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October 30, 2011

Enbridge Account Direct Energy Complaint

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In October 2010 my house was sold as a part of divorce proceedings. All Utilities were contacted. On or around November 2011 I learned that the Home Care Plan had been transferred to my Rental property. Direct Energy was phoned and they were adamant that a cancellation fee of about $350.00 must be paid to do this. I paid the account in full with no recourse to split the costs with my ex-husband. As a single mother this took food out of my children’s mouth.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered in February 2011 that they were still billing me $37.28 for protection I paid to cancel! I phoned and explained that everything had been cancelled. Confirmation #15548701 was given. Then on March 22nd, 2011 another bill was received with a small credit of $4.29 for HST and additional charges of $37.84 including HST and a late fee! I called again and Mark ID 66855 confirmed yet again with confirmation #15121708. I just received a collection letter from Enbridge for $83.43. Enbridge confirmed that is was the Direct Energy Home Charges and they had not stopped billing me. Total owing is now $121.96. Enbridge kindly put it on 50 day collection hold prior to commencing further action to give Direct Energy time to contact them.

Just spent over an hour with Direct Energy Agent Carrie ID-66744 who has now referred me to customer care with confirmation number 16668644. And now am waiting a phone call in about 24 hours. They said this was Enbridge’s fault because the account was never closed.

I have no hope now that this will be resolved without additional help. Could you please be of assistance in helping me clear my good name and account?

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