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April 1, 2012

Noble/ Vega/ Capital Moving

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Horrible experience. Below is my email to Noble that fell on deaf ears with $0 compensation or recognition of horrible service

Part 1 – Claim
I have reviewed your claim form on your website as you suggest and the problem with what you are suggesting and as I already mentioned to you on March 22nd is that at no point in time did your staff advise me to track what was coming off the truck. This was even despite me immediately advising the driver that the truck appeared to substantially be missing items. I in fact concentrated my efforts on directing guys where boxes and items were to go in the house and even helped unpack certain items (which you were paid for). Had I been advised to track all items and cross off the list, I would have done so.

This has now created a situation where I have half the items in my house unpacked and no ability to cross off what was on the original list. I therefore cannot fill out your form. Further on the day of the move, I called Twyla she informed me that I should sign the inventory form but qualify it to note that items were missing and that there was damage. I did as such as you will note on your copy. If you wish to get specific inventory numbers, I suggest your staff come to my house and go through all the items to cross off the list and see what is then missing. I do not have the time to do this.

Please accept this email as my claim.

My claim includes the following damaged items for now until I can review everything:
· Master Bedroom bedside table laminate chipped and damaged
· My front lawn was damaged by your moving truck

Because of the circumstances Noble has put me in with no ability to reconcile what was packed in Vancouver and what was “unpacked” or simply “moved” into the house or garage in Toronto, all I can do is to the best of my recollection advise of what is missing. That includes the following missing as mentioned to Twyla on March 19th and you on March 22nd:
· A Ikea Wall mirror approximately 7’X5’
· Hardware for my master bed (I am still stuck with sleeping on a kids bed in the mean time). See item 1 a) 1 below for my best explanation as to where the hardware is
· Legs to 2 Ikea side table (tops approximately 2.5’x2.5’)
· Legs and hardware for patio table
· Additional items that I can recall since my conversations with you and Twyla:
§ 2 of my kids bikes
§ 2 Garbage cans
Again this is only to the best of my recollection for today. The complete list of missing items cannot be made until after the first one the following happening:
1. Your staff comes to cross off the list via numbers on items and unpacked items moved on the 22nd (the boxes are still in the garage as your staff left them). I suggest this get done sooner than later to avoid dealing with more and more items that I will unpack.
2. I get to unpack all items (please note I work full time and then some and have 1 – 1.5 days each weekend to work at this until my family gets here first week in May). With this, I do not accept your 10 day “claim period” as this could take me much longer to unpack.

I would appreciate some feedback on the status of this claim by the end of the business day March 28th and feedback on options 1 or 2 above.

Part 2 – Complaint
As mentioned to you on March 22nd, you should be aware of the following that took place on this move:

1. Packing:
a. Your staff were not coordinated nor did it appear to have leadership. The following was the result:
1. I constantly had to revisit rooms where they your staff had already been and ask them to finish the left overs (misc. small item left behind)
2. I did not observe any proper tracking or packing of hardware for items that were disassembled nor was I advised how this was being done

2. Unpacking
a. Before paying for a full unpack, I requested to have this tracked instead and pay afterwards as I was not aware of how much unpacking I was going to need done. Instead Twyla noted more concern on getting paid first and said you either get to pay what we packed or all of it, no in between. In the end Noble has
b. I mentioned before anything was removed off the truck that it appeared several items were missing. This did not seem to bother or concern your staff into tracking things, just getting paid.
c. Your staff were uncoordinated nor did it appear to have leadership or a good attitude. The following was the result:
i. I was greeted by your driver with “need payment first”
ii. As this was being processed, I made chit chat and noted the nice weather. The reply was “I don’t know, I hate my job”
iii. Despite paying for everything to be unpacked, the driver started to argue with me that they will only unpack items that Noble packed. I had to convince that I paid otherwise and that we will take it box by box.
iv. Your staff had no rhyme or reason and needed me to constantly go back into rooms to show them how to unpack obvious things like:
a. taped together dining chairs. I had to tell them take the tape off and put them in the dining room next to the table.
b. All the garden tools. I had to tell them to take the tape off and unravel the tools
c. On and on…..they still left items behind unwrapped
v. Your staff would not clean up the left over boxes or paper and left everything on the back deck for “me” to deal with

All in all, I can tell you that I do not accept your argument in my discussion with you on March 22nd that this is “part of the industry” as there are too many disappointing factors to be coincidental and “part of the industry”. I have a family of 5 to deal with through this, never have done this before and have the company paying for everything. With this, I was expecting and told by colleagues that experienced movers can help in every way possible to help with this move. It seems I got the opposite and still have no definitive action from Noble other that explanations of logistics. Had a testimonial on your website or a blog on the internet or news media coverage noted a story similar to this, I would have either reconsidered the move, done more research, or spent more money on “professional movers”.

I am appealing for quick action in the interest of Noble’s reputation. Again, I would appreciate some feedback on the status of this claim by the end of the business day March 28th and feedback on options 1 or 2 of Part 1 above.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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