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July 25, 2011

Gateway Newstand – Toronto GO Bus Terminal

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My experience took place at the Gateway Newstand at the Toronto GO Bus Terminal. I purchased a $2.25 bottle of Diet Coke which, when opened, foamed and spewed all over the place. I went back to the shop to ask for a replacement. The person said fine and replaced it with another bottle. This was did the same, if not worse. I was standing by the glass wall about 20 feet away from the shop when it foamed over, spewed all over me, the glass and the floor. I carried it, dripping all the way, back to ask for a refund. The person became irrate and started shouting at me, accusing me of “doing it on purpose”. When I tried to explain that the smallest movement set the bottle foaming over it shot up again, all over his counter, wall, floor…everything. He became verbally abusive at this point, saying that all we “white people” were the same and that I should leave, he would absolutely NOT give me a refund and I should call the police if I wanted to. For me this was not about the measly $2.25 but about the personal attack on my charater by a complete (ignorant) stranger. I was so humiliated at the way his shouting caused the whole station to stop and turn that I just walked away. I have never in my 50 years experienced such treatment. I am well-educated, a professional, well respected by everyone, and to be treated in such a terrible manner has left me shaken and angry.

I sincerely hope you post this and urge your readers not to give this ‘gentleman’ any of your hard earned money.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

6 Responses to “Gateway Newstand – Toronto GO Bus Terminal”

  1. Franz Says:

    Yah , it just magically ” foams ” and ” spews ” . Guess you are to stupid to to know how to open a bottle of carbonated beverage .
    Wait a couple minutes ?

  2. Franz Says:

    You are a ” well educated ” idiot ” . You crack it open a bit . If it ” fizzes ” you close it and wait .
    Hard to comprehend ?

  3. Noah Says:

    I work at Gateway’s Head Office and would love the opportunity to hear more from the person with the complaint. Please call Noah at 905 851 9652. I would like to see if we can fix this situation by learning more details about the incident. Thanks.

  4. shajal Says:

    Yes,You are a ” well educated ” idiot ” .I should call the police if I wanted to.Thanks your post.

  5. Lazer Says:

    Shit my bad I was at Gateway and I was trying to find a room temperature Diet Coke. I learned this trick where if you shake them warmer ones won’t fizz as much as the colder ones so I went through the whole fridge shaking all the Diet Cokes. I finally found a warm one but it was like one of the last ones I shook so you probably just walked in right after me and opened all the ones I shook up. Sorry!

  6. Ex-Gateway Customer Says:

    (I do not make it a habit to post unjustified complaints, ergo the delayed response)

    To Franz, you are ignorant and not worth my time.

    To Noah, thank you for the offer, but all I wanted was to make you aware of how this franchisee treated customers and respresented your company.

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