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April 20, 2011

Pillar to Post

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When I bought my house four years ago, I hired Pillar to Post to do the home inspection.

This is a very critical part of the home buying process. Not only do the buyers rely on this report, but to some degree the banks do too.

To make a long story short. The Pillar to Post inspection stated plainly that there was no visible evidence of wood destroying insects. These creatures are better known as termites! The report from Pillar to Post further stated that there was no visibile evidence that the structure or a portion thereof (my house) was treated for termites. I bought the house.

Ok, so here is where the fun begins! It’s now time to sell my house and the buyer’s inspector shows my realtor and the buyers evidence of past termite damage in plain view.

On top of that he shows them drill marks where the termite treatment was applied. That too, is in plain sight, just as you enter the house. Are you kidding me?
Any inspector with basic training should have seen this. The evidence was in plain sight, to the trained eye that is (hint, it should have been to the Pillar to Post inspector).

I contacted Pillar to Post and apprised them of this information. I requested that they re-imburse me for the fees I paid to them. Reasonable enough request.
Not to Mr. Dave Moore, the current owner of the franchise. He basically stated that Pillar to Post is not responsible because they are not required to affirm that there is no evidence of damage or treatment, in spite of the fact that their report affirmatively checked “No” to whether or not “it appears that the structure(s) or a portion thereof may have been previously treated.”

And their report also checked off the following: “No visible evidence of wood destroying insects were observed. When I read this report back to him, his response was well, they are only responsible for 6 months! Can you believe that? How is the average buyer supposed to know what termite damage or termite treatment looks like when the “professional” doesn’t know. If you can’t rely on the home inspection company, who can you rely on?

Not only was Pillar to Post incompetent in doing the inspection, but I believe they are thieves too, because they did not earn my fees. And on top of that they cost me negotiating power (which translates into $). If I would have bought the house, you can be sure I would have demanded from the Sellers a concession($$$$), treatment and a warranty. Which is exactly what the current buyers of my house demanded.
So I had to give the buyers a concession ($$$), pay for an inspection, and treatment for the next 3 years (long after the sell of the house).

Telling everyone via blog, email, and word of mouth about how incompetent Pillar to Post is…. aka

BUYERS BEWARE:So remember Pillar to Post is responsible for giving you a report, not for whether or not it is an accurate one.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

5 Responses to “Pillar to Post”

  1. james Says:

    i also had my home inspected (2011) by Michael Race Pillar to Post Houston area. He missed a obvious foundation problem which is costing me thousands to fix. I am filed a complaint with the Texas Real Estate Commission, this person needs to lose their license.

  2. Jason Black Says:

    I own a termite company and I am looking to purchase a Pillar To Post franchise because I have heard so many good things about them. However, I am a skeptic so I went looking for complaints and found the above lady with the termite complaint. We get these all the time. Termites can enter your house at anytime. To complain 4 years after the home inspections is crazy. I guess you can’t make everyone happy.

  3. Mitra Says:

    Don’t west your money by Andrew Radomski Pillar to Post
    I had my year- end home inspected (2012 Aurora, ON) by Andrew Radomski Pillar to Post. He inspected 2500 square Ft. without finding even any problem. God knows how many problem he missed. His report was only general information and three problems that I mentioned to him. You can’t believe how he checked the roof by binocular; and he opened windows and closed and checked to see is electrical outlets are working. With one electrical devise anybody can do it and we already knew that windows are ok and electrical outlets are working. we haired the inspector to check series ports. He went up to ladder for less than minute and told attic isolation is fine even he didn’t measured to see how many inches are the isolation. He went to washrooms and opened the faucet and closed that water coming properly or not. When it came to foundation he told the isolation is covering the foundation and he can’t see properly. He told if there was a big crack on the concrete we could see it from the bottom. Then he didn’t check it at all. The way he inspected you can look around and do it I promise hundred percent better than him. I checked with my neighbour’s his inspector was brilliant. Went to roof for checking shingles and find problems. Find crakes in the window and one of the doors. Isolation for attic wasn’t good enough. These houses were built by one company. neighbour’s inspector find 18 series problem and ours nothing. I am telling you don’t waste your money with by Andrew Radomski Pillar to Post

  4. gerald sirbu Says:

    My Opinion:
    Platt College
    Aurora Colorado
    3100 S Parker Rd
    This is the worst school in all of America. Flawed, overpriced, worthless nursing school with corrupt and evil staff.
    Gerald Sirbu is the owner and everything. If he does not like you, he will blackball you and get you thrown out or remediated unfairly in both the nursing and design school.
    1. The school is full of reject teachers that would never make it at any real college or university.
    2. They are a shady school designed to scam you out of your money.
    3. Their own website states that they lack proper accreditation, and that your degree from them will not get you into certain hospitals or other universities to continue your education.
    4. They are Freaking 70,000.00 plus dollars to attend their nursing school and it takes 3 to 4 years. BSN or not. Many schools will get you done way faster and cheaper.
    5. The list of complaints and lawsuits against this place is remarkable. They are required by law to tell you if they have ever been disciplined, fined, let go of students or been sued. Trust me they have been.
    6. Because it is not public and one owner controls everything there is no say or impartial council.Once a teacher or clinical coordinator does not like you you can and will be thrown out or wrongfully put on probation even if you have flawless grades like I did.
    7. Platt College’s admission staff do not tell you everything and scam you into paying the ridiculous fee. Hell the crime and breakins to your car will cost even more.
    8. Gerald Sirbu, Sheila Sirbu, Dr. Hollie Caldwell, Dr. Julie Basler are all incompetent, and either are owners or have messed up the school from the beginning.
    9. They have testing at the end of the class that if you don’t pass you pay for a whole course again. Think with 70,000.00 plus they could be more helpful.
    10. If you want a crappy school at least go to Concorde College down the street. You will get the same education for less and in less time with far better teachers.
    11. If you want a good school go to Front Range, CU, Denver School of Nursing, CCD, Arapahoe or any of the hundreds of schools out there. Just wait on the wait lists if you must. Platt plays upon the ignorant young people, WATCH OUT!!!!

  5. JMast Says:

    I am an angry ex-customer of Natures Produce. Richard Polisky owner of Natures Produce is a scam artist who is ripping people and restaurants off. He is the owner of a produce and food distributor or food supply company called Natures Produce located in Vernon, CA (Los Angeles, CA). Rick and his sons Blake and Ryan all run All three of them are sleazy, pompous and backstabbing businessmen that will do or say anything, and I mean anything to gain the business of the restaurants or hotels they supply food to.
    The company actually works with many of the high-end so called high-quality food restaurants and hotels in Los Angeles County. I don’t want to name them all as it will probably hurt those businesses but it’s actually pretty sad that these restaurants and people don’t know the truth or care about Natures Produce’s practices… yet. It’s mostly likely because Rick Polisky and his sons have so many people on their payroll with money, “extras”, bribes and drugs to get their business AKA SLSHotel, Sam Nazerian (busted for taking bribes and drug use, then stepped down), the CEO of Norms who just got fired for taking bribes, and his ex-business partner Teddy Kaplan who Rick stole money from (they are no longer partners). Let’s not forget to bribe the restaurant chefs (with [email protected]) to make sure they are on board with the so called “organic products” that they sell and distribute. This is all well known in the industry and we found all this out the hard way.
    I can assure you, as I was a customer that these are not real certified organic produce, fruits vegetables and products. I was also told by an ex-employee that the “organic” fruit, vegetables and produce that they sold to me and sell to others customers is not organic. They have been putting fake labels on their food to pass it off as certified organic products when actually they are GMO and not grown by local farmers as they advertise and tell to their customers! We had no idea that it was this bad but we knew something was off when we received our orders.
    On one of the shipments we received my employee noticed the food and produce didn’t look organic. It was too big, shiny and lush to be real organic vegetables. It also looked like we were missing part of the order but with further inspection we again noticed that the food did not look organic, the frozen food was damaged and looked very old with extreme freezer burn, the “organic fruits” already seemed to be on the way out and looked almost 2 weeks old. Organic food doesn’t last as long since they don’t use preservatives but this food definitely looked off like maybe it had been treated or sprayed with something to make last longer.
    After we told them about the order they tried to bribe me and my chef not to say anything by cutting us “deals” on the produce. They said they would give me extra produce on the next order and this was just a mistake. Don’t worry they said we just got our shipments or order mixed up and the next delivery they would make sure it was all organic with extras. They apologized and we waited for the next order. Since switching vendors can be difficult and costly we decided to give them another chance.
    The next shipment came and again the produce didn’t look great. Some of the food wasn’t what we asked for and again looked like the previous order. They assured me it was organic but I had my doubts and my chef too. Then after they left my chef told me that they had talked to him on the side offering some money and a “little extra” on top if he tried to convince me not to think about it and continue buying from them. My chef declined the offer. We cancelled our contract and the next orders from Natures Produce and Rick Polisky.
    Finally we reached out to an employee at Natures Produce (now an ex-employee) and they gave us the whole story about Rick, the sons Blake and Ryan and the Natures Produce scams they get away with. They confirmed our suspicions and told us how they have been switching the labels on the food to save money and increase profits. Basically the employee said they printed fake organic labels and put them on the non-organic fruits and vegetables. We were shocked but figured as much after the horrible experience that we had with them and the bad quality of the food that was delivered.
    The employee then told my chef and I about the conditions of the company. The first thing on the list was that Rick and the sons yell at employees abusively and treat them as servants talking down to them on most occasions. Many of the employees are illegal immigrants who work extremely hard long hours for horrible pay which is well under the minimum wage. And since they are illegal to the country and not on the books they cannot speak up about the mistreatment unhealthy working conditions and the situation they found themselves in. Apparently one incident escalated to be violent where Rick hit an employee and they had to be broken up by other employees. The employee mentioned that the company HACCP Certification is fake and they are in violation but paid off the right people to keep in business. Sometimes to convince potential buyers Rick would take the client to the Professional Produce plant, basically anything to close the deal.
    Apparently all of this was just the daily routine and we were just in the line of fire as this is a normal practice for their business, Rick and the culture at Natures Produce.
    We truly hope that that this finds the right people as we would never want what happened to us happening to other business. There are many other high profile hotels and restaurants in the Los Angeles area that use their services. I’m guessing a lot of the business owners don’t know about this or maybe don’t care. Of course there is the possibility that Rick, Blake and Ryan Polisky have paid these owners off but I’m guessing it starts in the kitchen with the cooks taking drugs and money bribes then vouch for the food service to the owners of these places. I truly feel sorry for the people who are getting lied to and scammed by Natures Produce and their goons and hope that they will wake up and have some morals to stop buying from them. In the end it’s not the company that suffers but the end user who are the people eating at the hotels and restaurants and being told they are eating one thing then getting served another.

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