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April 1, 2012

Fine Details

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There is nothing Fine about Fine Details

I wish to submit a consumer complaint about this company that provides car cleaning services in the Halton area.

On Jan 5th 2012, I decided to take my car to have a professional cleaning inside and out, and choose Fine Details Burlington location at 1201 Fairview Street Unit 5 to have their Total interior Shampoo and Detailing package.

This was a total cost of $185.00.

It took their staff most of the day to perform the entire cleaning of my car inside and out.

At the time of pick-up, it looked like they had done a good job.

However, when I had more time to look over my car when I got it home, I noted that several hidden area’s in my car had not been cleaned at all.

The car had received a heavy liquid spraying of the interior, so as to deep clean seats, floor carpet, etc. and the car was very wet many days after the cleaning.

I had a 6 speaker audio system in my car, which had worked and sounded excellent prior to their cleaning. However, when I turned on my audio system a couple of days after the Jan 5th cleaning, I could hardly hear anything through my front and rear speakers, and what I could hear was flat, all treble and no bass.

I returned to the Fine Details office once I had noticed this problem, and talked with the owner of this franchise. He listened to my system and tried to adjust my audio system to make it sound better. He was unable to, and did say to me that it sounded terrible. I asked him what he was going to do about this believing that his car cleaning spraying had somehow damaged my audio system and it’s speakers.

He did offer me a free redo of my cleaning, since I had told him of the areas of my car that were not cleaned by his staff on Jan 5th, and he did says that they would call someone about my cars audio system to see what the problem might be.

I left to awaiting his reply and further action, however weeks went by with no calls of emails to me. I was finally forced to call the franchise head office in Oakville and complain to the VP.

She did contact the owner of the Burlington location and got him to move things along, which after an additional week or more of waiting did have them ask me to bring my car to their office to have my audio system reviewed by an outside Audio system expert that worked on my cars type of system.

The result was that they informed me that my systems amp had died, and this could happen anytime, and so they returned my car to me stating that it was not their companies fault and not due to their heavy spraying of my cars interior.

I still could not believe that this was the actual reason that my system no longer worked as it did just prior to taking it in to be cleaned by their staff.

I decided to take my car to another local specialist, the tech’s at Future Shop, who work these types of systems every day.

The tech at Future Shop reviewed my system and checked the speakers, and noted that both my front and rear speakers had been heavily sprayed with some type of liquid. The tech believed that this heavy spraying to the speakers caused them to short out my entrie system. This would be the reason that the system would no longer work as it did before.

I decided at that point that I should just have Future Shop put in a replacement system and new speakers.

I contacted Fine Details once again after this, informing them of what the tech at Future Shop had reported to me, and included a copy of what I had to pay to replace my system, which was over $400.

They never replied back to me, even weeks after.

I would highly recommend to any other person thinking of possibly utilizing any of this companies services, to completely avoid them, and protect your car from the type of damage that they caused to my car, knowing fully that the company will avoid taking any responsibly for the damage that they could cause to your car.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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