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April 1, 2012


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My Rogers 3 year contract will be up in May of 2012 and both my phones are still working fine and I have no need to update to new ones. I called Rogers retention department and asked how much my bill would be reduced because the phones original cost had been amortized of the 3 year term, their answer was my bill would not change. When I pushed the agent on the costs of the phones no longer being a part of the monthly bill he told me they Rogers do not amortize the cost of the phone in the monthly bill. This response shocked me and I went on to ask if the phone price is not amortized as part of the monthly bill and I didn’t pay for them in full how where they paid for? His answer was to say the least total BS because he tried to convince me the phones are paid for up front, not amortized but he couldn’t explain how that is covered in my monthly bill. His comment made no sense because we all know that if you want out of your contract before the term ends Rogers charges a hefty cancellation fee that they clearly admit is to pay for the total cost of the phones the gave you in order to get you into a 3 year contract, that means the phones are amortized over the term of the contract.

I went on to ask what would I save if I decided to buy my next phone for cash up front and not sign a new 3 year contract? I was told I wouldn’t save anything and in fact if I don’t sign a new contract and get a new phone my monthly bill would probably go up because I wouldn’t be eligible for many of the special discounts contract customers can apply for. In my opinion this is just plain criminal because I have paid in full for my phone and if I don’t sign a new contract or need a new phone I’m paying for something I haven’t received by default.

I’m no lawyer and it’s just my opinion but it would seem to me this must be against the law and I would be very interest to know if anyone has challenge this intimidating way Rogers tries to force customers to renew their contracts.

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