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June 13, 2011

Crown and Phoenix, Richmond Hill

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I received absolutely horrendous service at a bar this weekend in Richmond Hill called the Crown and Phoenix. It is at the intersection of Yonge and Weldrick. I figured I would share my experience on here because it would be a public service to do so.

I made a reservation for 14 people for Saturday night for my birthday. As soon as we got there, one thing went wrong after another.

First of all, the waitress was not able to even balance a tray. She spilled Coke all over me, thus staining the expensive dress I showed up in and destroyed some of the birthday presents I had received. And I got cut with flying glass.

It was karaoke night there, and the DJ they hired was a pompous jerk. There was at least FIVE MINUTES in between each performer. He actually told one of my friends, who had given him her song just as karaoke was starting for the evening, that the reason why she had to wait almost two hours to do her song was because he did not like the song she had chosen. We only stayed after that because we had a large group of people coming and some of our friends had not arrived yet. Meanwhile, not only did he sing FIVE songs of his own, but my fiance and another friend of ours didn’t get to do their second songs.

The worst part of the evening though? The bill. We had a group of about 14 people, so some people left earlier than others. They gave us a hard time about having separate bills for our large group. However, some people who left early asked for a separate bill for their stuff so that the rest of us were not stuck paying for their stuff. So they got billed for their stuff and paid. When the rest of us left, not only were we billed for the stuff that our other friends had already paid for, but we were also billed for stuff that nobody in our group even ordered!


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