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October 30, 2011


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This complaint was removed at the original poster’s request. The company apparently resolved the issue in exchange for removal of the post. We would like to congratulate Junk Van for taking care of the issue and their customer. It is a sign of what all businesses should do. It’s better to take care of a customer than create a mess to be cleaned up later on. Nice work Junk Van and congratulations to the customer that had their customer service complaint resolved. We wish both parties the best of luck moving forward.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

25 Responses to “1-888-Junk-Van”

  1. Steve B Says:

    I also had an issue with this company. I purchased a 250lb junk removal voucher, then booked 888JunkVan to come do a pick up. They were a no-show for the booking. upon finally getting ahold of them, we rescheduled for the next day at 9am.
    The driver called to say he would be late and that I needn’t be around for him to load the garbage.

    Fortunately I did stick around – when the driver finally showed up, the truck was already loaded with someone else’s garbage.

    I then recieved a large charge on my Visa. I phoned to inquire about how they were able to distinguish between my garbage and the previous customers garbage (to determine the charge by weight), however after 6 un-returned phone calls and numerous un-returned emails, I am still out a bunch of money. I have started an inquiry via Visa, but to say 888junkvan are uncooperative would be a giant understatement.
    They simply ignore cheated customers instead hoping they will eventually give up,

  2. :omdsau Says:

    Same thing happened to me. I filed a dispute with my credit card company (Capital One) and they ruled in favour of 1-888-JUNK-VAN; they said that since I had given them my credit card number there was nothing they could do. I am furious. I hope that CIBC Visa treats you better and reverses the charges.

  3. Patrick Says:

    I was informed we have had a couple complaints placed on this service about our company . We at 888-JUNK-VAN pride ourselves on service to our clients . We are a nation wide company that has service more then 16 000 clients and 10 000 000 pounds of junk taken away with very few complaints . I would like to ask any clients that feel our service wasn’t what they expected to contact me directly .
    Thank you
    Patrick T
    [email protected]

  4. Chris Says:

    Same story here guys, hired them to remove a load of dried brush from the back yard. I asked the lady on the phone when I booked the apt what their rate would be and she assured me that the driver would give me an estimate, they also needed my visa number to book the apt. They were supposed to call 30mins prior to arriving, they did not they did call and said they’d be late. They did not call when they arrived, I knew they came because all the brush was gone along with a few other junk items that I did not ask them to take (this was to save money, I would’ve removed those items myself)

    they didn’t even call to tell me how much it weighed, I just received the invoice stating it was $1300.00. They claimed the brush (that had been drying all summer) weighed 4000lbs, about two of my vehicles. Unreal, 1) I would never have asked them to take it if they gave me the quote 2) there’s no way it weighed that much.

    I spent a month calling and leaving messages with numerous employees all assuring me a manager would call me back that day or the next. Finally I had to threaten to go to BBB (by the way this business claims to be accredited by the BBB, they are not. BBB as an alert on them if you check the website). When Marcus King the owner finally called me he said that his driver did call me and left a message (Lie, I kept my phone call history to prove it) and said because of the bad experience he was prepared to give me half my money back “but had to charge me something because they are a small business and have to pay the bills” (oh these guys also claim customer service is a priority)

    So i accepted the refund of half my money. About a week ago a guy calls me asking me if there was anything they could do to get me to remove my complaint about them from I told him that I am not prepared to do that as I feel others should know what they are getting into. Well he said that it’s no worries their lawyers will be able to get it taken down with just a phone call. I said that he can go ahead and have his lawyers remove it but I would not be taking down my comment.

    Consumer beware of this company, there are too many bad comments.


  5. Toon Retera Says:

    My experience was very possitive with this company. they cleaned my basement and took all the stuff to the dump,and didnot charge me extra for the additional 3 days for the binrental. Very possitive. Thank you Marcus Kingo I use your co.any time.Toon

  6. Cassandre Says:

    Same thing here, they took probably about 100lbs of junk from my recent reno and then after my Dealfind coupon of 250lbs still charged me 181.00 over and above the 250lbs. When the driver got here his truck was already 1/3 full, it had 3 large mattresses in it and all sorts of other stuff. When i asked him how they would weigh my stuff against the junk that was already in there he couldn’t comment as he told me the scales had not been put in their truck yet but he’d weigh it when they got to the dump . . . huh??? Of course shortly after that I got the bill for the extra weight which i KNOW was not over 100lbs. I ended up getting 1/2 my bill “credited” it seems to be their way of doing business (whoever complains, give them 1/2 their money back, we’ll still make a great profit!!). I see this company on Dealfind still all the time so they can rip more people off, shame on you Dealfind for continuing with this company, shame on me for buying it.

  7. Brendan Says:

    ?1-888-Junk-Van charged my credit card three times with unauthorized charges totalling over $1200.00. They have given me the run-around returning my calls and settling this issue. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. The charges appeared 2 months after I initially used their service, as if I would not pay attention to my credit card statements.

    There are over 30 complaints about the same practice on the Better Business Bureau website. I will do everything in my power to warn the public about this company. Do not give them your business. Charging people’s credit cards with unauthorized charges is FRAUD. You will have to go through your credit card company to be reimbursed.

  8. Chad Says:

    1-888-JUNK-VAN definitely doesn’t try to make things easy for their customers. When I booked, they told me they can’t say you what time of day they will be there. It could be anytime from 8am until the evening. They say they will call you 15 minutes before they arrive. What they don’t say is that if you happen to not be right beside your phone all day and miss the call, it constitutes a cancellation, for which you will be charged.

    Booking took 2 days – they were too busy to take the booking, took my phone number and said they would call back within 30 minutes. I didn’t get a call until the next day.

    Surely there are better options out there.

  9. Marcus Kingo Says:

    As the owner of 1-888-JUNK-VAN, I take complaints very serious, and I advice anyone with a complaint or issue to forward it to me personally, and I will do my very best to look after this for you.

    I can be reached at [email protected] or on my personal cell at 519-872-5865

  10. gill Says:

    I wen through a similar experience with 1888junkvan as well. I called daily was given no help only fake promises. They overcharged me as well. They picked up my waste which was no more than some old chairs. My credit card was charged for a weight that was not possible. I figure that they pick up peoples waste all day, lets say ten homes worth, then go to the junk yard to dump the waste. The weight of all the waste is totalled and then each customer from that day is billed for that amount. Which means each customer that the truck picked up waste from was charged the final amount. I suspect by the hundreds of complaints that Marcus king has been ripping people off all over the country. We should all form a group and have this man investigated.

  11. Concerned customer Says:

    Hi, I live in Surrey BC and I called the number on those yellow signs all over the place. Well when the guy showed up at my house , he introduced himself as Sherif ( a big man with dark skin ) and when he approached me all I could smell was pot . I don’t think that was very proper for your business . All I wanted to do was get him off my property at that point .. Please get back to me and let me know your thoughts or what you are doing about it … Thank you

  12. jonh Says:

    I got some junk pick up to day and I love the person good with kids and good price from 1 888 junk van on time nice man will do it again

  13. Marcus Kingo Says:

    HI Gill, Unfortunately I do not know who you are, but if you have any concern at all please contact me directly at 519-872-5865 or via email at [email protected], and I will make sure you will get looked after.

    Thank You

  14. P Thompson Says:

    We have used several Rubbish removal companies previous to our finding this company . They did two removals for my family. Once they arrived at my home my mother had asked if I could attempt to get them to come back and move an old fridge from the basement .
    These gentlemen drove 30km back ,tor the fridge apart and kindly took it for my mother .
    This was my beer fridge from university which Im sure still had food from ten years ago.
    My mother and I gave them a large tip and will use there service again .
    I noticed some complaints here and am curious if anyone understands weight at all .
    We were burnt previously by moving a full rental property by a volume based business and feel that at least these guys are honest, upfront and extremely nice considering they just left my moms previous to picking up my junk.

  15. Gill Says:

    Marcus will your company take of me again by charging me and all the other people way to much for what was picked up? Your company is over charging people. You pick up people’s junk all day and the final weight of the truck/bin is what you charge each customer. That is fraud. If I was charged the right amount my junk would have been the only junk in the truck. There was other people’s junk. Your trucks can’t possibly go to the junk yard and drop off waste and bill customers separate.

    I spoke to you and all you kept giving me was the run around. You know very well you are scamming people on the weight of their waste.

  16. mermaid Says:

    Big time crooks! If you got ripped off then call the head office immediately. I too got suckered into the wagjag deal. The franchise owner said that my pile was well over 250lbs and like somebody else posted here on yelp :” I’m a big guy and weigh 300lbs, so I know what it is”. Furthermore he said that mattresses were included in the 250lbs, when headoffice told me no, its $25 more. In the end I told him to give me back my mattress and that I would get another company to take away my trash and to only take 250lbs worth. In all he took 2 pieces – not even close to 250lbs.
    THe franchise owner was condescending, belittling and unprofessional.

    I went on yelp right after and read all the horror stories and decided to call the headoffice. I talked to the CEO. He admitted to having faulty scales and that they were in the process of changing them.
    In the end he said that he would reimburse my money, but wanted to charge me the $15 wagjag fee – incredible! I demanded a full refund for all this hassle and false advertising. He said that he would then refund the full amount . I mean why charge me $15 for taking away 2 pieces of wood?!?
    It’s obvious to me that this company will not last very much longer. I will check my credit card bill to be sure of the full reimbursement – if not, its off to the BBB i go!

  17. Connie Says:

    I have seen this company advertise the same deal on NUMEROUS sites and I had been wary about trying it until it was offered by Groupon. Groupon and Living Social are the only two companies that I will deal with anymore, as I know both are reliable companies for helping customers with problem, if they arise with a deal.

    I purchased a deal through Groupon and attempted to schedule a pick-up for the last week of July. All I have for them to pick up is a refrigerator. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to get a pick-up until three weeks later. I was asked for my preference of pick-up time and requested morning, which is from 8am to 12pm.

    Fast forward to today (Monday, August 13th) the date of the pick-up. I decided to call the company this morning to make sure that my appointment hadn’t gotten lost since it was made three weeks ago. So at 7am I called and my address was confirmed and that I was scheduled for a morning pick-up.

    I waited home all day (even though I was told they would call 30 minutes before pick-up, I didn’t want to risk missing them) and finally called the company at 4:30pm MST to see if they were still coming. The customer service agent was not helpful in the least. She initially told me that Calgary had had a problem with the download of pick-ups this morning, but that there were no reschedules that she was aware of. I remarked that it was somewhat irritating that I had waited home all day for a morning pick-up to which she told me the time was “not a guarantee but a preference.” I asked why they bothered to ask for a preference if they might show up at any time to which she replied that “no one should have asked you about your preference.” I cannot say that I found her comments or tone professional nor helpful. In any case, I asked when pick-ups were usually done for the day and she told me normally 8am – 5pm but it was likely they were just running behind and I would still have my stuff picked up.

    It is now 6:22pm at night, the dump is now closed and I haven’t heard from the company. I seriously doubt they will be coming to do a pick-up at this point, but don’t even want to deal with them anymore. A quick logon to google search only to see that most other customers who have dealt with this company have been less than satisfied and have been overcharged beyond belief. I am wondering, though, if that is why I didn’t get a visit. For one, I stated that all I had for pick-up was a fridge (so no overcharge there!) and secondly, I said I would pay cash rather than provide my credit card.

    This business seems very shady and the reason you see them offering the $35 for 250lbs pick-up is to lure you in then scam you. I am now hoping that Groupon will be able to help me.

  18. Rupert Says:

    I agree with all the NEGATIVE comments here. Totally disgusted with everyting about this company from the moment they set foot on my property. Rude, over estimating weight, hectoring, threatening, billed me $25 tip that I hadn’t authorized.

    Waited 15 mins on the phone to (hopefully) get the $25 tip removed. That lady was nice but I don’t think that they will change.

  19. Junk Says:

    I was thinking to use this company but after reading all the stories I feel bad and will find another company thank you guys for Shareing

  20. Absolutely Disgusted Says:

    I too purchased this coupon from groupon. $35 voucher to remove 250 lbs of junk. I needed to remove 3 tube TVs that are each 60lb and also one tiny chair as well as some wires.

    First, I regret not doing researches before I bought the coupon and when I called the 1-888-junk-van, the customer rep was very helpful and explained everything clearly. SHE did mention that the driver would show me the scale and would stop loading when the 250lb mark was up.

    I booked the appointment for today. 3 big buff men showed up and the older one distracted me by telling me this other promotion they are having while the other 2 men sneakily load the items to their trunk. Then suddenly, one of the men said “its already over the limit, its at 360lb now…” and I was just so gobsmacked and speechless at the same time. I asked why they didnt tell me when the 250lb was up and they said rudely that they thought I just wanted to remove eveything. and I said if they could unload because I didnt want to pay any EXTRA MONEY. The men refused… at that time, I still had one TV left. The older one suggested me to just throw it away and that TV would be just about 50lb. then after,they gave me a weigh of 400lb….. 180KG….. I was super shocked but seriously it was intimidating at the same time because they were 3 buff men and I am just a girl. They were rude and the total I had to pay was $53. I asked whether I could take a look at the scale, they said ” sorry we cant show you and plus, we have already reset it back to 0″ I asked if they could reset it but he said NO.

    I paid the $53 but seriously just because I was intimidated by them. The TV was not heavy at all. I could lift it by myself so I dont know where they got the 400lb from nor whether they even have a scale in their trunk. The whole procedure was just so ridiculous and sneaky. How do I know the trunk was not empty before they came to my house OR if they do as they claim that they have a scale, did they really set it back to 0 before loading my items? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    I called the customer rep wishing to speak to the manager, the girl couldnt care less and told me rudily that the manager was not around and after I had explained the matter to her . She simply told me that the driver was usually very precise and that she will get someone to call me and if I havent heard back I should call back on MONDAY. HELLO???? WHy do I have to call back, and how hard is it to return a damn call and today is THURSDAY and how long does it take you to call me and settle the matter?

    This is totally a SCAM and I am actually thinking about taking legal actions. I STILL BELIEVE that there’s justice. I am surprised that the company still survives after numerous complaints online. They are dishonest and

  21. Greg Says:

    Same issue. I bought a coupon through Dealfind for $35 to remove 250 pounds of junk. I weighed what was picked up. It was 235 pounds. I was charged for 463 pounds and charged an extra $71. I contacted the company and was issued a generic email saying they would contact me. They never did – what a surprise!


  22. Eleanor McLaughlin Says:

    Worst customer service I have received in a long time! Also had a coupon, explained I would be at work but my husband who is Deaf would be home, they would not be able to phone when they were on the way. Very nice woman on the phone assured me it would not be a problem, they would make us the first appt. They did not show, when I called they first said my husband was not home, I assured them he was. Then to my amazement the rep said they could not be expected to communicate with Deaf people! I told him they could write things down , there should not be much communication needed, we just needed to pay the tax and the tip. We had a small load of stuff. Rep said what if you have more than you realize? I told him, write it down, you can communicate that way with my husband. Apparently they are not willing to write down their comments…..very interesting. Needless to say they did not show up and I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone.

  23. Ron Says:

    Guys I am starting work on a class action lawsuit, anyone who wants to join, I will have a website up soon. As we I wonder if this owner is a citizen?

  24. New Customer of JUNK VAN Says:

    buy a voucher from teambuy get 250 lbs, schedule a day pickup, no show, ok, schedule another day, finaly come but charge a big chunk of saying my weight is 500 lb, bull shit.

    must be supervision on what they are doing during garbge pickup

  25. N Lewis Says:

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I waited a year before I could use the certificate I purchased for 250 lb removal. My original appointment was for early in the day and when I phoned to confirm their arrival, the receptionist was rude to me and told me they would show up when they show up. Turns out they showed up at 5 minutes before their end-of-day.

    I responded to the “self proclaimed” owner’s initial question with only one sentence and he verbally attacked me out of the blue. He stated that I was rude to his receptionist (likely his wife) and said I “CAN TAKE MY OWN F*** GARBAGE TO THE DUMP”. He got in his truck and drove away leaving me standing there dumbfounded. He obviously came with an agenda. As it turns out, I did take the stuff to the dump and it cost me 1/2 the value of my coupon.

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