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January 9, 2011


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Beware Optimum customers in New York City area:

Warning to customers. Optimum offers initial promotions for one or two year subscriptions, but does not notify when contract is ending. Financial profits must be huge because of rate disparities equaling $48.98 for one month. Imagine if you don’t open the bill until payment time. It gets better!!! When I called for failure to receive notification of the promotion, I was told that I had received a computer- generated letter. When I asked for a copy of said letter with my name, address and date, I was told this was impossible because (guess?) it was computer-generated. When complaining up the complainant totem pole for months, I was bleed with promises that I would receive said letter. Today, after I called Optimum’s Corporate Directory Customer Service Department two weeks ago, Optimum finally admitted a letter was never sent.

Bravo, Optimum, take a bow. Legal, but not very consumer-friendly!!!!!!

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

2 Responses to “Optimum”

  1. kent Says:

    all i can say is i baught a samsung tv and sorround and both are broken, dont buy from them there stuff is a waist of money. i hope people are smarter then me and go with some one better. dont buy samsung!!!

  2. narayan Says:


    I have a connection of idea no. 9837790793. which is my post paid connection,
    I am trying to approve facility of conference calling for one year, for that I have visited
    Idea points in Haridwar. But the customer care of the idea point also dull, lazy and
    irresponsible for their duties.

    Many time I have call to 198 but no complaint made by them regarding call conference

    Now, I have a mobile with 3G enabled. I requested to customer care for 3G plan 250,
    on date 13.08.2012 but without calling or sms, they shown me not interested.

    Again, I requested for same 3G plan on date 16.08.2012, and I received call regarding
    my request and my 3G activated on 22.08.2012 at near about 4:00 pm and I enjoyed
    3G service.

    But next morning on date 23.08.2012 I found early morning that 3G logo was disappeared
    from my mobile, I called to 198 and 12345 for that problem but executives told me due to
    technical fault it was happening, wait for evening.

    In evening, I found only G symbol instead of 3G on my mobile screen, then next morning
    I called on 198 and 12345 regarding 3G service, and that time they told me you have never
    requested regarding 3G services and you have added service of GPRS service of 0 rental.

    That time I decided to go on consumer court and campaign against Idea cellular
    through social networks, and by different ways.


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