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April 1, 2012

Shoppers Drug Mart – Yonge and Finch

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I have been a loyal customer to shoppers drug mart for many years. But I send out this email to you hoping that this can be forwarded to someone so they know what happens directly on the floor of shoppers.
Today I have experienced the WORST customer service experience.
If you have a machine that can not manage to print a X amount of pictures PUT A SIGN UP!!

This evening (Feb 22) around 7 pm I went into the yonge and finch location to print out pictures. I was there the day before as well trying to figure how to work the computer system and when I had asked the associate to give me some assistance, she couldn’t help me because she was not aware of how to use the system.I was in a rush so I left and had went in the next day.

I had spent 45 mins detailing the pictures today and looked around to get some help at the counter where the photo counter was. NOONE was there. I had looked over the register across the counter and saw two staff chit chatting away not even aware of the fact that there was someone who needed assistance.
So I had walked over and asked them if they could finish off my request to get my pictures developed. First, I was disappointed at the fact noone was there to begin with to help me but also by the rude manner the two staff approached me with. She was snobbish and made a comment saying that it was SELF SERVICE. Later when she had realized it was their password that was needed to get the printer running she named Helen walked over to the machine.

I had 184 pictures that was to be printed out from the machine, and as soon as the receipt printed, Helen made a comment to another associate named Carol and Carol advised her to turn off the machine.184 pictures was to be printed which meant that I customized those 184 pictures. The both of them did not explain to us what was going on and all their focus was on was how to turn it off. The two of them brushed us off and told us to use the other machine. They said it as if it was nothing. I was shocked at the fact that they made it seem as if this problem I had difficulty understanding was a surprise to her.

DID I MENTION THAT I HAVE SPENT 45 MINS ALREADY???? Why did I have to use another machine I asked and she said that the one I used could not handle printing more than 20 photos. I did not see a sign saying that. Is it not important to advise your customers that you have a default machine and if your planning to spend time and print more than 20 photos it can not manage it. At that point I was furious. Furious at the fact that I had wasted 45 mins and at the fact that when I had asked her that when you turn off the machine is there some kind of memory that can retrieve my customizations and they failed to answer my question. All they said was no, you have to use a different computer.

The both of them were not apologetic in fact they were patronizing my comments. I asked to speak to their manager and I then spoke with Guss the general manager. The worst part of this was that til the end I was disappointed with my experience. The general manager Guss apolozied on behalf of his staff but he did not at all seem to understand the frustration that I was feeling.

I ended up spending another 40 mins detailing the photos, then I had to again find someone to key in a password. Then I also had to find someone to finish the transaction.
To top it off, even after I paid noone was around to tell me what was going to happen after. I had to ask if someone was going to explain to me what was going to happen. The staff Carol was buzzed to come back to the counter and she made a patronzing remark about how it is obvious that you would have to come back in an hour or so to pick up the pictures. I was not told this nor am I obviously suppose to assume such things.

I have no idea what standards SHOPPERS DRUG MART as a company goes by for customer service but the way I was treated it should be rated ZERO.

Your staff didn’t handle complaints that well nor did they manage to reverse my POOR experience there. I have been a loyal shopper to shoppers drug mart but after this experience I will never go into your store to develop photo’s. In fact I will not try to make an effort to find shoppers anymore.

I understand that you have a self service photo counter but if it requires your staff’s assistance that it is not a self service machine and you should have staff available at the counter. I realize that when you walk into shoppers your merchandise is there on shelves for your customers to choOse and purchase on their own. The only point where your customers interact with your customers is at the final point of transaction which is your register. But it is crucial that you provide a certain customer service standard and also having correct signage so people like us DON’T NEED TO WASTE THEIR VALUABLE TIME!!!!!

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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