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January 29, 2016

Shoppers Drug Mart

Filed under: Retail — Editor @ 9:51 pm

I have also been mistreated at Shoppers. I was in the store to buy a few items. I seen some items in the store that my husband may be interested in. Needless to say I took a few pic’s with my phone to show him. Well I took my items to the Cash. Another (presumably) Cashier said to me you are NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PICTURES’, I sincerely apologized and said I was not aware that it was illegal.

I paid for my items and proceeded out to my vehicle. I just got in my vehicle and a man came to the vehicle. I had no idea who he was, I rolled down my window and he said you are not allowed in the store anymore. He showed no Identification, nothing. He could have been Joe Blow. I have since sent a letter to Head Office which again today asked via email, it has been 2 wks. and I have yet to hear back about this incidence.

Another time I went in to the Pharmacy. The Store Manager assisted me. I asked her for the Tylenol 1 generic brand, she said to me, next time I will not sell you this. You have been here to many times. I said to her I have not been here purchasing Tylenol for a very long time. She persisted that she see’s me all the time. I got a little irritated and said, I’m sorry you have NOT seen me here, nor have I seen you. She said nothing. I was stunned. They all need to take a PR course. I would say there is only 2 Cashiers at the Lansdowne St.W store in Peterborough,ON. As I end this I guess b/c I took picture’s, which nowhere is there a sign, I am banned from the Store. This is the second time. First time I opened a pkg. of bandages last year b/c you could not see inside the box. I ended up with two (apparently) Store Security, the one a female abt. 21-22, was really showing off. She must have just started and thought she would be Ms. Toughy. I was going out to my vehicle when they both approached me. She body checked me, used her phone to take a picture of my License Plate (my Property). I called the store when I got home and the Ass’t Mgr. said that should never have happened. I sent a letter to Shopper’s Head Office. I couldn’t believe it, they took the word of the two Security People. I was never so embarrassed. Why I went in this time, they are only 5min. from my home. I have seen the last of Shoppers’, I have never in my life been treated so rudely, disrespected, no Identification. The store told me they could not tell me who the Security people were employed with, it was against Company Policy. I will find out, I don’t care if it takes a year. These people as well as the workers’ in the store should all be reported to HRDC. There are Rules for these stores and they need to be reported, it is not just the shopper that has to abide by rules. These stores have a license number and the person who is unjustly abused should have access to these License’s as well as the Store Manager’s Name.

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