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December 28, 2011

China-Made Appliances

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Is anyone else getting as sick as I am of shoddy, defective and unsafe small appliances from China?

In the past 6 months, I have had to return 4 toasters and 2 irons ranging in price from $24.99 (sale price) to $59.99 to various retailers. Brand names such as Black and Decker, Sunbeam, Oster and Kenmore to name a few, all made in China. One iron that I purchased, on first use, emitted smoke and then a small flame before I quickly unplugged it. Imagine, what would have happened if I had turned it on and left the room for a period of time.

After reaching maximum frustration. I called many of the major retailers to find out what, if any, small appliances were not made in China. The answer, in nearly all instances was, none! Why is our government not doing anything about this situation? Why are Canadians expected to spend their hard earned dollars on this crap? Even Breville products that are considered high-end and certainly by the price you would consider them high end, are manufactured in China. I would gladly pay more money for a product manufactured anywhere but China but it seems that this is not even possible.

China seems to have been granted a monoply in certain manufacturing sectors and the Canadian consumer is being held hostage to our governments lack of safety standards for imported goods. Who knew that buying a toaaster or an iron could be such a nightmare?

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3 Responses to “China-Made Appliances”

  1. peter griffen Says:

    try finding german made appliances, they are usually more expensive but solid quality made

  2. edgar sotomayor Says:

    Re: Coastal Painting and Waterproofing of Deerfield Beach, Florida:
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    Don’t bother doing any business with this company, they have the lousiest employees who don’t know what they are doing and they destroy your property.
    This company did a lousy job and spilled paint all over the place.
    Instead of painting my house, they painted everything else such as the side walk in front of my house, my hedges and plants and tree.
    I complained to the company which they did nothing, if you choose to use this company, then you deserve to get what you get, like the expression goes, you get what you pay for.
    Be smart and don’t do any business with Coastal Painting and Waterproofing, trust me, you would be making the biggest mistake of your life if you do.
    Thank You.
    Edgar Sotomayor
    Miami, Florida

  3. edgar sotomayor Says:

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    Do yourself a favor and go to a reputable hotel, that knows how to treat their customers.
    Thank You.
    Edgar Sotomayor
    Miami, Florida

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