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January 2, 2010

Little Lie Big Lie about food and Stephen Harper

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I remember a while back Steven Harper stating the price of food will not go up due to the recession. Well I am guessing about a year or so ago, manufacturers changed their packaging of most all food products. I wondered why they were doing that. The reason for it was they have cut the quantity of food per package to a little more than half the size it used to be, and charge the same price or a little more for it. So sure the price of food didn’t go up much, but the amount you get for the same price was cut in half. They did it a sneaky way, little by little, in hope that people would not notice. Do they think we are all idiots or what? This really makes me furious!! It’s not only in grocery stores either, it’s in restaurants. Tim Horton’s for example. The price of a measly little tim bit has gone up 6 cents in about a year, and the size of them has been cut in half. Have you noticed that fitting 40 tim bits in one of those boxes is not nearly as hard as it used to be? When you got them before you couldn’t close the box it was so full, now there is room to spare.

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