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October 30, 2011

Launch Golf Centre

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I will never return to Launch. I went to practice this morning. I’m an early rise and like to take advantage of the senior’s rate of $14.50/hour. I usually hit for 1.5 hours and this morning was no exception; I hit for 1 hour and 26 minutes. I calculated that I would be paying approximately $21.75 + tax. Instead I was presented with a bill for $27.89. When I questioned it I was informed that only 1 hour was billed at $14.50 and that the 26 minutes was billed at a rate of $0.40/minute which is a rate of $24.00/hour, a far cry from the $14.50/hour that I should be paying. I was irate as you can well imagine. There is no published rate of $0.40/minute. Check out the published rates. It is illegal to charges rates that are not published and in hindsight I should have called the police and taught these rip-off artists a lesson. The receptionist was clearly inexperienced and ill-equipped to deal with an irate customer. She tried calling the owner but he didn’t pick up. She finally decided that she would only charge me $0.25/minute for the 26 minutes(which would amount to a $3.00 refund) but she was not allowed to refund my debit card (have you ever heard of something so ridiculous?). I asked for the business card of the owner. He doesn’t have a business card. I asked for the email of the owner. Apparently he doesn’t have email either. I will find another practice facility. I wouldn’t return to Launch for free.

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  1. Adil Says:

    I had a similar experience

    My first time there, we got the two hour special. No clocks in the range area. I was under the impression that someone informs you when the time is up.

    Even when we signed up, the person at the front desk did not mention the OVERTIME rate. Which lead us to believe that we would be notified when our time is up.

    We were late by 23 minutes and got charged an extra $30

    The guy at the front desk was very rude and simply said that if we wanted we could call the owner.

    So we did, on the phone the OWNER without listening to us. Said that we r “not nice” people.

    Never going back there,
    These people are running a corrupt business


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