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December 7, 2011

Samsung Horrible Customer Service

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My Samsung Focus phone was experiencing random resets. I sent it for repair, they said it was fixed. Two weeks later, it won’t turn on at all. I send it away and it comes back to me and they say there’s nothing wrong with it, it worked fine. However, upon inspection at the Rogers store when I was getting it back I realized it was damaged. A backplate was improperly put back on and the SD slot was bent. I left it at the store.

I contacted Samsung to see how my warranty works and I’m told that upon needing a third repair I get a new phone.
I call Samsung before going into the store to set my return up and they tell me that that’s not how the warranty works and it needs to be sent to them for inspection, I tell them I want what I was told the night before and they say I need to talk to Executive Customer Service.
I call Executive Customer Service when they open later in the day and I’m told that I actually need to send the phone back to the repair facility and that is where it gets inspected, I say I was told new phone on third repair and my phone needs a third repair from the damage it sustained during the second repair.

I go through a million phone calls and finally end up getting the e-mail for the office of the president of Samsung Canada.

I’m called a day after e-mailing them saying I’ll get a new phone.
I call back saying what’s going on after no one contacts me and I’m told I’ll be called in 2 days and that I’d get a different model they have no Samsung Focuses in stock.

No one calls.
I call back and I’m told they’re waiting for Samsung Focuses, I say I was told I”m not supposed to wait for a Focus I was told I would get a different model, they say they’ll call back.

No one calls.
I call back and someone says they’re going to take care of everything.

I get a phone from Purolator 2 days later.
It’s a refurbished Samsung Focus. I turn it on and an error message appears displaying that the memory is broken and it doesn’t work, the phone only has two options, emergency call and turn off.

I call and say what the what, I was told new phone, not a Samsung Focus and this refurbished phone I was sent doesn’t work.

I’m apologized to and they say can I take pictures to help them out but it’s not necessary and they’ll take it back regardless. I take the pictures and they tell me that it’s not a defect, despite being told I’d get a new phone that that is the phone I have received and that the case is considered completed and done.

I say that it’s broken and I need it sent back and I was told a new phone.

They say it’s not a defect and they’ll take it to inspect it but the case is completed and done.

I say again it’s broken and I was told a new phone.

They say they’ll contact me.

They don’t contact me.

I say it’s broken and I was told a new phone.

They say they’ll inspect it but that’s the phone I get, no new phone.

I’ve asked for a waybill for 3 weeks to get this phone sent back and they just say they’re willing to inspect it, but no waybill is sent to return the phone.

This whole process has taken 3 MONTHS, just to get them to tell me they won’t honor their promise of a new phone, and that they will take the broken phone they gave me in for inspection, but they never issue a return waybill or authorization for me to do so.

Samsung sucks, everyone I’ve talked to has contradicted the person before them. I’ve been lied to, the process has been horrible, with long waits, long phone calls, and so so many contradictions. I’m frustrated and it feels like no one there cares that everyone in their customer service departments contradict each other.

Total Time in Store – 15h
Total Time on Phone – 8h25m
Total Time Faxing & E-mailing – 5h35m
Total Time due to Samsung Phone – 29h

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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