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January 7, 2008

Buyer Beware at Canadian Tire Calgary

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This is a case of “BUYER BEWARE” at Canadian Tire (Calgary Store #419, 64th Ave & Deerfoot Trail N.E, Calgary, Alberta). You need to look really closely at AND FOR the fine print before purchasing anything from them. And good luck finding the fine print disclosed anywhere except may be in an advertising flyer that goes directly from the mail box to the recycle bin.

Here’s my little story:

Apparently Christmas decorations were on sale a few days before and after Christmas with a “no returns policy” on them. No where on the shelf was that posted or highlighted. As well, it wasn’t disclosed on the receipt that the sale was final. All the receipt shows is the normal return/exchange policy (which I complied with -original receipt, original packaging, unused).

One of the items I purchased was not suitable and I tried to take it back (within 6 days). Upon entering the store, I now noticed signs posted around stating absolutely NO RETURNS accepted on “Class 51” Christmas decorations. Oh, oh, did I buy a Class 51 Christmas decoration? I don’t know, I hope not. I ended up waiting in line for about 10 minutes to find out that I AM the unlucky owner of a Class 51 item.

I contacted the 1-800 Canadian Tire customer service number to find out whether this contradiction to the returns policy stated on the receipt was valid; I was directed to the disclosure in the advertising flyer.

Judging from other blogs and complaints, Canadian Tire continues to have a problem with adequate and accurate disclosure of prices and return policies.

Such a crappy experience! I will definitely go somewhere else where they work harder to keep their customers informed and satisfied.

D. Christensen, Calgary

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

29 Responses to “Buyer Beware at Canadian Tire Calgary”

  1. bev Says:

    i work at one of the stores and i know we had signs at the christmas lights and at customer service,even told customers yet they still tried to return them. i think people are always in a big hurry and dont notice signs posted in the store

  2. Wayne Says:

    ‘Bait & Switch’ keeps running through my mind, when shopping at Crappy Tire in Mission and Abbotsford, in BC. Seems, whenever they have discounts on their brand of tools, they always ‘seem to be sold out’, but they have similar, but higher priced products in stock.

    I’m getting tired, of one product being advertised, but NEVER being available. And with all the stores inventory’s being computerized, they’ll even tell you they never had any in stock on the day the sale starts; same thing with the neighboring stores.

    Was a loyal customer, now, upset.

  3. W. Lepp Says:

    I personally have had it with Canadian Tire. I purchased a set of tires from them that were not even round. They replaced them of tne insurance I purchased with those tires, but attempted to charge me for balancing and the installation labour. The replacement set of tires I got from them lasted about 30,000km. They told me my struts had to be replaced, a claim the dealer and an independent mechanic dispute. I guess you get what you pay for. Sure the tires were less to start with, but the final cost will definitely be more than if I had gotten the tires at Costco. The winter tires I got from Costco have been faultless – same car.


    I’am geting tired of waiting for your company to come up with a replacement box for my tool set under life time warrenty WAYNE at your TRENTON ONT store tried to get one they sent the same code #5869-0 but the box is not the same some tool’s wont fit.

  5. Chris Says:

    Suck it up!! Some of these people dont work for a lot of money and do a great job. retail is a tough business and if you go into a Wal-Mart or any of the other large box retailers, they are quite similar, if not worse. Why would you buy a decoration before Christmas and not use it, then try to return it after Christmas. Of course they wont return it!! It’s like buying an Air Conditioner in May and then trying to return it in August or September. There are far too many dishonest people out there that take advantage of the systems that unfortunately some people get screwed in the end. Thank your local thief or scammer

  6. Vince Says:

    I had a similar problem with their awful car batteries. They sell you junk and have a story ready to tell you that its something wrong with your vehicle. Put in a Delco and worked fine. The problem for them at the time of my complaints was that there were three other people in line complaining about the same thing. Misrepresentation, bad service (bunch of kids running these stores) and awful products have ruined Canadian Tire. I just avoid CT now.

  7. Susan Says:

    I hate Canadian Tire.

    In May 2008, the driver side ball joint went on my 2002 Jeep Liberty. I had it towed to CT and they said that it had to be replaced and the guy sold me on replacing both since, “they’re the same age, so the other will go soon too, better to get them both done now.” Ok, no problem, had the repair done, $850 bucks. Ouch! But, I’m good to go right? Wrong! 4 months later…I heard a strange sound coming from the front wheel. This time I took it to my dealer, guess what I needed? You guessed it…Front ball joints! Thanks for the shitty job Canadian Tire! Fast forward 6 months. Took my car to CT to get new tires and a new battery. Simple enough…this time no major “car repair” right? Just changing a battery and some tires…should be a piece of cake. Well, as I paid for their services and headed out to my car, I tried my remote door locks…nothing happened. When I got to my vehicle, the doors were all left unlocked, ok, no biggie. So I loaded up my 3 month old son into his car seat, headed around back to the hatch to put his stroller in the back and…it won’t open. I tried the remote again…nothing. I went and tried the door panel switch…nothing. I even tried the key in the door…nothing, again! Keep in mind when I arrived there earlier that day, everything worked just fine. I went back into the garage where a couple of guys fiddled around with fuses and such for awhile but, nothing fixed the door locks. I had to come back the next day, they said, so I head back out of the garage, try to turn on my headlights and…nothing! 10 minutes earlier when I drove into the garage they worked just fine! Now, I can’t even drive away, because I have no lights! And the guy even suggested that I lived close enough to just drive home, (which was 15 mins away), with my infant son in tha car, in the dark, with no head lights! Well…five days later, Canadian Tire still had my car when they finally called me up and said that they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I should just take it to a Jeep dealer. I was livid, but what could I do?! So my husband and I loaded up the baby and off we went to CT. Before they pulled the vehicle out of the garage, a guy squeegied the windows. When he pulled out of the garage, he tried to turn on the wipers to wipe away a streak he had left behind and….NOTHING! Now the wipers didn’t work! Once again, I couldn’t drive away. It was -2C in Winnipeg, which meant, muddy, slushy roadways and impossible to drive 5 feet without using the wipers! The next day CT drove my car down the street to the Jeep dealership. The cost $1300.00 to replace the computer!

    I hate Canadian Tire.

  8. Theodor Says:

    you can read below about Canadian Tire customer service aggressivity:

    COMPLAINT to Canadian Tire, Hunterhorn Drive, Calgary

    On August 23 – 2008 I dropped a tire for repairing on front-right side. It was only deflated. Next day I came back for picking-up the tire and I went to Black Diamond, where I stayed one month to work. Next day I installed the tire back on my car and my steering wheel vibrate a lot. I couldn’t come back right away because I was very busy to my job in Black Diamond .
    One month later I came to Canadian Tire to tell them they forgot to balance my wheel … They check it and they said : “Yes it wasn’t balanced”. After that my tire didn’t vibrate any more my steering wheel …
    Now I ‘m asking you how is that possible to pay for repairing and balance my tire, and actually to not balance my tire … ?
    On December 19 – 2008 I came again to Canadian Tire for a different tire, on rear-back side. I felt a big hopping (jumping) on my rear side of my car … I dropped my tire and I came back on December 21 to pick it up. I asked that person if it is something bad and he said “ It’s all right now …”
    I installed it back on my car and … I felt the same big jumping … nothing changed …!!!
    Next day, on December 22, I came again to Canadian Tire to ask what is happening …
    I met Mr. WADE and I asked him why my tire it is not fixed and why they said “Your tire it’s very good now ? “
    He said “It’s not our fault and maybe it’s something wrong with your car …
    I said my car is good because I changed that “jumper” wheel with a different one and everything it’s good, no hopping …
    I asked him why they didn’t check better my wheel and to tell me cannot be fixed ?
    In that moment he became irritated and he told me “I have to deal with many people in every day, I am exhausted to explain to everybody …
    I said “ I’m computer technician for a big store in Calgary and I’m dealing like you with a lot of people in every day, and If they have a complaint I have to explain them WHY and HOW ….
    He became nervous and said : “ I’m not coming to your job to tell you what you have to do !! “
    I said : “ If we cannot fix a computer we are not charging any penny and we explain why that computer cannot be fixed …. We never charge for a bad work like you, and then to lie that everything it’s OK … “
    And anyway I never been nervous with a customer like you …
    He started to talk loudly with me and he asked me if that tire is installed on the car …
    I asked him why he is more nervous than me and why he talk louder that me …
    In the next moment he said “ GET LOST “ and he left me slammed the door hardly ….
    I was shocked … I never seen something like that in Canada …!!!

    If I would be only half rude, nervous and impertinent like this guy I would be fired immediately
    I cannot understand how you can have this kind of employees, incompetent and aggressive … This non-educated guy should go work hidden in a warehouse, not to work for you in a customer service position …
    I think your standards and requirements regarding hiring people are very low …

    December 23 – 2008

  9. Bill Says:

    I would question the legality of a return policy that appears on an arbitrary flyer and not the invoice/receipt. Any purchase is a contract between two entities. If the terms of that contract are not specified on the contract document (your receipt), then I would consider those terms unenforceable. Unfortunately, if it is a low-priced item it may not be worth your time and effort to fight it, but don’t think for a moment that you were treated fairly. What if you had purchased a thousand-dollar item ? In that case, I would have taken the matter to small claims court.

  10. Alfonse Says:

    I stopped in Salmon Arm because my SUV stopped running. The closest thing was Canadian Tire. The checked the vehicle and told me it was the fuel pump. $570 later I drove out of there. Within a block I noticed that my fuel gauge was not working. Went back. They had to take the whole gas-tank apart again as the gauge and the pump is inside the tank.
    2 hours later I was off again and wasted the whole day in there. Drove home to Vancouver. When I got to North Vancouver the car would not run again. I took it to Ford this time literally 48 hours after the Canadian tire repair. VOILA, it was a $9 relay that would quit working when hot. So there you go, a perfectly good 10 year old fuel pump replaced for no good reason. The problem was solved and the SUV ran for a year and half. Salmon Arm is 500 kms away so I was not going to go and complain. Because they are all “independently owned” (fancy name for franchise), the local store here would not do anything about it.
    Well I thought, at least I have a new fuel pump and the old one would probably not have lasted more than a couple of years.
    Well guess what, the Canadian Tire pump 18 months old quit working. I had the vehicle towed to the dealer and now it is another $600 to replace a part that did not need replacing in the first place and that it did not last 2 years.
    Called to complain, it is out of warranty, it is out of area, they are independently owned so there is no Regional Manager, there is no0 way to complain there is nothing. This has been the most frustrating thing of my car life.
    If I had known this, I would have gone to any dealer in the first place. WHY DID I DO THIS????? I had my BMW repaired at Canadian Tire a few years ago and they screwed up the repair completely. Why did I expect my SUV to have a different fate?

  11. Rob Says:

    I had a recent “illegal price” experience on a sale router. There were none on display when I went to the store. The clerk looked up the stock on the computer which showed 6 and went to the back to get me one. I looked at the store computer which the clerk had left open and saw the reg. price of the “sale” (139.95)router was $149.95 and not the $189.95 that the flyer had said. The store had none in stock, and hadn’t had any since Nov 08 and this was Apr 09. The manager Matt said the error was his because he hadn’t taken the items off the stock list. He had no explanation for the price difference and was only too happy to see an irate customer leave his store. The co-general manager was upset because I made her asst manager cry because I asked her if Can Tire was trying to cheat the customer.

    In the routers listed in my local store, Polo Park, Winnipeg I see the same router is advertised today as being $139.95 REGULAR PRICE … I CAN’T HELP BUT FEEL CHEATED BY THEIR POLICIES …. THEY DON’T HAVE ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE or SAVVY!!!

    Report all incidents of this nature to the Competition Bureau of the govt. They will deal with them….

  12. Dave Says:

    Bought two new front calipers from CT Kitchener, ON. that carry a $50 core return charge. Put the new calipers on that evening and returned the old ones (cores) the next day. The girl working the counter that day didn’t know how to do a core return and had to have someone show her, after which that person left. When she finally managed to get it done she crossed of the calipers (on the bill) as a return (not as a core return). All would have been fine until the next day when BOTH of the new calipers began leaking brake fluid from the piston because somewhere in the mfg process someone forgot to put the retaining rings inside to hold the seal in place.
    WHen I tried to return then as defective, I was told that since they were crossed off the bill that it shows they were returned already and they would not listen that it was only cores returned not the new calipers… the only answer I got to that was “We do not cross items off the bill for core returns” and was asked to leave. I ended up having to parchase another pair of calipers from somewhere else. Fortunately I know a manager at another location, to whom I told the whole ordeal and he was able to take care of the situation for me. When he looked up the receipt number on his computer it even showed that only the cores were returned and not the new product. All the Kitchener staff had to do was scan the barcode on the bottom of the receipt and it would have showed the same thing. but itstead they chose only look at the crossed off item on the receipt and not even look at it on the computer and to treat me like some criminal trying to scam them. I seriously considered filing a lawsuit against the store for they’re staff’s incompetence but I was advised that without anything in writing that it would be impossible to prove. So here’s the tip. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation always ask for the manager on duty to put everything they are saying on paper, signed and dated, and you will leave peacefully. If they refuse… call the police so there will be a formal record of your complaint.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Kamloops BC.

    Brought My Car into CT Because My Car Wasnt Starting.

    Appointment 1
    They Charge Me 1 Hour labour. They Do no Tests on the Electrical System. They Said they tightned The COnnection to the Battery. and it now “Works”. Accept in actuality There was just leftover Juice in The Car from The Boost which Temporarly Provided My car Enough Juice To leave their Parking Lot.

    Appointment 2
    They Tell me I have to pay for another Hour of Labour. They Bring me Into Garage and point at corrosion on my Wiring to the Terminal. They Suggest a $300 New Wiring Kit to the battery. I Tell them Their stupid and that It can be Easily Cleaned Off. So They Instead move the Negative Wire Onto the Second Negative Terminal on my Battery. Again they boost the Car and provide enough Juice to get out of the parking lot and It then shortly Dies. (Now Spent $250 on Parts and labour)

    Appointment 3
    Before the Appointment I Discovered The battery was At fault as it was only registering 7volts instead of 12-14. I Tell them their stupid and to Check the Battery. They insist me Their confident They have already done so. Sure enough they let me know Its the Battery Thats at fault. This took them 6 Hours. They insisted on the phone They would Not charge me For installing a new battery. Well They put $50 on the bill and I had to fight with them explaining I was told it would be covered. I also mentioned to put the Old battery in the Trunk because its still under warrent (3 months old Optima). They Did not do so and I had to fight with them for that.

    So There you have it. For $250 (Was going to be $300 If I hadnt fought with them). I went through Having people jump my Car 3 Times Due to CT Telling me The car was fixed. a 6 Hour Battery Swap (They Didnt have a battery for my Car either so i had to bring them one. They initially refused the whole thing until arguing with the manager)

    Did i mention I have 4 Performance Tires that have 5k on them all With leaks on them sitting in my garage from CT.

    This corporation is Criminal.

  14. Crappy Tire Says:

    Now I called it Crappy Tire as it is crappy. We were loyal customers before but after this time I bet we wouldn’t go there anymore and would spread words out as much as possible.

    When you take your money of your pocket you have to be very very very careful cause you might not be able to get them back even though you have good reasons to do so.

    Beware! Don’t go to Crappy Tire anymore. It happens everywhere. My case was in Richmond BC.

  15. Tom Sellers Says:

    I was thinking after reading #13 Dave’s experience it would probably be best to take your spouse or friend with you and make a video of all the proceedings. Look kind of weird but would help. Of course the best solution is to avoid having your car worked on there. I still find I can buy fluids and other items on sale at a lucrative price if you wait for them, but would never have work done on my vehicle there.

  16. Mike Says:

    I work fo CT. We are told to allways try and get out of giving a refund if we can. That said, If we are pushed we will give refunds. As for quality, a lot of our stock is what we term A- that is to say it could be end of line or have some issues which is why we can sell it for less. As for pay. CT don’t pay much which which is why most of the staff in our store are east Indian.

  17. Dave Says:

    Why would anyone buy anything at CT? The products are junk, the service is bad and like Mike pointed out most of the staff are East Indian with have poor English skills and are unable to help you. This is why CT are a sinking ship. They should change the name to I.T. (Indian Tier)

  18. Show homes cochrane Says:

    Canadian tire at Richmond road has terrible customer service. i returned a 12.00 i item WITH A RECEIPT , but they refused to give me money back unless i produced the same credit card i purchased it with. i had recently had my wallet stolen so i had no CC or even a debit. They said they couldn’t give me money. So i asked for manager and he said same thing and refused to give my 12.00 . so for a lousy 12.00 they pissed me off enough i will not go back

  19. Alberto Says:

    I bought a bicycle, I did the mistake of taking it outside the store. Came back next day to explain the guys in customer services that the bike was not working properly. She and the technician told me that that was normal on any bike, that is was common that the brakes and gear didn’t work properly. They told me that I did not know that because I am not a technician. I have been fixing my own bike all my life. And I bought a “new” bike because I didn’t want any problem, surprise. I tried to get the bike fixed,impossible, I tried to return it, they almost killed me, At the end I changed for exactly the same model just hoping that the last bike had less problems, no way. I finished fixing it by my self. There is nothing wrong with fixing a bke by yourself, but come on it was NEW!!!!

    I totally deteste costumer service at that canadian tire. I promised my self not to buy never at any canadiantire.

  20. Dan Says:


    I bought a bike for them last year and after just over 1 month of riding it, all of the riding was done on the street, something in the pedal broke so i took it back considering it was only a month old and maybe 200 km on it. They told me that I couldn’t get my money back because it was over 1 month, but they will fix it for free. They told me that it shouldn’t take that long, their bike guy is in the next day. So I left it with them. A week went by and still no call from CT, so I started calling them. I was told that he wasn’t even looked at it yet, he has been super busy. Then another week went by, still nothing. So i kept calling. Findly after almost 6 weeks i got it back.
    I rode it for another 4 weeks, now there is only 300 km on it, still all of it just on the street, the flywheel on the back tire breaks. I call them and tell them that my bike which i just got back from them, is once again broken. They tell me that they can’t do anything about it since I just had a three month warranty on it and it was over the three month. I tried to explain to them that they had it for a month and a half because of something has broken on it. So I should still be covered but that didn’t work. So now my bike was been sitting in the garage for the last year because after i had fought with them I sort of made my own repares to it which I used a sludge hammer for.

  21. MIke k. Says:

    I bought ten 15 watt Motomaster Eliminator solar panels from Canadian tire a few years ago. Five or six of them came off the mountings because the plastic frame came apart at the corners. There were tiny screw holding them on to the GLASS.

    I’m lucky they didn’t fall on somebody.

    Canadian tire refused to exchange them. They said it was the manufacturers’ problem. Sunforce, the makers, said to take it back to Canadian Tire.

    Sunforce KNOWS the design was faulty, as the new 15 watt panels have a one piece frame. I’m stuck with the garbage they made previously.

    It’s a con game and I’m getting NO satisfaction. The five panels add up to around 500 dollars out of my pocket.

    I tried four stores. No luck at ANY of them. Don’t shop at a store that won’t honour their warranties.


  22. Mark Says:

    I worked for a CT in the past, but I see your points.

    However I have seen many people over the years who essentially “borrow” items from the store and then return them when they are finished with them. This goes the same for seasonal items that realistically only have a value in the days leading up to xmas, and then are worth nothing later on. In the past before this policy, I have seen customers buy all their xmas decorations and then return them all on boxing day for a full refund. — so basically they would get the use of the item and get the money back when they ( nor anybody) needed it anymore. Frankly in any PROFITABLE retail store, I would expect that no items such as those with short shelf lives could be expected to be refundable for anything other than factory defects.

    CT also has a repair-only policy for large powertools such as Generators or compressors because of this borrower mentality that is/was commonly practiced… Essentially most people who need that tool only need it for 1 use/job and that is it, but they are too cheap to go rent it.

    Sometimes to get around this some try to argue the product defective… This really is a shame though as many products that are returned are NOT defective, yet because of the ridged policy on health and safety along with insurance, they must be destroyed.— no there is no ship to take them back to china for repairs as the cost of shipment is not justifiable on a single item. Each year 10s of thousands of perfectly functional products are returned only to be destroyed.

    This was the case a few weeks ago when a Gentleman returned two battery chargers in a row in a fury of anger complaining about them being defective. As it turned out through later visit by this man to the store he had a shot battery. Chargers cannot recharge and fix it if the battery is old and busted, further more as a safety feature it will not produce any electrical current if the battery is faulty to avoid shorting out. This however was too late for the Battery charges as both were ordered garbage after the paperwork was processed. I did manage in my spare time to test them before they were crushed in the compactor and they worked flawlessly on decent batteries.

    No Recepts, no returns is a policy that most stores have… This was because of once again scams that dishonest customers would have. Some would treat sale items like the stock market and buy them on the speculation that the price will go up when they return them. Before this policy was known I once saw a woman buy all the grinding disks that were on sale for 60% ($9) off in the store— so some other customers couldn’t get it. A week later this same lady returned with all the disks the got at the store plus others she got from other CTs in the area. She got the non sale price for the refund ($29) So in the end the store paid this lady out over $4000 for disks that she had purchased a few days earlier for about $1200 causing the store a net loss of $3800 plus a bloating of the inventory.

    It is the attitude to be too flexible to the dishonest consumer that later drives up the cost of future items which unfortunately are burdened by the honest consumer. In the end the store cannot tell,nor have the resources pursue the difference from a scam and an honest defect.

  23. Georgina Pintaric Says:

    I agree, that people abuse some stores, returning on sale items for regular price or use things and then return them. It is not fair to the big stores or small retailers. When you purchase items keep them even you do not need them. Only exchange them for something different. I am in tourism business and people are nothing but users and free loaders. Thank you!

  24. Danisa Says:

    I understand now why Canadian Tire is called Crappy Tire. The Service Department at the Dalhousie Canadian Tire in Calgary is crap. The customer service from the bottom right up to the manager, Ken is crap! I took my Ford Explorer in to have the Power Steering Pump replaced because my truck was making a squealing noise. I even brought the part in. The service advisor agreed that it was probably the power steering pump making the noise. When my husband picked the truck it was still squealing. He was livid. Their excuse was, get this – “We did exactly what you said sir! We replaced the power steering pump.” I guess if we told them to jump off a bridge, they would do that too. We did find a really good local mechanic in Ranchlands. They fixed the squealing noise which was just a belt tensioner and a pulley that needed to be replaced. It cost a $150 less than Crappy Tire charged to not even fix the problem. I wouldn’t suggest this Crappy Tire to my worst enemy. The staff is verbally abusive and very unprofessional.

  25. travis Says:

    I still buy some things at CT. I have learned to NOT buy electronics, some tools and never get vehicle work done there because of the endless complaints I have heard my entire life. i think they have established the stereotype for the dishonest mechanic. I feel so bad for the people in this post who have had such a bad experience.

  26. Khaleel Says:

    I took my Mazda3 to get the head light bulb changed at Canadian Tire store at 2510 Hyde Park Gate in Oakville Ontario. Instead of changing the bulb, relatively easy job,they damaged the wiring on my vehicle. The Service Manager and the Service Advisors are least knowledgable I have ever seen. They are only there to rip off customers and lie about the problems that are never there in the vehicle. They charge for the work never done. I could have changed the light bulb myself, but I was in Canadian Tire store in Oakville so I thought it would be easier and quicker for me to get it done there. The vehicle’s wiring was damaged and it will cost me more than $700.00 (Mazda estimate for wiring harness) to replace a head light bulb.
    It was a big mistake going to Canadian Tire store in Oakville for car repair.
    Like so many customer stories, this is another one for the records

  27. Debris Says:

    JR Contracting is a bit shady I think. I bought a “deal” for a Fall yard clean-up from them, but I can’t get a hold of them to redeem it. I looked into this company a bit and discovered this isn’t the first time customers have been left high and dry. Over the years they have had similar “deals” that people weren’t able to collect on. It seems they have changed their phone number several times as well. I am really sorry I got sucked into this!!!

  28. Jerry Says:

    I bought a food processor from Canadian Tire in which the dough blade was missing, so I had it exchanged. Turns out that the exchanged product was also missing the dough blade, so I brought it back again and asked in store if they would check in a third box before I took it home again. I fetched the product for them and again the dough blade was missing. So they get the manager and she suggested that although it was advertised on the box, perhaps it was an extra accessory that you had to buy and that it wasn’t their fault that it was missing. So I asked if I could just return the product as one of the main reasons I bought it was to have the dough blade for making dough. She said they didn’t have a return policy like that. To which I asked “Sorry? You don’t have a return policy for a product that was bought in the last 30 days (although it was only a week since I bought the product)?”. The MANAGER then said “Fine…I don’t want to deal with this. Just get it out of my face” and stormed off. The employee then gave me attitude for opening up three of their boxes – to which I don’t really care. It advertised certain things to which they didn’t deliver – their manufacturers fault, not mine! Worst customer service experience ever…

  29. John Says:

    Chris, you are an A O

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