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December 21, 2009

Dell laptop

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I got your email from a Chinese newspaper of Montreal, and I would like to complain about a Dell laptop I bought on March 27th, 2009.
The product SKU is 10118295, brand: INSPIRON, model: 115-2169E, serial number: 2J5Q7H1.

After installing Microsoft office 2007 and other softwares, I was very happy to start the computer. Unfortunately, the computer just couldn’t pass some step, then I had to skip it and continued the operation. Later, I uninstalled some softwares because my friend told me Vista could have conflicts with softwares in Chinese, but the problem still existed.
Around May 1st, three days and one month after I bought the laptop, I went to Futureshop where I bought the laptop, the technician received it and found that the hard disk failed but the manager refused to change the laptop because I had not brought it to Futureshop within 14 days after the purchase. But as an ordinary customer, how could I imagine that the hard disk of a brandnew laptop had already failed?
But finally, I accepted to change the hard disk, which means I paid the price of brandnew laptop to buy a defected one! I cannot imagine how Dell could sell a defected laptop as brandnew to its customers!

Three weeks ago, that’s November, the system suddenly reminded me that a file was missing and the computer could not be started, so I had to bring the laptop to Futureshop again, that was November 29th, 2009. The problem was HDD boot failure, unit failed to load windows.

I bought two years of garantee which will expire March, 2001. I don’t know how many times the hard disk of this laptop will fail again, then how much money I have to spend buying new hard disks? I am really tired of the same problem, especially when I am rushing with my homework.

Is it too late for me to ask Dell to change the laptop directly?
Thanks a lot for your time and attention on my email.

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  1. dell scuks Says:

    I agree, Ive been trying to work the bugs out in my new dell purchased 3 weeks ago. It cant even run a brand new dvd without freezing. Windows 7 clearly sucks ass and is further compounded by a computer that sucks equally. The last $1200 Ill ever spend on dell.

    FWIW my 5 year old Inspiron walks circles around this new one.

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