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June 13, 2011

Alberta Drywall & Stucco Supply-Edmonton

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I am one of four owners of a small, but growing business. One of the other owners used his personal credit card to rent some scaffolding from Alberta Drywall & Stucco Supply in January 2011. He 4 months later was putting through his expenses and realized that they used his credit card to process the final rental fees and never sent him a copy of the invoice. He contacted them to request one be sent to him and was told by a female staff member (who seemed a bit put out) that she would look for it and send it out the next day. A week later after hearing or receiving nothing, he called back and spoke to a gentleman about the same request. This time the guy was blatant about the inconvenience of this task, especially because it was 4 months after the transaction and we were “JUST ASKING FOR IT NOW?” When he was informed that the total of this particular transaction was $86.10 (to help him locate it) that is when he went into full chorus of “You want me to spend $100 to find an $86 invoice?” Apparently his wage for the estimated 4 hours he felt it would take to locate our invoice was too much for a customer. When he was asked plainly if he would locate it or not he said “No.” Now the best part about all of this is when I called back to Alberta Drywall & Stucco Supply to see if I could speak to a manager and enlighten them to the attitude that their staff demonstrated to the public and their customers. When I told the office manager my request, he told me that he would have one of the office ladies obtain it and sent a copy to me the next day. I took that moment to tell him of the last response we got not hours prior. That is when he acknowledged being aware of it by telling me “Ya…I know. That was the owner.” I was FLABERGASTED!!!!! I told him that if that is the image that the owner wants associated with his company then all the power to him. It is one thing to see poor customer service from staff that are maybe poorly trained, unhappy with their jobs or maybe just having a bad day, but THE OWNER?! I can assure you that anyone that has a company that thinks that they can pick and choose who they service kindly, poorly or not at all, in my opinion won’t be in business too long. I know that we will not ever be customers of theirs again.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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  1. The Stucco Guy Says:

    Businesses like that won’t last long. Especially in today’s economy. That is a major hassle and no one should be treated like that…. especially the CUSTOMER!!!! Sorry to hear that.

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