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April 1, 2012

Noble/ Vega/ Capital Moving

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Horrible experience. Below is my email to Noble that fell on deaf ears with $0 compensation or recognition of horrible service

Part 1 – Claim
I have reviewed your claim form on your website as you suggest and the problem with what you are suggesting and as I already mentioned to you on March 22nd is that at no point in time did your staff advise me to track what was coming off the truck. This was even despite me immediately advising the driver that the truck appeared to substantially be missing items. I in fact concentrated my efforts on directing guys where boxes and items were to go in the house and even helped unpack certain items (which you were paid for). Had I been advised to track all items and cross off the list, I would have done so.

This has now created a situation where I have half the items in my house unpacked and no ability to cross off what was on the original list. I therefore cannot fill out your form. Further on the day of the move, I called Twyla she informed me that I should sign the inventory form but qualify it to note that items were missing and that there was damage. I did as such as you will note on your copy. If you wish to get specific inventory numbers, I suggest your staff come to my house and go through all the items to cross off the list and see what is then missing. I do not have the time to do this.

Please accept this email as my claim.

My claim includes the following damaged items for now until I can review everything:
· Master Bedroom bedside table laminate chipped and damaged
· My front lawn was damaged by your moving truck

Because of the circumstances Noble has put me in with no ability to reconcile what was packed in Vancouver and what was “unpacked” or simply “moved” into the house or garage in Toronto, all I can do is to the best of my recollection advise of what is missing. That includes the following missing as mentioned to Twyla on March 19th and you on March 22nd:
· A Ikea Wall mirror approximately 7’X5’
· Hardware for my master bed (I am still stuck with sleeping on a kids bed in the mean time). See item 1 a) 1 below for my best explanation as to where the hardware is
· Legs to 2 Ikea side table (tops approximately 2.5’x2.5’)
· Legs and hardware for patio table
· Additional items that I can recall since my conversations with you and Twyla:
§ 2 of my kids bikes
§ 2 Garbage cans
Again this is only to the best of my recollection for today. The complete list of missing items cannot be made until after the first one the following happening:
1. Your staff comes to cross off the list via numbers on items and unpacked items moved on the 22nd (the boxes are still in the garage as your staff left them). I suggest this get done sooner than later to avoid dealing with more and more items that I will unpack.
2. I get to unpack all items (please note I work full time and then some and have 1 – 1.5 days each weekend to work at this until my family gets here first week in May). With this, I do not accept your 10 day “claim period” as this could take me much longer to unpack.

I would appreciate some feedback on the status of this claim by the end of the business day March 28th and feedback on options 1 or 2 above.

Part 2 – Complaint
As mentioned to you on March 22nd, you should be aware of the following that took place on this move:

1. Packing:
a. Your staff were not coordinated nor did it appear to have leadership. The following was the result:
1. I constantly had to revisit rooms where they your staff had already been and ask them to finish the left overs (misc. small item left behind)
2. I did not observe any proper tracking or packing of hardware for items that were disassembled nor was I advised how this was being done

2. Unpacking
a. Before paying for a full unpack, I requested to have this tracked instead and pay afterwards as I was not aware of how much unpacking I was going to need done. Instead Twyla noted more concern on getting paid first and said you either get to pay what we packed or all of it, no in between. In the end Noble has
b. I mentioned before anything was removed off the truck that it appeared several items were missing. This did not seem to bother or concern your staff into tracking things, just getting paid.
c. Your staff were uncoordinated nor did it appear to have leadership or a good attitude. The following was the result:
i. I was greeted by your driver with “need payment first”
ii. As this was being processed, I made chit chat and noted the nice weather. The reply was “I don’t know, I hate my job”
iii. Despite paying for everything to be unpacked, the driver started to argue with me that they will only unpack items that Noble packed. I had to convince that I paid otherwise and that we will take it box by box.
iv. Your staff had no rhyme or reason and needed me to constantly go back into rooms to show them how to unpack obvious things like:
a. taped together dining chairs. I had to tell them take the tape off and put them in the dining room next to the table.
b. All the garden tools. I had to tell them to take the tape off and unravel the tools
c. On and on…..they still left items behind unwrapped
v. Your staff would not clean up the left over boxes or paper and left everything on the back deck for “me” to deal with

All in all, I can tell you that I do not accept your argument in my discussion with you on March 22nd that this is “part of the industry” as there are too many disappointing factors to be coincidental and “part of the industry”. I have a family of 5 to deal with through this, never have done this before and have the company paying for everything. With this, I was expecting and told by colleagues that experienced movers can help in every way possible to help with this move. It seems I got the opposite and still have no definitive action from Noble other that explanations of logistics. Had a testimonial on your website or a blog on the internet or news media coverage noted a story similar to this, I would have either reconsidered the move, done more research, or spent more money on “professional movers”.

I am appealing for quick action in the interest of Noble’s reputation. Again, I would appreciate some feedback on the status of this claim by the end of the business day March 28th and feedback on options 1 or 2 of Part 1 above.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

March 1, 2012

Super Air Duct Cleaning Company in Toronto

Filed under: Service Based — Editor @ 1:28 pm

I am not sure if this is the kind of story that you might be interested in but I felt so taken advantage of in dealing with this company that I feel compelled to reach out to the media and online world to share my experience.

I bought a Kijiji Deals coupon for a Toronto-based company called “Super Air Duct Cleaning (; 416-913-0704) to come and clean my ducts – it was advertised as $475 of value for $79. The only problem is that when you read the fine print on the coupon it informs you that every vent (including heat registers AND cold air returns) over 10 costs an extra $8. So the supposed $79 service was actually going to cost me closer to $300. While they were here they also tried to convince me that I needed to have my furnace cleaned – that was only going to cost a mere $389 extra!!

In the end I told them to stop before they even got to the basement because they were blowing dust all over the place and actually ripped the drywall in our living room trying to get the cold air vent off (haven’t these guys ever heard of an exact-o knife?). I refused to pay anything additional until I spoke to the owner of the company because the service guys refused to take responsibility for the damage to our living room wall. They then became abusive and threatening and in the end before storming out the house they actually disconnected our furnace so we had no heat until placing an after hours service call.

When I finally got a hold of “Annie” at the office (I had to call three times because she didn’t respond to my first two messages) I was told that she couldn’t help me because there was no record of the service being delivered since I hadn’t paid their representatives.

These guys are absolute rip off artists, completely unprofessional and shouldn’t be allowed to conduct business here.

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

December 28, 2011

Rogers Wireless

Filed under: Service Based — Editor @ 9:46 pm

My summarized complain is Rogers promised me to get a special plan for 52 dollars including tax to renew 3 more years plan and then send me the bill for 76 dollars and nobody listen to me. Here are the full details

3 years, that’s the amount of time I have been a customer cheated by Rogers. In fact I have been trying to please myself over those years but something happened last 2 month that I would like to call to your attention.

In Sept, I called customer services to cancel the service as the 3 year plan was finished and I would like to keep my number. Customer service person
“Sue Paul” convinced me to continue 3 more years and offers me 45 dollars deal and he extend the 500 min. to be 600 min out-bound calls.

He said It will take 2 months to adjust the bills and asked me to pick my phone from the store. I went to the store and got my phone, I activated then I received 2 phone calls to confirm my understanding to the detailed plan which is total 52 dollars. I found the bill
charged by 76 not 52. I phoned the customer bad services department and they deny that they called me to confirm the offer and they said you should call us to activate the offer we gave to you, sorry sir your offer has been expired!!!. My argue was why should I call while I received 2 phone calls from you.

they promise to fix it and call me back .. no one call. It has been more than 2 months any advice?!

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

A & M Corsons

Filed under: Service Based — Editor @ 9:43 pm

A & M Corsons is requested to provide pool cleaning services to professional investor and Las Vegas, NV corporate CEO for property with pool in Tempe, AZ!

A & M Corsons say’s were so busy we just can’t do it but refers this professional property owner with a pool, to pool cleaning service Pristine Pools! Pristine pools starts out providing mediocur service trying to kill off black mold and algae suggesting one expensive fix after another, after professional property owner is charged over $500 dollars in 5 weeks Pristine pools suggests draining and acid washing pool and guarantee’s in writing this will cure the problem, cost $580.00 !

Pool is drained and Pristine Pools suggests outside contractor to fix and apoxy small cracks in pebble tec and repair / caulking / grouting to clean up pool cracks! Pool cracks still exist and repairs to tile band around pool undone! Pool is re-filled in early October but evidently left without chemicals and pump never turned back on and pool starts growing algae again then evidently a chemical is provided which kills the algae and drops the blooms / growth to bottom of pool. Professional property owner is only in the Phoenix area two or three days a month around work! Owner calls Pristine pools 2 or 3 times in October to make notification that pool is not in adiquate condition (Feed back from showings) to sell property which is listed on the market, owner get’s electric bill stating $35 dollar electric bill and realizes pump can not be on or running and calls Pristine Pools to notify them that pump is not on evidently and breaker / timer needs to be reset! Professional property owner comes into Phoenix November 4, 2011 and heads to property! No change in pool condition and extremely dirty, calls Pristine Pools and there again leave’s message for Pristine Pools owner requesting immediate attention to the pool as it will not sell with a filthy pool! Owner goes back to Las Vegas on November 7, 2011 and tries calling Pristine Pools owner again Wednesday November 9, 2011. No answer goes to answering machine again! Owner is back in Phoenix for the Thanksgiving Holiday from November 23 through 28, 2011. Owner tries to call Pristine Pools owner half a dozen times in 5 days, leaves numerous messages! Swimming pool Tech for Pristine Pools is initialling a sign in card every Friday and pool Chemicals are at a reasonable level, except pool is filthy and although were paying $100 dollars a month for service! Pool should never look like this 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks after draining and acid washing! Owner is forced to take corporate jet out of Las Vegas December 1, 2011 when more complaints from potential buyers and realtors make owner realize no one with Pristine Pools is taking care of the pool in spite of signing weekly visit card! Drives to property to verify condition and grab water sample and taking it to A & M Corsons! Finally contact Pristine Pools owner Nick Thursday evening making excuses for being in Colorado for Thanksgiving and un able to recieve phone messages! Tells owner he will be at property first thing Friday morning to fix and clean pool, owner shows up at pool at 5:15 PM Friday evening and no one in site and pool is just as filthy as ever in spite of being promised it would be taken care of first thing Friday morning! Owner Fires Pristine Pools at 5:20 PM on Friday December 2, 2011 and drives to A & M Corsons newest location in Chandler Arizona! Property Owner has told Pristine Pools he will be filing a lawsuit and requesting direct cost’s to cure, return of drain and acid wash payment and damages! Requests A & M Corson who refered this pool cleaning company to go to property and take picture’s / write report and owner would be glad to pay them consulting fee, and requests A & M Corson take over weekly maintence on the pool starting again after witnesses have examined pool! A & M Corson declines and say’s “They do not want to be involved between two customers although Pristine Pools by there own admission has not bought products from A & M Corson in over two years! A & M Corsons is basically covering up shotty service by pool cleaning service they refered and basically insinuating owner for some reason deserves to be screwed by Pristine Pools! Basically covering for the good old boys club and refusing to help weed out bad service providers from there own industry! Property Owner is a victim in this and has every right to take Pristine Pools to court to recover damages! A & M Corson will be subpoena’d to court as they refered Pristine Pools and should be the first people to stand up for the customer rather than covering up for there industry! Professional Investor Owners damages include cash on cash cost’s, utilities and property tax / insurance prorata for time between acid washing and being fired including court cost’s! Property owner is professional real estate investor and professional IT executive!

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

December 7, 2011

Samsung Horrible Customer Service

Filed under: Service Based — Editor @ 11:20 pm

My Samsung Focus phone was experiencing random resets. I sent it for repair, they said it was fixed. Two weeks later, it won’t turn on at all. I send it away and it comes back to me and they say there’s nothing wrong with it, it worked fine. However, upon inspection at the Rogers store when I was getting it back I realized it was damaged. A backplate was improperly put back on and the SD slot was bent. I left it at the store.

I contacted Samsung to see how my warranty works and I’m told that upon needing a third repair I get a new phone.
I call Samsung before going into the store to set my return up and they tell me that that’s not how the warranty works and it needs to be sent to them for inspection, I tell them I want what I was told the night before and they say I need to talk to Executive Customer Service.
I call Executive Customer Service when they open later in the day and I’m told that I actually need to send the phone back to the repair facility and that is where it gets inspected, I say I was told new phone on third repair and my phone needs a third repair from the damage it sustained during the second repair.

I go through a million phone calls and finally end up getting the e-mail for the office of the president of Samsung Canada.

I’m called a day after e-mailing them saying I’ll get a new phone.
I call back saying what’s going on after no one contacts me and I’m told I’ll be called in 2 days and that I’d get a different model they have no Samsung Focuses in stock.

No one calls.
I call back and I’m told they’re waiting for Samsung Focuses, I say I was told I”m not supposed to wait for a Focus I was told I would get a different model, they say they’ll call back.

No one calls.
I call back and someone says they’re going to take care of everything.

I get a phone from Purolator 2 days later.
It’s a refurbished Samsung Focus. I turn it on and an error message appears displaying that the memory is broken and it doesn’t work, the phone only has two options, emergency call and turn off.

I call and say what the what, I was told new phone, not a Samsung Focus and this refurbished phone I was sent doesn’t work.

I’m apologized to and they say can I take pictures to help them out but it’s not necessary and they’ll take it back regardless. I take the pictures and they tell me that it’s not a defect, despite being told I’d get a new phone that that is the phone I have received and that the case is considered completed and done.

I say that it’s broken and I need it sent back and I was told a new phone.

They say it’s not a defect and they’ll take it to inspect it but the case is completed and done.

I say again it’s broken and I was told a new phone.

They say they’ll contact me.

They don’t contact me.

I say it’s broken and I was told a new phone.

They say they’ll inspect it but that’s the phone I get, no new phone.

I’ve asked for a waybill for 3 weeks to get this phone sent back and they just say they’re willing to inspect it, but no waybill is sent to return the phone.

This whole process has taken 3 MONTHS, just to get them to tell me they won’t honor their promise of a new phone, and that they will take the broken phone they gave me in for inspection, but they never issue a return waybill or authorization for me to do so.

Samsung sucks, everyone I’ve talked to has contradicted the person before them. I’ve been lied to, the process has been horrible, with long waits, long phone calls, and so so many contradictions. I’m frustrated and it feels like no one there cares that everyone in their customer service departments contradict each other.

Total Time in Store – 15h
Total Time on Phone – 8h25m
Total Time Faxing & E-mailing – 5h35m
Total Time due to Samsung Phone – 29h

This article was submitted by one of our readers. Penciltrick cannot make any claims as to its authenticity but the article was accepted on a good faith belief that it is an accurate and truthful account of the events listed.

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