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October 19, 2010

Geeks on the Way

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I live in Toronto and contacted the Toronto office of Geeks on the Way and scheduled onsite assistance with an ongoing sound issue on the internet.

I made it clear to the booker and also to the technician (by way of note) that if the issue couldn’t be resolved, we need the computer backed up on an external hard drive (left for him to set up) so I could restore the computer to the factory settings.

When it was clear he couldn’t resolved the sound issue, my husband prompted him to back up the computer. He left saying “It’s almost done and will be backed up in a few minutes.” The problem is he didn’t back up all of the computer including the documents and settings files and didn’t see fit to let us know.

He did, however take it upon himself to delete our antivirus software and load up some new software (for $50) without checking in. When my husband called him on that, he uninstalled it.

This is where it gets really fun. I restored the computer with the help of Dell Technical Support to discover we have sound on the Internet, and that I’ve lost all my emails (but he did back up my contacts). I discover next that we have no antivirus protection on the computer.

After lengthy discussions with the Toronto manager, Lisa, it’s clear that this is all really my fault. My fault for not being there. My fault for leaving a note. My fault for wanting him to wrap it up in an hour. The antivirus removal — it’s sort of their fault. They’ve offered to help me download free software off the computer though — how sweet.

When I suggested I would tell people that they give terrrible service, Lisa said she would not replace the antivirus they deleted.

Some of the worst customer service I’ve ever had.

Thanks for reading this.

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3 Responses to “Geeks on the Way”

  1. Cherad Says:

    I had bought a DELL laptop online for my son and Dell emailed confirming that the delivery will be the following week. When i called Dell told me that the delivery date given was for the mouse and headphone not for the laptop! even though their conforming email did not specify anything about the delivery being only for the accessories!
    I really believe Dell does that to trick and deceive people for believing that they can manage a shorter delivery which is basically fraud. At the end Dell is messing about with their own customers and i trust they will pay dearly for swindling them so evidently.

  2. Getreal Says:

    Actually it was your fault, you had unrealistic expectations with no real knowledge of the problem or how long it would take to resolve, in fact you can’t even describe the problem.

  3. Lillian Sly Says:

    My computer was frozen and I called Geeks on the Way. It is no longer frozen, but my address book was dumped and a seven year old one ( that was in a file labelled “stuff from the old hard drive” ) was substituted. It will be weeks or months before I’ve restored my personal and business contacts. Many of the other functions on the computer were not restored. It took 6 hours of tech help over 5 days to regain ability to connect with a large external database I need daily for my work. My scanner is no longer functioning, an hour and a half with tech help today, has not restored it.

    One of the techs who has been trying to help me get functional again asked ” What did he DO to your computer?”

    So much for “satisfaction guaranteed”.

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