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August 17, 2009

Wells Fargo Financial

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We purchased a household item and had to buy it on the Store Credit card to get the deal. We made 33 of 36 monthly payments on time the 34 payment was mailed as usual but did not reach the credit company or they did not post it. We had just received the next months bill and realized the payment did not come off. Less than 24 hrs later the credit company was already phoning They phoned twice the next day and they were harassing me about the payment for the next month which isn’t even due.

It’s offensive when the credit companies don’t even check to see if you’re a good standing customer before they pick up the phone. Wells Fargo didn’t even give us time to correct the error. We even tried to contact them but we couldn’t contact by phone. They can call us several times a day but we couldn’t even find out if they had received the payment after the next bill was sent out.

I will not purchase anything on a credit card again if Wells Fargo is the financial company. I will from now on make sure none of my other financial dealings are through their company or affiliates. This really ticked me off.

Saturday Aug 1 after a 12 midnight shift. I receive a phone call again. You have to bare in mind the next payment is still not even due. That’s 5 phone calls in 6 days on a $107. payment, that went missing in the mail and we have told them we sent out another payment for both months on Friday July 24. I’ve been working every day and have not had a chance to find out if the original payment has been cashed at the bank. The error could still be on their end.

Note: This is Wells Fargo Financial Retail Services Company Canada and is associated with Wells Fargo & Company of the U.S. People, check your credit cards, Investments and Banking Affiliates and move your credit and investments out to another company. This is an absolutely ridiculous policy on the part of this Credit Card company. I intend to make sure everybody knows about this Company.

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5 Responses to “Wells Fargo Financial”

  1. MGA Says:

    i am another frustrated customer of wells fargo. I greatly regretted doing business with this rude company. I have been sick with cancer and have been doing my best to pay all my bills. We pay our bills bi-weekly so it will be faster. Last July I paid Wells Fargo the sum of $7,400+ to the account and had about $2000 left on the account. Now, this loan was suppose to be for 5 years and as of today i still have over 12 months to go on the loan. i still make the same bi-weekly payment as if i still owe them the full amount and judging from my calculations i will be paid off in 2 1/2 months time. I paid one payment as usual and for some reason my bank wasn’t able to post wells fargo plus another creditor and thus the payment did not go thru. So, i was still in the process of clarifying this with my bank when they start calling me 3 times a day. from 8am to 8pm. then i talked to several agents so that they would stop calling me, i made some arrangement until i can get this sorted out with my bank, but i still get the harrassing calls. they demand now. NOW. so i made payments and the next day they called me again. where is the money? how come we haven’t receive it? i gave the the confirmation number. but next day they called again…where is the money??? it takes 3 to 5 days for the bank to post it so you think they would stop calling until they receive the money??? this is frustrating and i really wish this company will go down the drain…i always believe in karma. and I WISH THEY GO BANKRUPT! I swear, they will.

  2. Dave Ly Says:

    I am another pissed off customer of Wells Fargo Financial. Four years ago, I purchased an audio system through a store credit card to take advantage of the store sales. After the application, I found out Wells Fargo is the bank. After two years, I paid the whole thing in full (so I thought). Two years later (August of this year), they begin their campaign to harass me at home. Everyday, exactly at 8:00am their computer called my house and asked me to hold for their operator. I called in and was told that there was an interest amount that was left on the account two years ago because they did not receive my final payment in time. The amount has accumulated to an amount of almost $400.00 from a $138.00. For a full two years, there is no corresponse between the bank and us, however, they said it was my responsibility to make sure that my account is fully paid. After much argument and harassment which effect my family, I gave up and sent them a check to cover the amount. I received my returned check which show the bank cashed the check before the due date on my statement. A few weeks later, I received another statement saying I still owed the bank an $8.00 credit charge. I called in to complain and was told someone will contact me. Today I received a message on my voicemail with a very simple one line message: “you still owe us $8.00 on credit charge”. This is how this bank deals with its customers. I am not only hope they will go BANKRUPT, I hope the people who work for them will eventually one day be treated as they treat us. Please DO NOT ever, ever have any dealing with this bank. Believe us, they will screw you in the end.

  3. Neil S Says:

    What a terrible company. just fleeced me for $455 for late payment, therefore charged accrued interest !!
    CK I sent in Dec 20th 2010 goes missing till after due date !!!
    I send in new CK to replace old one, both CK’S cashed & been informed i will get balance back minus approx $455 charges in approx 2 weeks. What aload of BS.When I phoned to complain told to get a Lawyer !!! Stay away from this company !!

  4. kevin Says:

    wells fargo financial is the worst compagnie out there,they are theif and crooks, you cant get no customer service, ive been fighting whit them for the last 2 weeks arguing whit one of there supervisor, but aparently they do not make mistake,if you ask me there shit stinks as mutch as anybody else,my advice stay away from this bullshit compagny or you will end up like the rest of us, getting screwd.


  5. Chris Says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but i believe that wells fargo only arrived in canada to take advantage of the same shit they were doing in the states. When i paid off a loan with them they kept calling me saying they would love to lend me some more money almost like a reverse collections agency anyway like an idiot i took another loan with them and when i went in to collect the dirty money i was appalled at the manager of the place. He was actually threatening the workers at their desks to keep calling existing customers that either had paid off loans or had loans to harass them into borrowing more money and they had a quota to make.To make a long story short they should be investigated now they packed up and moved out of canada. Maybe all of us pissed off people should get together and demand a full investigation into their fishy business up here in Canada. Their management from the top on down should be put behind bars for life. Advice to everyone dont work for them and don’t deal with them at all they are thieves

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