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December 28, 2011

A & M Corsons

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A & M Corsons is requested to provide pool cleaning services to professional investor and Las Vegas, NV corporate CEO for property with pool in Tempe, AZ!

A & M Corsons say’s were so busy we just can’t do it but refers this professional property owner with a pool, to pool cleaning service Pristine Pools! Pristine pools starts out providing mediocur service trying to kill off black mold and algae suggesting one expensive fix after another, after professional property owner is charged over $500 dollars in 5 weeks Pristine pools suggests draining and acid washing pool and guarantee’s in writing this will cure the problem, cost $580.00 !

Pool is drained and Pristine Pools suggests outside contractor to fix and apoxy small cracks in pebble tec and repair / caulking / grouting to clean up pool cracks! Pool cracks still exist and repairs to tile band around pool undone! Pool is re-filled in early October but evidently left without chemicals and pump never turned back on and pool starts growing algae again then evidently a chemical is provided which kills the algae and drops the blooms / growth to bottom of pool. Professional property owner is only in the Phoenix area two or three days a month around work! Owner calls Pristine pools 2 or 3 times in October to make notification that pool is not in adiquate condition (Feed back from showings) to sell property which is listed on the market, owner get’s electric bill stating $35 dollar electric bill and realizes pump can not be on or running and calls Pristine Pools to notify them that pump is not on evidently and breaker / timer needs to be reset! Professional property owner comes into Phoenix November 4, 2011 and heads to property! No change in pool condition and extremely dirty, calls Pristine Pools and there again leave’s message for Pristine Pools owner requesting immediate attention to the pool as it will not sell with a filthy pool! Owner goes back to Las Vegas on November 7, 2011 and tries calling Pristine Pools owner again Wednesday November 9, 2011. No answer goes to answering machine again! Owner is back in Phoenix for the Thanksgiving Holiday from November 23 through 28, 2011. Owner tries to call Pristine Pools owner half a dozen times in 5 days, leaves numerous messages! Swimming pool Tech for Pristine Pools is initialling a sign in card every Friday and pool Chemicals are at a reasonable level, except pool is filthy and although were paying $100 dollars a month for service! Pool should never look like this 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks after draining and acid washing! Owner is forced to take corporate jet out of Las Vegas December 1, 2011 when more complaints from potential buyers and realtors make owner realize no one with Pristine Pools is taking care of the pool in spite of signing weekly visit card! Drives to property to verify condition and grab water sample and taking it to A & M Corsons! Finally contact Pristine Pools owner Nick Thursday evening making excuses for being in Colorado for Thanksgiving and un able to recieve phone messages! Tells owner he will be at property first thing Friday morning to fix and clean pool, owner shows up at pool at 5:15 PM Friday evening and no one in site and pool is just as filthy as ever in spite of being promised it would be taken care of first thing Friday morning! Owner Fires Pristine Pools at 5:20 PM on Friday December 2, 2011 and drives to A & M Corsons newest location in Chandler Arizona! Property Owner has told Pristine Pools he will be filing a lawsuit and requesting direct cost’s to cure, return of drain and acid wash payment and damages! Requests A & M Corson who refered this pool cleaning company to go to property and take picture’s / write report and owner would be glad to pay them consulting fee, and requests A & M Corson take over weekly maintence on the pool starting again after witnesses have examined pool! A & M Corson declines and say’s “They do not want to be involved between two customers although Pristine Pools by there own admission has not bought products from A & M Corson in over two years! A & M Corsons is basically covering up shotty service by pool cleaning service they refered and basically insinuating owner for some reason deserves to be screwed by Pristine Pools! Basically covering for the good old boys club and refusing to help weed out bad service providers from there own industry! Property Owner is a victim in this and has every right to take Pristine Pools to court to recover damages! A & M Corson will be subpoena’d to court as they refered Pristine Pools and should be the first people to stand up for the customer rather than covering up for there industry! Professional Investor Owners damages include cash on cash cost’s, utilities and property tax / insurance prorata for time between acid washing and being fired including court cost’s! Property owner is professional real estate investor and professional IT executive!

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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