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December 28, 2011

Rogers Wireless

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My summarized complain is Rogers promised me to get a special plan for 52 dollars including tax to renew 3 more years plan and then send me the bill for 76 dollars and nobody listen to me. Here are the full details

3 years, that’s the amount of time I have been a customer cheated by Rogers. In fact I have been trying to please myself over those years but something happened last 2 month that I would like to call to your attention.

In Sept, I called customer services to cancel the service as the 3 year plan was finished and I would like to keep my number. Customer service person
“Sue Paul” convinced me to continue 3 more years and offers me 45 dollars deal and he extend the 500 min. to be 600 min out-bound calls.

He said It will take 2 months to adjust the bills and asked me to pick my phone from the store. I went to the store and got my phone, I activated then I received 2 phone calls to confirm my understanding to the detailed plan which is total 52 dollars. I found the bill
charged by 76 not 52. I phoned the customer bad services department and they deny that they called me to confirm the offer and they said you should call us to activate the offer we gave to you, sorry sir your offer has been expired!!!. My argue was why should I call while I received 2 phone calls from you.

they promise to fix it and call me back .. no one call. It has been more than 2 months any advice?!

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

20 Responses to “Rogers Wireless”

  1. Rogers_Chris Says:

    Hi there, this is Chris at Rogers. I’d like to try to help. Since this wasn’t written by the complainant, I’d suggest he or she contact us through Twitter @RogersHelps or on our Facebook page, found at, or contact me on Twitter directly at @Rogers_Chris

  2. Charlley Says: isnt working it says it is having technical difficulties WHY?!?

  3. Bill Says:

    I was with rogers since 1996, have 4 accounts (whole family). Their service becoming worse and worse. Last year I had a few problems with overcharging, over billing, network problems, charges for text mssgs while I have text included in my plan. I’ve spent hours on the phone with rogers tech, billing, other “specialists” – it feels like it’s bunch of idiots that can’t or don’t want to find a problem, instead they bouncing calls between tech, iphone, billing, supervisor, etc. then you have to wait days and call again to see if problem fixed (more often – not). First few days of 2012 New Year and another problem. I’ve noticed that in first couple days of my billing cycle most of my minutes included in plan are gone. Again after 25 min on the phone they informed me that there’s nothing can be done or checked until next billing cycle. I feel that they will hit me with another $200 for “extras”. It’s obvious – they can’t gent new customers because their plans suck – so they decided to rip off existing (and loyal for many years) customers. Can’t wait when my contract with rogers ends in a few month – this will be the last day I deal with them. People – whatever you do – DO NOT get into any contract with these crooks – ROGERS SUCKS, it’s the WORST company on the market!!!

  4. p Says:

    Rogers is the worst of all telecom companies. Their customer service is crap. I used to be a rogers customer my bill jumped from $86 to over $1300 by fault of the company forgetting to reemburse a returned phone and continually charging the plan for a cancelled phone. Trying to talk to a supervisor was like pulling teeth. When I finally got a supervisor she escalated the call herself by not istening to a word I was saying telling me i had to pay the outragous charge before they would even look into the problen. I finally just let them cancel the contract and charge another $400. I wrote the company a letter since no one ever addressed my concerns on the phone. I did not get a response. I also forwarded the letter to the better buisness bureau. a few month later since I refused to pay the rediculas nearly $2000 bill I recieved a call from a collection agency regarding my rogers bill. This agent was great I explained what had happenend and told her I wasn’t giving them a cent. She asked me to send her the letters I had sent them which I was happy to do. It was the collection agency that closed the account at no charge.

  5. Pierre Says:

    Today I cancelled the last of my services with Rogers after almost a year of fighting with them over account issues. Where do I start???? Incompetent I believe comes to mind. How can a billion dollar a year company treat its customers like they do? I started having big issues after my ex wife and I separated with bills not being sent properly overage charges for things that I should never have been charged for and department to department transfers. Over the past year I have spent about 40 hours on the phone with Rogers dealing with billing issues for things like cancellation fees being charged and not waived when I was promised they would be waived. Payment arrangements made and service being suspended even though arrangements made were being adhered to on my part paying over $300 a month to catch up on fees. No cell service and charges on account for canceling when told by technicians that area I live in has poor service that I could cancel out of my contract no fees because of this. Change of address from my ex wife even opened new account and Rogers still associating my account with my ex and she was never on my new account. Today was it, TV stations cancelled due to account suspension because of bill overages that payment arrangements made adhered to by me without fault and promises made by Rogers to not suspend service yet done anyway. I called canceled and they had the nerve to charge $240 cancellation fee so another email to the office of the President. Rogers used to be a leader, now they are just yesterdays trash with completely untrained persons representing the company, poor or no communication between departments and broken promises. If you want tv, cellphone or Internet do your homework and don’t go with Rogers. One of the saddest excuses of a company I have ever seen. So bad infact that the BBB suggested I take legal action against Rogers for time and suffering.

  6. PF Says:

    Hi there,

    I just got off the phone with Rogers extremely upset. I went online to find a place where I could make a consumer complaint and I found your post. I was very ¨happy¨ to hear that at least I am not alone out there. Something very similar happened to me. I called in mid November to cancel my Cable since I could not afford it anymore. About a week after someone representing Rogers called me to convince me not to cancel and told me they had a great deal for me. I didn’t even want to listen in the begining but the lady was so insistent I gave her a minute to explain. Before she made her offer I told her I am unemployed and simply cannot afford anymore than $50 which is what i would continue to pay just for internet services. The deal she made me was that for $47 I would keep all my services the same way I had them before canceling if I signed a one year contract. I told her I had to think about it and that I would call back. I called back about two weeks after to accept the deal. It sounded unreal so I asked the agent repeated times if he was sure that I would only be paying $47 after taxes and he repeatedly said yes.

    I went on a trip and now I come back to see my Rogers bill is still $110. I called to correct this situation as I thought it was only a missunderstanding. It was indeed. But they told me my bill would be $86. They then told me that $47 is unreal and that it could not be done. I asked them to please then do as I originally asked and take my cancelation from back in November.

    Well it turns out I can´t of course. Now if I want to cancel any services I have to pay $200/ea as a penalty for early termination since I’ve “signed up for another year”. Of course there is no record of the promisse the agents gave me to keep me hooked.

    I am extremelly upset but as I say I am glad I am not alone. Obviously this is some kind of scam from Rogers to try to keep people signed to their services even if they are not willing to do so.

    I work in media and I am going to take meassures. I am not going to accept this situation. Please contact me if you would like to work together.

  7. Fredi Jecklin Says:

    Rogers is the bigest thief in telecom. Every month the Bill gets bigger and bigger, for no extra use. I keep calling to ajust, and it keeps returning to the same overcharging amount month after month. I keep calling Rogers to correct, and it returns right back to the same a moth later. This is being going on for more then two years. Rogers you are a thief amongs the sheeps. Let everyone know to stay away from thief’s like Rogers. Sooner or later the will do the same to you, time is on Rogers side. If you like to loose your money go with Rogers. And I will take legal action against Rogers take some money out of there pockets, so they know how it feels. I hope all of you will do the same.

  8. Chris B Says:

    I was a happy Rogers customer for about ten years until tonight. In fact, I’ve always referred Rogers to my friends and clients. Not anymore. Today, I found out that by upgrading a phone in a family plan, Rogers extends the new three year contract to all phones in the plan, even if some phones were purchased many years ago!

    In Dec 2010 I upgraded three phones in my family plan, with the assumption that I am purchasing a new three years contract for those three phones. Rogers never communicated to me that I am also renewing the contract for the fourth phone, even if no changes whatsoever were being made to that phone line!

    Now I am trying to cancel or suspend the old phone (as the family member will not be using it for at least six months). Rogers says tough luck, this phone is on a new contract until December 2013, and any deactivation costs $400. I have never signed up for this! I am preparing to launch a class action lawsuit.

    Rogers, watch out, you’ve got another thing coming!

  9. Tanya Huard Says:

    I have recently bought another blackberry torch 9810 as my other one broke, this is now my 4th blackberry. I had some trouble with lost calls and phone freezing constantly but in hopes that the newest one which cost me 499.99 (early upgrade), did not work. After only one month, this phones screen is reading error and is white so the device needs to be sent back for repair.
    I called support and customer service and went to the store and I asked for an early exchange upgrade. This means I stay with the company and just get out of buying blackberry, I would have paid the difference for another phone. The robot that they have for customer service said to me,” It is to bad you are having buyers remorse!” What the hell, I don’t have buyers remorse I regret buying a broken phone from Rogers Communications. I told her that if this can’t be resolved I am calling Bell and have them take over my business account, and again the robotic lady said to me, “so sorry to hear that” and we will send you the new phone in the mail and you will receive it in 3-5 business days. This is a business account and they say they will send me the phone in 3 to 5 days , that is no way to run a business!!! Anyway frustrated and upset.
    I will be sure to call bell tomorrow and see what I can work out! I hate Rogers. The customer service is the worst!!!!!

  10. Stevie Says:

    Hi, I’m a new client (2 months). I am beyond flabbergasted by this criminal enterprise.

    “Criminal” is strong language, but I have been lied to; blatant Pinocchio lies, by two Sales Reps on two (unrelated) ‘deals’ – with contracts of course – and I simply can’t believe it.

    Nobody cares. They don’t give a shit that $200 I paid last month can’t be found, the people I’ve spoken to react with giggles – yes, I am calling so we can all have a laugh. They’re absolutely right, nothing cracks me up more than misplaced money.

    And why on earth does every enquiry I make l – simple or complex, sales or service – require a commitment of three to four hours and transfers to five different persons?

    Each one of those persons will give you information/advice which utterly contradicts what you’ve heard so far. If the advice involves a follow up call or visit to a Rogers store, the person serving you will have never heard of the Plan, Price, or ageement you (naively) thought would finally be settled. ..

    Despite the raft of unresolved issues I can’t get anyone interested in, I simply cannot face another three hour marathon. I can’t explain the situation again and again, I don’t want to be exposed to that unique (albeit impressive) mix of apathy and hostility.

    I don’t blame the support workers. They are not trained or invested in.

    Management knows that Support staff will amply convey the “I don’t give a toss” attitude towards their clients; because management sincerely doesn’t give a toss about Staff.

    I do apologize….I am simply stressed and angered.

    I have read complaints about Rogers going back to the nineties .. why hasn’t government stepped in?

    Thanks for listening 🙂

  11. Monika Says:

    Guys please don’t go with rogers if you have any brain you won’t. Got a tablet for Christmas from my Dad first two month was OK and then got a $440 bill.Phoned in they have not gave me any proper info or help at all even thou they so called computer notes says so, whatever it is BULLSHIT.So I thought the next will be even better O YEA it was now $661 but they won’t do anything about it! There has to be a way there must be something we could do, just don’t know it how can you treat your good customers like shit, We are not numbers we are hard working people and yea some of us are single parents, and guess what just can’t afford this bullshit. God help me to get out of this contract and never again!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t even choose them my poor Dad did who has no idea and if I don’t pay it will go on his credit so I don’t even know if it would under my name would not pay a cent. That is all I got to say!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jean blileau Says:

    well i debated a long time to go with Rogers due to all the bad things I heard from friends how they would get ripped off and finally I went with a 3 year agreement and a famy plan n 2 phones; stupid me? perhaps.

    So far two emas have gone unreplied, no one can tell me my data usage due to a change plan nor can I access my Rogers account on the site or through my phone which leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

    Perhaps I should have listened to the people around me and gone a different route for the reasobs above, never the high and ridiculous price they charge for service. Lesson learned and buyer beware.

  13. John Says:

    Rogers (Nova Scotia) keeps withdrawing money from my credit card 3 months after I cancelled my account. The first two agents each kept me on the phone for over 30 minutes, trying every conceivable ploy including delay tactics to keep me as a customer, while I kept saying no, no, no. The last of 3 agents denied (by email) that I cancelled, despite the fact that Rogers’ own bill (hard copy) clearly & accurately states that I had in fact cancelled on the date that I did.

    Rogers desperately needs another class action lawsuit!

  14. Derek Says:

    All these experienced are familiar to me. Useless reps, lies, promises for pricing that never happen, false advertising ect. This is Rogers today, a far cry from where thy used to be.

    I don’t even blink anymore, they WILL screw you over if given the chance. I was happy with them for many years. For the last two or so, reality with Rogers has been essentially high charges and lack of service.

  15. carol Says:

    Wow!! I was searching the net to see what I could find on organized crime…having Rogers in mind. I followed all the rules..I gave them one month notice and returned all equipment and double checked at the Rogers store that all bills were paid and that there would be no further charges. after all that, Rogers is still billing me to the tune of $206.38.
    When I called I got the same runaround as everyone else….procrastination, lies, etc. I dont know how to make them stop.
    My daughter had the same problem with Rogers last year. They continued to bill for over 7 months.
    I dont understand why there is no recourse for customers who are defrauded in this way.

  16. Obiwanprof Says:

    First: Let me say that I was with Rogers wireless for over 7 years and paid them thousands of Dollars. I stayed with them because my business was locked in to a partnered company agreement with them.
    Their actual phone service was good as long as I stayed on the East end of my city (Sarnia). Travelling near the river (close to the US) meant that the more powerful US cell towers picked up my phone and I was charged extra, and stayed away from the lake, and stayed out of my office (almost no reception, but this was not really Rogers fault). Two years ago instead of renewing my contract for an upgrade phone I bought my I-phone (from Rogers) outright. I went to a month to month plan(I knew I would retire soon.) About 1.5 years ago I heard of a special plan that was available if I called Rogers and threatened to quit. ($50.00/month for unlimited North American minutes including long distance. (plus, plus all the little goodies of course). What I was told was literally true. After about an hour on the phone I HAD to say the words “cancel my account” before I got to talk to someone at Rogers who had EVER heard of such a plan. The plan was of course “no longer available”, he agreed to give me the unlimited north American long distance (This is only for calls made from Ontario) for $60.00/month. Somehow that became $70.00/month by the time I got my next invoice, but of course they had calculated that I would not waste more of my time to argue the extra $10.00/month. After I got onto this plan I received calls from Rogers; on my home phone and on my cell at least once every two weeks for the next 7 months. Always telling me they had a special deal for me. The deal was EVERY time I let them explain it, much more expensive than what I was paying.
    I’m not going to go into the details about my two months in the US. I did buy an extra to cover my use on this trip; and although I used the phone minimally my bill those months was well over $300.00/month each month. Free advice: If you are going to the US just buy a cheap prepayed US phone. MUCH CHEAPER!!!

    Now the fun begins. Early this year I retired. I need a phone for emergency and convenience use only. I am not in Canada 3-4 months of the year. So I got to Rogers online and try to go to a “prepaid “ plan. Ahhh, but the website (on which it is quite difficult to find the prepaid signup), informs me that I am not eligible for a prepaid plan. So I call them. They keep offering me free extra minutes. BUT ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO HEAR MY SAYING I’M NOT USING THE MINUTRS I HAVE NOW!!! They insist I have to have a “plan”; and change the subject every time I ask for “prepaid” They refuse to hear that I’m not interested in any monthly plan because I will not be in the country 3-4 months of the year. Finally I see red. (I know what you’re thinking … I’m a slow learner) I demand that they cancel my account. They refuse to listen to this; keep offering me extra free minutes. I finally demand the account be closed; I’m now finished with them for life!! They inform me closing the account takes 30 days. (I assume this is because their computer people are illiterate or are residents of the moon.) I immediatedly lock my account (declare a lost or stolen phone) and switch to TELUS.
    NOW comes the fun pard. Even though my iphone was purchased outright (over $800.00) and has NEVER been on a contract with Rogers. IT WAS LOCKED TO ROGERS!!
    SO I purchased a TELUS Sim card; Jailbroke, unteathered and unlocked my iphone. AND NOW I AM FREE!!!! By the way the process to jailbreak, unteather and unlock the iphone is a bear; even for a retired IT guy.
    I’m thinking of offering this service free to former Rogers users who are ready for a revolution.


  17. Former Customer Says:

    Dear Rogers Communications,

    You have made a number of huge mistakes.

    1. Assuming you can continue charging someone for a service after a contract expires as if it is still in effect under the same terms. I honestly don’t care what the fine print says about placing the onus on the customer to declare the end of that service. When a contract expires, a contract expires.

    2. Although I should have paid closer attention to my bill when I continued paying for a service for a year after that contract expired, your refund of three months on a service which you have a clear record that I had not used it for an entire year after the contract expired is an insult to your customer.

    3. Expecting to be able to charge for a service after a customer declares they don’t want to continue the contract after it expires is just another expression of corruption and thievery on your behalf.

    You can continue to phone me and you can continue to send bills which you can continue to add more and more charges to, but I will happily let you spend thousands trying to collect what I don’t owe you.

    I must say though, that after finding myself in this entirely ridiculous situation with you, it is no wonder that your reputation with customers stands at the bottom of the heap of satisfaction.


    A Former Customer

  18. david s Says:

    without a doubt worst company ever……considering im in public relation I will never recommend rogers, there just rude,disrespectful,and nobody in the company knows what they r talking about…heres my story….I purchased my 4s with a 3 year plan..which was suppose to be 72 a month tax in….first month get a bill of 160.00 called to complain immediately..they assured me it would not happen again, second month get a bill of 335.00..when I called in they told me I had to registwr my 10 numbers online and save it…swallowed the pill….third month get a bill of 240.00 apparently I exceeded my g on data…never happened called to complain once agin fell on deaf ears swallowed the pill again…..4 month my 4s breaks call them up they say no problem..we will send u a new one for 250.00 plus taxe..what do they do……they send me a 3 gs without warning me…like im some idiot on stand buy ….call them back apparently with the contract I have they could not send me the4s……I coud of saved them the trouble……amongst other issues im fed up of these bullies……that’s what they r bullies,….and its time to expose them for what they are……….they send any bill they want and exspect u to pay….not anymore….stop the bulling…

  19. B Says:

    I agree with all your complaints, as I have many ongoing issues of my own. But what can we do??? There must be something! Does anyone know who or where we can file a complaint to get what we are promised…after all, a deal is a deal, isn’t it?

  20. Angus morrison Says:

    cancelled my phones after 10 years one phone was still on contract for 6 months and the other wasn’t on contract they charged 100,00 to cancel so im paying them 20.00 a month for 5 months since I have to pay for my new phone I am getting called on a daily bases from some one about the bal. now 40.00 sometimes they call 3 times and after 7 in the evening its so stupid when they are getting there payments I would like to call someone to see if they can harass people like that

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