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August 3, 2010 and Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown

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We have a problem with a booking at Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown that was made through The booking was mistakenly made for Aug 26 and 27, 2010, but was intended to be booked ONLY for Aug 25, 2010.

The mistake occurred because the online form provided by used an auto fill for the date of the stay, and we did not realize the website had chosen the date of the stay for us.

We immediately called the customer service number listed for to correct the problem. After being on hold for about 13 minutes we talked to a man with a foreign accent that was very difficult to understand. He said he would refund one day and correct the date for the other night. He put us on hold for a few more minutes. We were very happy that he said he would take care of the changes.

The man came back on the phone and said he was going to transfer us to customer service to make the revisions. We were put on hold again but were relieved that was going to make the right decision and help correct the innocent mistake.

After another lengthy wait a person who sounded very much like the first person we spoke with spoke to us. We once again explained what had happened and how we immediately called to correct the mistake. We told him that we were just transferred to him. He said no, that he was the only person to talk to us about this call.

After explaining the situation yet again, he said he would not modify the reservation. He said he would cancel it but we would have to pay the full amount regardless. He said that hotel charges them and he would not refund any money or change the date to the correct night.

We called the hotel – Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown and the hotel general manager named Shenaz Mehta said that Hyatt could not make the reservation change or refund any money because pays them.

We would like to continue staying at the Hyatt chain in the future if they resolve this situation. We will never use ever again. We travel often and feel that not caring enough to correct an honest mistake will cost them thousands instead of one or two hundred dollars.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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  1. Arichan Says:

    I had the exact same problem with two months ago!!!!
    We called right after the “mistake” happened on the website and a very polite girl took our call. She put us on hold and when she came back, said she could do nothing since all sales are final. I told her it was not my mistake and that i called within one hour after the transaction was made, but the girl said she could do nothing more for me. I asked her for the phone number of the reception of the hotel (it was a Hyatt in Washington DC, the Bridge one, I believe) and called. The person at the Hyatt reception explained that he could not deal with my problem since I had dealt with, but that they had no problem changing a date in their files, as long as accepted.
    Called back and another girl told me the same story. I told her the hotel said they had no problem with changing dates. She put me on hold to “call the hotel” and came back on the line after a few minutes, saying she talked to them and that they did not accept refund for a deposit. I told her i had only paid the deposit to, NOT to the Hyatt, as the concierge there had told me. She kept saying she was sorry, but that nothing could be made.
    We lost a total of 318$ for 3 nights we never spent at the hotel.
    NEVER use this service. They prey on their clients…

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