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May 29, 2009

First Playgrounds Sucks – Keep your children away from deadbeats!

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A little while back I was contracted to create an identity system and brochure for a company called First Playgrounds in Toronto. The company was run by two women (I’ll spare them from mentioning them by name) and a man from the 905. I can’t recall his name to be honest. Just remember him being a gaping asshole when I finally met him at our last meeting.

I haven’t thought about them for a while but I came across the video below which made me laugh and it made me think of them. They basically hired me for a $5,000 job and when it was finished they decided that they only had to pay $1,000 of it. I asked them if they were unhappy with the job. They said no. I asked them if I had made a mistake on the files. They said no. I know I went over all the costs with them before starting the work and even did it rush so they could make some meeting. They’re still using my logo (I say my logo because they didn’t pay for it so I still technically own it). Basically they just didn’t want to pay the fees after I was dumb enough to forgo my usual deposit because they professed to build playgrounds for disabled kids. (I say build but that’s an exaggeration. They only combined pieces from different manufacturers and pretended it was unique or somehow novel.) In the end, they just wanted to line their own pockets and didn’t care about much else. Hell I even had a baby on the way at the time. Just pathetic ladies… Stop pretending to care about the kids you’re building these gyms for. You just care about the buck at the end of it for doing little more than putting in someone else’s work.

It wasn’t worth my time going through small claims court for that amount so I just put them into collections. But enough about them. Try and figure out which clients from the video best represent them. It explains things much more enjoyably. First Playgrounds sucks but if you’ve ever freelanced or dealt with clients in a professional services business, you’ll find the video below very funny. Whoever did it got it bang on. Enjoy!

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One Response to “First Playgrounds Sucks – Keep your children away from deadbeats!”

  1. Paul Says:

    This sounds like Sugarbuds Bakery in Scarborough !!! TOTAL DEADBEATS !!! The owners Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh don’t like to pay bills, honour contracts or act like adults.

    We made them a website, produced videos, gave them tons of advice and we arranged the making of Mr. Hefners Birthday Cake (I even loaned them the money to fly to LA to make his cake) which helped launch the business as a Celebrity Cake shop because of his high profile.

    They made one payment of $500.00 and then stopped paying !!!!

    Don’t buy a cake from these 2 idiots !!!

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