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February 23, 2011


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I am a customer of Rogers cell company since 2003. During this time I may have had few late payments, however, I have always paid my bills ( otherwise I wouldn’t have a cell phone with them).

Rogers has the wrothest customer service in caring for their loyal clients. on January 17 2011 I received a message on my cell that I am behind for my phone bill payment. At the time I check and I realized that I never received my Rogers phone bill for the month of December and therefore I have not pay. I made the payment on line on Jan 20th in 3 days after their 1st message. Now the problem is that after a message being left on my cell in Jan 17th, from Jan 17th –Jan 23rd, they have called me 16 times on my cell and 8-10 times on my house phone. I received one call on January 21st at 1:14 am when I was sleeping. On Saturday Jan 22nd I told the lady stop calling I have paid but I still received a call on Sunday when I told her I have already spoken to someone, she was so rude and still would not let me off the phone and I just hang up on her.

I would like to know who gives them the right to call after midnight re. a phone bill? Who gives them the right to harass civilians continuously? What are my legal rights as a consumer? Could I take legal actions for harassment? They call from these 2 numbers 1-800-300-4000 and 1-866-349-4596. When I searched I could not find the subscriber, however, people from these 2 numbers told me they are calling from Rogers. I am very angry and upset with this situation. What would you do on behalf of me as a consumer?

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  1. Johnathan Says:

    I have had similar problems with rogers, bell expressvu, etc… I had them all on autopay, the billing cycles sometime work out that I am a day late, then the calls start. I eventually told them to not call me anymore, take my name off any and all call lists, spoke to a supervisor, and basically told them that this was unacceptable. and that as soon as my contract expires, I will be switching providers, and is they don’t stop calling me, I will be forced to take legal action and I will also contact the Better Buisiness Bureau and file a complaint with them. So I advise anyone to try a supervisor first, and ask for an actual supervisor and not an escalation specialist. Then if that doesn’t worl go higher, keep going until you have reached the top person, then tell them you will be switching providrs and filing a complaint with the Better Buisiness Bureau. This seems to worka lot of the time.

  2. Len Says:

    I’ve just started getting calls from 866-349-4596
    as well but I’ve NEVER dealt with Rogers. And I’ve had the same (landline) number for 20 years.

    Has to be telemarketing (although it may be the same guys as collections). Who knows…other than it’s annoying and my “call block” function on my phone is full up.

  3. peter griffen Says:

    find your provincial consumer protection branch ( provincial government) then make a complaint if you wish

  4. peter griffen Says:

    also check into CRTC about complaining

  5. Jenn Says:

    It’s not Rogers. Or Bell. Or anyone “they” say it is. It’s a collection agency just playing whatever tricks they feel they have to to engage you to see if the number is a good one – i.e. attached to any live person. Then they can get their pay cheque and move on to phase 2.

    If you don’t owe money – they don’t care. Whatever information they have on your name and/or your number is what they act on. You can complain to the government agencies, you can tell them til you’re blue in the face that they may just have the wrong person – they don’t care. They’re told not to believe anything they’re told – even if you’re correct and they’re wrong. If someone answers or tries to deal with them, you get 10X’s the calls.

    Ignore them. Until the laws are changed it’s the best you can do once you’re in their sites. (for whatever reason)

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