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August 7, 2012


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I ordered a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion dv8 Notebook Computer by phone after shopping their online site. After 3 days the cooling fan went out, the keyboard melted, and other issues affected the computer. I called their customer service line and was sent through several useless steps to try to repair it (they obviously had no idea what they were doing and were reading from a check sheet). I sent the computer in for repair and the day after I got it back a key popped off the keyboard and the internet card stopped working.

After calling customer service and having them try to have me erase the hard drive, I called corporate headquarters in California and was sent to a case manager who told me this model computer has had no problems other than mine. I told him that the internet is full of complaints from other users and he said he knew nothing about that. I asked for a replacement for this lemon and was told that I needed to send it in for repairs and if anything else went wrong they would replace it.

It worked for a while and now the cooling fan went out, the wireless card turns off and on on its own, and a key popped off the keyboard. After once again being frustrated by customer service I asked for the Case Manager line. I was told that they had NO RECORDS of me sending my computer in for repair and would have to prove to them that I had. I found an old email confirming repair from HP and called the case manager back. He said it doesn’t matter that the repairs had been done and it doesn’t matter that I had proof they would not replace the computer.

Now angry with his lying I called corporate headquarters again. I was sent to an Executive Case Manager who miraculously was now able to see all of the repairs that were done and he sent that info in an email to the case managers and had me call them again. After discussing the situation with yet another case manager I was told that they will not stand by the previous case manager’s word and my only option is to get it repaired for the multiple issues once again.

My advice, buy from a company who views their customers as more than gullible sheep. Hewlett Packard lost 44% in profits last quarter for reasons like this. I will do everything in my power to make sure next quarter does the same. This was my 4th HP product that I bought and because their lies it is the last.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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