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December 28, 2011

Sugarbuds Bakery

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Here’s a story for you:


Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh, owners of Sugarbuds Bakery are a couple of DEADBEATS !!!!

They currently live in a basement in Scarborough, don’t own a car and neither one has had any success at anything their whole lives.

To start Sugarbuds Bakery, they borrowed all the money from family because neither of them had a pot to piss in, then or now.

My company spent a ton of time, energy and resources trying to fix the lousy excuse of a business and for our efforts, we were supposed to get a monthly payment of $500.00 or a percentage of the sales (whichever was greater).

We made them a stunning website, created great videos for the site, a new logo, wrote content for the site, gave them a ton of marketing advice, created posters for the store and pulled in huge favours with associates to re-position this tiny fledging bakery into “GTA’s Specialty Cake Shop to the Stars ”

We co-ordinated the making of Hugh Hefner’s Birthday cake. Instead of Thanking us, the 2 idiots tell reporters and customers that they won a contest to make Hef’s cake which was a made up bullshit story? I called and asked Greg Robb “why he lied?” and he said “it sounded better to lie and say they won a contest”

We also arranged the making of Curtis Joseph’s (former Leaf) cake, Jasmine Richards (actress Camp Rock), Roy Meets Girl (show on spike) and Creepy Canada.

After I arranged each cake, I asked them to make non edible duplicate cakes that could be displayed in the Bakery to show off the fact that they made Celebrity Cakes.

Our efforts made it possible and paved the way for Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh to be able to get other Celebrities on board and re-launch the business.Having these cakes on board, they we’re able to get other Celebrity Cakes and eventually a lot of FREE press in papers and on TV.

Smart Marketing Strategy we created for a company with ZERO budget.

Here’s the problem. Good Marketing can kill a business as quick as it can launch a business. Just because they have some press, does not mean the business is good. Greg and Sabrina are so focussed on Celebrities that they have no quality control and processes in place to ensure consistent quality.

They have no business experience at all.

Cakes they made for my family and friends had problems. One cakes was really salty? One cake the artwork looked nothing like my daughter at all and she was embarrassed by the cake? Another order we placed, they got the date wrong and the order details wrong?

Look online – you will see lots of people that commented that product they bought was stale, dry or had other issues like missed dates. Not something you want to hear for your Child’s Birthday or Wedding.

Anyway – How do the 2 Deadbeats thank us for our efforts? They make one $500.00 payment and have not made another payment since.


I had hoped they they would start paying but the courts will have to be burdened with this case when we proceed in filing against them. My patience is running thin.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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