work long enough at Indigo to develope any interest in their work!

    Another problem are the anual reviews and raises. When we could get our reviews on time (I once waited 7 months for mine, and even after complaining to HR 5 times it still took that long) they were horribly awkward. They sit there and smile at you and tell you that you’re perfectly average even though you’ve been told off the record that you’re an asset and “promise you’ll never quit.” It’s garbage. They tell you that you’re average so they can give you the smallest raise possible. They give you a list of things to improve on and then say “Okay, here’s your 22 cent raise.” I’m thinking “for 22 cents maybe I’ll sigh in exhaustion once less per day.”

    It’s the worst environment I’ve ever worked in. Period. And it wasn’t just my store, either. The company is horrible! Their head office is worse than the stores. Send them a heat ticket detailing your problem and they’ll send back “Thanks.” No solution, no suggestions… just “Thanks,” like you loaned them a dollar for the vending machine. Idiots. All of them.

  5. RMC Says:

    I was fired by indigo after working there for ~9 months. I was fired about 3 days after returning from a vacation that i was fully authorized to take and that I asked about at least 3 months in advance. I was NEVER given an evaluation that i had been promised several months earlier. However, they said that they had written up an evaluation while i was gone and they decided that i didn’t have the “human element” that you need to be able to work at indigo. I am still not sure what the fuck that means. Anyway, it made no sense to me because I had never received any negative feedback like this in the past and my termination was a TOTAL surprise. The only negative feedback I had ever gotten was that I slouched and to stand up straighter, which I promptly did. The iRewards program is absolutely ridiculous, especially now that it costs 35$ (the cost increase is explained by the fact that the card now gives a measly 5% off non-book items). Now that the plum rewards program has started, we were literally being told our percentage ever 20 minutes (no exaggeration). It gets really old and come on, we’re not paid commission so what the fuck is the motivation for shoving these stupid cards on customers? There are many more reasons why this company sucks. It’s just simply the worst.

  6. Ka Says:

    I find this comment section hilarious. If you guys believe that the majority of this is bad compared to other retail stores you are wrong. Majority of retail in minimum or just above. You will have to stock, face, tidy and do returns. That’s what retail is. They tell you how much money you are making because you have a right to know as a employee. If you say you can work those days, be expected to work those days.
    You will get yelled at by costumers no matter where you work. Managers will get mad at you if you talk, because they don’t know how long you have been standing there and they are paying you to work. They also will get mad at you because they are human and they are frustrated too with fighting with costumers also, because they are they ones who get the most grief. Because everything that goes wrong goes to them. And be thankful for a 20 training on cash. I learnt cash at my first job from 1.scan with this 2. Tell them how much it costs 3. Push the cash/debit/credit button for choice 4. Transaction 5. Give receipt. The manager showed me how to do it. They watches as I did the next and then they were gone.

  7. Lynn Says:

    I Think its really pathetic that people feel the need to come on here and complain about a company that is exactly like every other retail store out there. the whole purpose of any kind of store it to make money so stop complaining already…you dont like ur working conditions then quit its really simple people. I dont know what kinds of stores you people are working in and how they are run but your issues and concerns are an individual store scenario only. I have worked for chapters for over three years now and my store is amazing..we all received proper training..obviously u cant know 1000s of books personally but its your job to find out suck it up. you dont like selling get out of retail cause thats what u are gonna be doing…your job is outlined when u get hired…u dont like it..dont take it..there are hundreds of people willing to do it. ur pay is outlined before you get hired..oh no its minimum wage..guess what so it everywhere else suck it up…RMC..clearly something was wrong with your work performance if you got fired like that …indigo doesnt just fired people for no reason there is a huge process to the whole thing HR doesnt want to get sued for wrongful dismissal duh! if u dont know why u were fired u had every right to know its ur own fault it u didnt demand an in depth explanation…as for the Irewards what its gone up in price..dont sell it simple as that..give people the FREE plum rewards card instead..if ur managers are putting pressure on u did u ever stop to that that maybe they have pressure on them as well…grow up and take a business class then maybe u will know something.
    Samantha…did u know its the publishers who demand that the book covers be stripped…ya it sucks but did u know that all fast food companies throw out all their food at the end of the night rather then give to to starving people…dont be dumb somtimes companies are bound by other rules that u might now be privy to…n fyi your store must have been poorly managed because our taskers are one can get on our task force because the people never leave u say they take away hours but really ur just complaining because u need to complaine about something, some of our taskers have been with the company upwards of 5 years…as for your reviews and review never gets done on time…who cares you get back pay anyway…omg ur average…maybe you should have tried harder to be above average cause clearly that why ur complaning… i dont know what you poeple expect from a job honestly …my store is amazing…we get incentives all the time from our managers and they treat us with kindness and respect, stop trying to generalize your store specific problems on the whole company…our mangers treat us to snacks and treats all the time..they always make time to hear our ideas and always ask for our feedback…our manager actualyl care..i was really sick for a week and my manager actually called to see if i needed anything and to see if i wanted more of my shifts covered…just because u had a bad store dont knock the whole company. My store and its mangers are the best and i have never been happier..ya i make minimum wage ya i have to upsell and give people cards..sure i get people who are angry all the time but you know what…THATS THE JOB!…people leave my store for only a few reasons 1 is school, 2. they got let go WITH GOOD REASON. or 3 they got promoted or transfered to another store…not all chapter/indigo are bad …mine is the best…u dont like it dont work here…u dont like heather..well dont work for one is forcing you to like her…but she is the same as every other CEO of any retailer so good luck finding a job without one.

  8. britewire Says:

    lol @ all these people expecting to make money at a job that some high school student can do in between downing a bottle of OE and watching Jersey Shore. what a bunch of proles.

  9. Bob Says:

    They really do try to run it like its a library. But an elitist, library where only some people are welcome. Their store mangers act like they have God like status and that the employees must listen to everything they say. I once knew somebody who worked at Chapters. This person I knew even told me they were profiling people who they thought were taking books. All with no proof or visual evidence. One manager even had the habit of touching people without their permission. And yes its true that Chapters buys endless piles of books that are crap.

  10. Adam Says:

    Guys and Gals; Thank you SOOOO much for the interesting heads up – I was e-mailed today to come in for an interview at Chapters and after reading all this,I shall most definitely be NOT going…and I thought my old job was bad – Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! Good Karma to all !!!

  11. Robert Says:

    The Indigo I worked at was running along smoothly enough – even though there were some problems – but when the GM left it turned for the worse. A revolving door of managers came and went for months with each one saying something different and confusing everyone working there. Some of them were some of the most vile people I’ve ever come into contact with. Though the staff tries to stay positive, the morale was so bad that I had to leave. What started as a job I didn’t mind going to turned into probably the worst job I’ve ever had simply because of poor management. It all starts at the top.

  12. Shocked Says:

    What the hell, if you run a losing business, you can takeover a successful one? No wonder this country is going down the tubes fast.

    (Taken from
    “In the autumn of 2000 Indigo launched a hostile takeover. Indigo was able to convince the Competition Bureau that Indigo was not a viable standalone business given the enormous losses that it was sustaining and thus had to be able to merge with the profitable Chapters retail chain. By early 2001, Indigo had been successful in purchasing Chapters…”

  13. ex customer Says:

    After reading all these comments, I just have to share my experience as a customer on my last visit.

    I needed to stop into my local Chapters to quickly pick up a book. Someone working on the floor quickly asked me if I needed help and found the book I was looking for right away. I went to the check out line and there was only a few people waiting. I was quite happy that I will be in and out of the store so quickly. But I was wrong, there was two people working on the tills and someone doing who knows what, standing behind them and observing. After waiting in line 5-10 minutes (a long time if there is only 3 people in front of you) I finally got to a till. The transaction went as follows:

    Cashier: Good morning, do you have any discount cards with us?

    Me: No I don’t

    Cashier: Have you heard about our irewards program.

    Me: Yes I’ve heard about it, but I’m not interested

    Cashier: Have you heard about our new reward program.

    Me: No, I’m not interested. I just want to buy this book.

    Cashier: The new program is free!!

    Me: I’m actually in a bit of a hurry, can I pay for this book?

    Cashier: This new card is a points based….

    Me: No really, I’m not interested, let me buy this book, I need to go.

    Cashier: Okay, would you like to sign up for any emails?

    Me: NO!

    Cashier: Has anyone told you about the promotion we are having today?

    Me: (laughing out of frustration) PLEASE! can I just buy this book?

    Cashier: Fine, would you like to purchase a bag for 5 cents? Th money goes to (I actually forgot where)

    Me: Yes fine yes, if me saying actually saying the word yes gets me out of this place!!

    Cashier: (circles something on my receipt) If you go to this site, you can do our online survey and tell us how our service is.

    Me: Serious???

    As I was leaving I overheard the person standing behind the cashier that she did a good job and once in a while she will get some jerks like me and not to let it bother her. When she gets someone like me DO NOT point out the survey to them, they only want good feedback, not bad. She also pointed to the cashier that she forgot to ask for a donation to some reading foundation.

  14. Jim Brown Says:

    Sounds like the foregoing whiners were paid, and treated, in the manner they deserved. I’m glad none of these lazy losers work at the Chapters I enjoy visiting.

  15. Lynn Says:

    re: ex customer …although the cashier was only doing her JOB they were actually training..the person standing behind the cashier is a shadow..they are there to help the NEW cashier learn and help them if they make any mistakes…you “customers” really need to learn about retail, we have a job to do and we have things that we HAVE to say as part of our job and that gets evalutated on our job performance,..cut these people some slack for crying out loud! and stop complaining

  16. Mac Says:

    Yep, something wrong here. Indigo is the only bookstore I have seen where B.C. nonfiction-history books (Richmond Hobson’s books, such as Grass over the Mountain and Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy) put on the fiction shelves. Weird! Must be someone from Ontario who watched the TV series once and never looked any farther. However, I will say that I found the staff in North Vancouver and Vancouver to be attentive and helpful. Of course, I decided to buy online from Amazon or another online vendor because it is cheaper, so I didn’t have to put up with any sales pitch at the cash register.

  17. Carl Says:

    why read, buy or learn the useless dung found in books?

  18. Mary Says:

    I worked for Chapters last xmas season, and yes it sucks – I used to love going there, but now I feel just cynical. Maybe they treat their customers somewhat well, but employees are slaves practically, paid minimum wage (many with degrees including me)and yes the interview was endless. They pay less than Walmart which I also boycott because of their treatment of staff overseas – At Chapters, the toilet paper is so cheap that the employees are forever having to pick up bits in the washrooms. I really dislike Chapters now!

  19. Mary Says:

    Also, I have been trying to get my T4 from them – never got 2010, and with just a few weeks of 2011 worked, I twice told managers about my new address…did NOT receive anything in mail. These guys did not forward the info on, or else Chapters just doesn’t bother sending. I can’t find my ROE online either. SO I am going to have to check my old bank statements to find out what they paid me last Jan/Feb. No idea how much taxes they deducted – just hope Rev Can has the info from them.

  20. glenn Says:

    I ordered a book from coles prepaid as is the norm. The book was a self help book about alcohilism. My daughter whom did not no about this problem was in the store when the book came in And they gave her the book to give to me. Now of course she has questions. Thanks coles

  21. Kelly Says:

    I’m using a fake name because i still unfortunately still work there, and i am currently planning on finding a new job. Working at indigo is not what you think. when i first started working there in 2010 it was great wasnt that stressful it was what it was suppose to be a calm fun working environment like a book store should be. Now that the plum program came out it has gotten even more stressful. With plum it is a country wide goal to have each cashier have 70% its not as easy as it sounds mainly when we have rude customers that dont even let us finish out sentences, besides the point managers breathe down your neck even if you are at 67%. Managers are far from understanding. And even if you try and help fellow employees they come down on you and saying that its to personal or that your targeting that individual, when really it was a simple thing of how something works. maybe its not the same for all places but for the loyalty crap its the same every where. indigo/chapters is NOT a place i would suggest for a job. i would prefer to work at McDonald the rest of my life than work at this place

  22. Retired Guy Says:

    I am surprised at the anti-semitism under so many of these comments. I thought Canada was free of this crap. Yes, Chapters/Indigo is owned by Jewish people. Yes, they make money in an industry everyone else lost money in, that is why they there are no small bookstores, they are out of business. Yes, Indigo has rules, and enforce them so that they make money. Thats how they can employ so many people. They do not pay enough? Ask for more! If everyone demanded more, they would pay more.

    I like seeing a couple of Canadians build successful businesses. It gives me hope that I can too.

    Could Heather be nicer to her staff? Yes. Should Steve Jobs have been nicer? Yes.
    But do the people that got rich because of how well they do the rest of the job really care? No. (Yeah, I bought Apple shares at $180).

    Heather is smart. She just made $100’s of millions by investing in Kobo. Learn from what people like her do right. And learn what not to do from what they do wrong. It is time we stopped denigrating those that have succeeded just because we have not. Perhaps, she is too old to do it different, but we are not too old to learn how to do better.

    Now which of you is going to open a bookstore? I am sure we all know how to do it better.

  23. Mike Mortson Says:

    Retired Guy Says:
    Heather is smart. She married a man who bought her competitor for her when she proved incapable of running a business. May they suffocate many Canadians beneath the poverty line and butcher many Palestinians! May their daughter’s dog food website return to the web and flourish! They do not pay enough? Ask for more! If everyone demanded more, they would fire the aforementioned everyone, and replace them with other desperate people, impoverished through the agency of gluttonous buffoons such as these. Let “Arbeit macht frei” be emblazoned in the staffroom’s antechamber, sing hosannas for your jailer – they have given you enough crumbs to endure one more day! Anyway, Belsen was affordable housing and a locus for community building, and never mind the ingrates who tell you different.

  24. Chris Says:

    I’ve never worked in a bookstore and I’ve usually been quite happy with service from Indigo. But last week I went to see Heather Reisman interview Gordon Lightfoot and I was appalled at her attitude. The way I see it, Authors or folksingers and show up for these things for the same reason bookstores host them – to sell books or music. I’m sure the few hundred CD’s sold that evening will not be significant to either of them but they get some publicity and the fans get a nice evening out. Obviously, the people who show up for events like this are fans who expected intelligent questions.

    I had the distinct impression Reisman had never bothered to learn anything about the last 30 years Lightfoot’s career. He has dozens of awards and has been involved in many benefit shows and she seemed preoccupied with the alcoholic lifestyle he gave up 30 years ago. It was fun to watch her frustration as he rambled on around her questions. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to borrowing a guitar and bullying him into singing for us.

    For someone who wants to appear cultured and intelligent, to me, she came across as ignorant.

  25. Washington Says:

    quote from #65:

    “Lynn Says:
    December 11th, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    re: ex customer …although the cashier was only doing her JOB they were actually training..the person standing behind the cashier is a shadow..they are there to help the NEW cashier learn and help them if they make any mistakes…you “customers” really need to learn about retail, we have a job to do and we have things that we HAVE to say as part of our job and that gets evalutated on our job performance,..cut these people some slack for crying out loud! and stop complaining

    Lynn give me a break. Customers are NOT there to wait for you to go through your sales pitch. And they have EVERY right to complain if they politely tell you that “I dont want to sign up for any program I just want to buy this book, Im in a hurry, please”

    Last I checked the customer is paying you cash to buy an item, that does not mean he or she has to wait for a sales pitch. sorry it doesnt work like that. Of course a rude customer is another story but the fellow who posted what happened to him was hardly rude. It is you who needs to “stop complaning” Guess what: you are being PAID the customer is paying you so she should not have to wait as almost a hostage for your sales pitch to finish.

    I understand the employees are pressured and its not a good environment–I get it–but cut some slack to the POLITE customer who is in a hurry and is short on time.

    I only shop on Amazon. LONG LIVE AMAZON.

  26. Lola Says:

    Wow I’m going in for an interview tomorrow….this sounds terrifying.
    I did notice they were overstocked and had to load homeless merchant into low traffic areas. It’s been like that for a couple days.I didn’t really think about it at the time. Ee gads.

  27. Ellen Says:

    Wow. I came here to read about fellow contempt for Chapters Indigo, and I have now been infused with even more hatred towards them. So I guess it’s not only the customers that they treat like garbage; the employees are disrespected as well. I made the mistake of giving this crappy company another chance, even though they took over two weeks to ship an order that I could have gotten in two days from Amazon. I am a very forgiving person, but I am not a doormat. This is the last straw! I cannot wait until they go bankrupt! They are a disgusting company and they deserve to go under. I will continue to shop online at Amazon or through other local bookstores who actually care about their clientele, such as Montréal’s Paragraphe or The Word. Even Renaud Bray or Archambault is superior to Crapters Indignationo, as I like to call them.

  28. justin Says:

    Ha! I am University educated, but over 50 & I applied to work at Indigo. It was a group interview with people who were mostly in their 20’s. I did not get hired. I believe they are discriminating against age. I am responsible, reliable, a team player & a hard worker, pleasant & friendly. I’m in shock. I probably have more education than the Manager. I even said I was available for any time. Nope! They didn’t even bother to tell me. Lack of courtesy.

  29. justin Says:

    Indigo is headed towards bankruptcy:

  30. Sandra Says:

    In response to Justin.

    I can tell you 100% that you were not discriminated against because of your age. It comes down to personality and if you are able to become part of that store’s culture; are you committed enough? Driven enough? Are you open to challenges? Have eye for detail? Are you able to relate to a customer through story-telling?

    Just because you offer all of those characteristics you listed does not mean others do not offer the same thing. Belittling the managers because you “probably have more education” is a better reflection of your personality than what you chose to show them during your interview. I am 19, and was in a group interview full of 30 year olds and there was even a woman in her 50s as well. I did not get hired the first time around but I did happen to see that woman working there a week later.

    So, I’m sorry you did not get hired but you have to realize that you are not the only person with the same skill set. There are people who the managers may believe is more fit for the job. Going in with the mindset that you are superior to everyone else is naive and you’re setting yourself for disappointment.

    Discriminating against age. Please.

    As for the people are slamming the cashiers. They are simply doing their jobs. They are trained to do that. I’m pretty sure you know what a job entails. Especially for new employees, they are NEW. Yes I understand you need to get going, but be a little more lenient towards them. It’s a job. You have to perform to specific standards. Honestly, you people have such high standards when it comes to customer service and then turn around and complain when people exert the same level of “rudeness” to you.

    Sorry for the long rant but it seems as though people like to hastily generalize the performance of one store to the entire chain. The one I work at, taskers actually care for the store’s appearance and standards. Not all taskers don’t give a shit or are lazy shits, thank you very much. Are you sure they’re not the results of the customers who take items only to put them back later in a completely different area than they got it from because I can guarantee you that everyone does it at least once in their lifetime (or week, stop lying you saints).

    5am being a sad excuse for work? Excuse me? When else do you expect product to be moved out into the store? Are you serious? In those 4.5 hours, we move our more product than you can believe. Thank you for being grateful. I hope you found the book you were looking for because I can pretty much guarantee a tasker was moving that product out amongst hundreds of others at around 7AM in the morning. Please do not talk as if you know shit about doing a tasking shift because obviously you do not. Please tell me who does the visual displays or restocks that book that your son or daughter loves. Because I can surely tell you that it was a tasker who gets their ass up at 5 in the morning for your ungrateful ass and gets it out as quickly as possible for your ungrateful ass to walk through those doors at 9:30AM and buy.

    I understand you want to hate on the Chapters, Indigo franchise/company/corporation. But please, not every store is like that. Not every cashier, tasker, manager is like that. I am pretty sure that if you have questions or upset feelings about being let go without notice, or not given the job without proper explanation, or just having a shit experience in general, there is this thing called a telephone/cell phone. You can use it for a variety of things! Like, for example, calling up the store you applied/went to, and asking if they can disclose such details!

    A job is a job. You cannot have such high expectations for a minimum-wage job, You don’t like it? Move-on, shut up, stop whining. I do not understand why you are complaining about a retail job. Name one retail job where management is dirt, or where come employees are lazy and do not care about the store. All retail jobs AND JOBS IN GENERAL have issues. Certain jobs require certain sacrifices. I’m pretty sure you knew what a tasking shift consisted of (5am, 4-hour shifts) when you applied or when you were interviewed or when you were going through the training process. Anyone who complained are idiots, no offence to the idiots who complained. Idiots.

    My god. Are you guys really living in the real world? Or do you expect every job to be heavenly and given to you by the Gods above?

    This blog, the complainers and the whiners. Get your head out of the gutters. Just because something bad happened to you, stop hiding behind a screen and get another job. Cool, you hated your job. Quit. Move on. Get a new job. My goodness. Grow a pair. If you’re a woman and cannot grow a pair, grow something else.

    Jesus christ.

  31. Gia Says:

    There are plenty of employees I’ve talked to or had the pleasure of working with who actually love working at Indigo, stop placing your bad experiences or experiences of others onto the whole population.

    So immature.

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